Famous People Born In 1936

Discover the most famous people born in 1936. The list includes people like Pope Francis, John McCain, David Carradine, Burt Reynolds, Wilt Chamberlain and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, novelists, essayists and poets born in 1936. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Italy and many more countries.

John McCainJohn McCain
29th August, American
United States Senator
Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds
11th February, American

Wilt ChamberlainWilt Chamberlain
21st August, American
Basketball Player

Pope FrancisPope Francis
17th December, Argentinian

Kris KritoffersonKris Kristofferson
22nd June, American
Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actor

Michael LandonMichael Landon
31st October, American
Roy OrbisonRoy Orbison
23rd April, American

Buddy HollyBuddy Holly
7th September, American

David CarradineDavid Carradine
8th December, American

Alan AldaAlan Alda
28th January, American
Mary Tyler MooreMary Tyler Moore
29th December, American

Dennis HopperDennis Hopper
17th May, American
Glen CampbellGlen Campbell
22nd April, American

Bill WymanBill Wyman
24th October, British
Musician and Singer

Nancy DowNancy Dow
22nd July, American
Andrei ChikatiloAndrei Chikatilo
16th October, Russian
Soviet Serial Killer

Jill IrelandJill Ireland
24th April, British, American
Albert FinneyAlbert Finney
9th May, British

Aga Khan IVAga Khan IV
13th December, British
Imam of Nizari Ismailism

Silvio BerlusconiSilvio Berlusconi
29th September, Italian
Former Prime Minister of Italy
Antonin ScaliaAntonin Scalia
11th March, American

Barack Obama Sr.Barack Obama Sr.
18th June, Kenyan
Kenyan Official
Dick Cavett Dick Cavett
11th November, American
Television Personality

Robert WoldersRobert Wolders
28th September, Dutch

Frances Shand KyddFrances Shand Kydd
20th January, British
Mother of Diana, Princess of Wales

Brian BlessedBrian Blessed
9th October, British
Charlie DanielsCharlie Daniels
28th October, American
Buddy GuyBuddy Guy
30th July, American

Winnie Madikizela-MandelaWinnie Madikizela-Mandela
26th September, South African
Politician, Anti-Apartheid Activist

Ruth BuzziRuth Buzzi
24th July, American

Abbie HoffmanAbbie Hoffman
30th November, American
Anti-War Activist
Troy DonahueTroy Donahue
27th January, American

Joe Don BakerJoe Don Baker
12th February, American
Character Actor

Mario Vargas LlosaMario Vargas Llosa
28th March, Peruvian

Diana HylandDiana Hyland
25th January, American

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Marion BarryMarion Barry
6th March, American
David SuzukiDavid Suzuki
24th March, Canadian
Academic, Enviromental Activist

Barbara JordanBarbara Jordan
21st February, American
Larry HovisLarry Hovis
20th February, American

James DobsonJames Dobson
21st April, American

Larry McMurtryLarry McMurtry
3rd June, American
Mikhail TalMikhail Tal
9th November, Latvian
Chess Player

Juliet ProwseJuliet Prowse
25th September, Indian, American, South African
Levi StubbsLevi Stubbs
6th June, American
Baritone Singer

Joe SpinellJoe Spinell
28th October, American

David BrennerDavid Brenner
4th February, American
Stand-up Comedian, Actor

Ralph SteadmanRalph Steadman
15th May, American

Canaan BananaCanaan Banana
5th March, Zimbabwean
Former President of Zimbabwe
Judea PearlJudea Pearl
4th September, Israeli, American
Computer Scientist

Roy EmersonRoy Emerson
3rd November, Australian
Tennis Player

Victor ChangVictor Chang
21st November, Australian

Christopher AlexanderChristopher Alexander
4th October, American
Arlene GolonkaArlene Golonka
23rd January, American

Sir Garfield SobersSir Garfield Sobers
28th July, Barbadian
One of the finest all-rounders in cricket
Fazle Hasan AbedFazle Hasan Abed
27th April, Bangladeshi
Social Worker

Lucille CliftonLucille Clifton
27th June, American
American poet

Yves Saint LaurentYves Saint Laurent
1st August, French
Fashion Designer
Ferid MuradFerid Murad
14th September, American
Physician and Pharmacologist

Phillip FrostPhillip Frost
30th November, American
James R. ThompsonJames R. Thompson
8th May, American
Lawyer, Politician

Robert Woodrow WilsonRobert Woodrow Wilson
10th January, American

Kenneth Geddes WilsonKenneth G. Wilson
8th June, American
Samuel Chao Chung TingSamuel C. C. Ting
7th January, American

Yuan T. LeeYuan T. Lee
19th November, American
Guillermo EndaraGuillermo Endara
12th May, Panamanian
President of Panama

Jonathan KozolJonathan Kozol
5th September, American
Educator & Non-Fiction Writer

Andre DubusAndre Dubus
11th August, American
Short story writer

Sir James A. MirrleesJames Mirrlees
5th July, British
Assia DjebarAssia Djebar
30th June, Algerian
Charles PerkinsCharles Perkins
16th June, Australian
Soccer player

Amancio Ortega GaonaAmancio Ortega Gaona
28th March, Spanish

A. B. YehoshuaA. B. Yehoshua
19th December, Israeli
Israeli Faulkner

Carl C. IcahnCarl C. Icahn
16th February, American
Charles Robert Redford Jr.Charles Robert Redford Jr.
18th August, American

Robert RedfordRobert Redford
18th August, American
Actor, Director, Producer, Businessman,

Robert Downey Sr.Robert Downey Sr.
24th June, American

Jim HensonJim Henson
24th September, American
Television director, Film director, Film producer,

Bruce DernBruce Dern
4th June, American
American actor
Kenneth CopelandKenneth Copeland
6th December, American
Actor, Writer

Ursula AndressUrsula Andress
19th March, Swiss
Actor, Screenwriter, Model
Bobby DarinBobby Darin
14th May, American
Singer, Actor, Jazz musician, Songwriter

Jim BrownJim Brown
17th February, American
Advisor, Actor, Lacrosse player, American football

Don CherryDon Cherry
18th November, American
trumpeter, composer, jazz musician
François PinaultFrançois Pinault
21st August, French

Henry Lee LucasHenry Lee Lucas
23rd August, American
American serial killer
Dean StockwellDean Stockwell
5th March, American

Glenda JacksonGlenda Jackson
9th May, British

John MaddenJohn Madden
10th April, American
American football player

Louis Gossett Jr.Louis Gossett Jr.
27th May, American
18th August, Indian
film director, film producer, screenwriter,

Joan Bennett KennedyJoan Bennett Kennedy
2nd September, American
American musician
Jim ClarkJim Clark
4th March, British
Formula One driver, Farmer

Anthony KennedyAnthony Kennedy
23rd July, American
Jurist, Judge, Lawyer, University teacher

Don CorneliusDon Cornelius
27th September, American
Television show host

Walter KoenigWalter Koenig
14th September, American
American actor
Ramoji RaoRamoji Rao
16th November, Indian
Film producer