Famous People Born In 1878

Discover the most famous people born in 1878. The list includes people like Joseph Stalin, Pancho Villa, Upton Sinclair, Lise Meitner, Jack Johnson (Boxer) and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, soldiers, novelists and historians born in 1878. This list includes people from United States, Germany, Japan & Austria and many more countries.

Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin
18th December, Georgian, Russian
Communist Revolutionary & Ruler of former USSR
Pancho VillaPancho Villa
5th June, Mexican

Upton SinclairUpton Sinclair
20th September, American
American writer

Manuel L. QuezonManuel L. Quezon
19th August, Filipino
Former President of the Philippines

C. RajagopalachariC. Rajagopalachari
10th December, Indian
Politician, Independence Activist, Lawyer, Writer

Yakov YurovskyYakov Yurovsky
19th June, Russian
Soviet Era Executioner
Lionel BarrymoreLionel Barrymore
28th April, American

Carl SandburgCarl Sandburg
6th January, American
Writer & Editor

Lise MeitnerLise Meitner
7th November, Austrian

Martin BuberMartin Buber
8th February, Austrian, Israeli
Louis ChevroletLouis Chevrolet
25th December, Swiss, American
Founder of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company

Gustav StresemannGustav Stresemann
10th May, German
Chancellor of Germany
George M. CohanGeorge M. Cohan
3rd July, American
American playwright

Lillian Moller GilbrethLillian Moller Gilbreth
24th May, American
Mother of Modern Management

J. F. C. FullerJ. F. C. Fuller
1st September, British
Rezā ShāhRezā Shāh
15th March, Iranian
Political figure

Carlos Saavedra LamasCarlos Saavedra Lamas
1st November, Argentinian
First Latin American Nobel Peace Prize Recipient
Don MarquisDon Marquis
29th July, American

Jack Johnson (Boxer)Jack Johnson (Boxer)
31st March, American

Anton Hansen TammsaareAnton Hansen Tammsaare
30th January, Estonian
Peyo YavorovPeyo Yavorov
1st January, Bulgarian

Alfred DoblinAlfred Doblin
10th August, German
Writer, Doctor
John B. WatsonJohn B. Watson
9th January, American

The Great GamaThe Great Gama
22nd May, Pakistani
Amateur wrestler

Bill RobinsonBill Robinson
25th May, American
Film actor, Stage actor

Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of RussiaGrand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia
4th December, Russian
Werner von BlombergWerner von Blomberg
2nd September, German, Polish
Politician, Officer, Military personnel
Janusz KorczakJanusz Korczak
22nd July, Polish
Educationist, Pediatrician, Children's writer

Mirra AlfassaMirra Alfassa
21st February, French, Indian
Mystic, Writer

Major TaylorMajor Taylor
30th November

Vallathol Narayana MenonVallathol Narayana Menon
16th October, Indian
Paul ReynaudPaul Reynaud
15th October, French
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist

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Shigeru YoshidaShigeru Yoshida
22nd September, Japanese
Politician, Diplomat

James ColosimoJames Colosimo
16th February, American

P. D. OuspenskyP. D. Ouspensky
4th March, Russian
philosopher, writer

Iwane MatsuiIwane Matsui
27th July, Japanese
Soldier, Military personnel
Augustus JohnAugustus John
4th January, British
Painter, Etcher

Princess Ingeborg of DenmarkPrincess Ingeborg of Denmark
2nd August, Danish
Alexander von FalkenhausenAlexander von Falkenhausen
29th October, German
Soldier, Politician, Military personnel

Horacio QuirogaHoracio Quiroga
31st December, Uruguayan
Poet, Writer, Novelist, Children's writer

Kurt von Hammerstein-EquordKurt von Hammerstein-Equord
26th September, German
Military personnel
Alfred MunningsAlfred Munnings
8th October, British

Kōki HirotaKōki Hirota
14th February, Japanese
Politician, Diplomat
Jorge UbicoJorge Ubico
10th November, Guatemalan
Politician, Officer

André CitroënAndré Citroën
5th February, French
French industrialist

James Truslow AdamsJames Truslow Adams
18th October, American
Historian of the modern age, Historian, Biographer

Ferenc MolnárFerenc Molnár
12th January, Hungarian, American

Pyotr Nikolayevich WrangelPyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel
27th August, Belgian, Lithuanian
Marcel GrossmannMarcel Grossmann
9th April, Swiss

Agner Krarup ErlangAgner Krarup Erlang
1st January, Danish
Mathematician, Engineer, Statistician

William AberhartWilliam Aberhart
30th December, Canadian

Lucien FebvreLucien Febvre
22nd July, French
Historian, Professor, Writer
Ferdynand Antoni OssendowskiFerdynand Antoni Ossendowski
27th May, Polish
physicist, chemist, biologist, explorer,

Othmar SpannOthmar Spann
1st October, Austrian
Economist, Philosopher, University teacher,
Hans LedwinkaHans Ledwinka
14th February, Austrian
Engineer, Entrepreneur

George WhippleGeorge Whipple
28th August, American

Marshall TaylorMarshall Taylor
26th November, American
Sport cyclist
Robert WalserRobert Walser
15th April, Swiss

Shōzō MurataShōzō Murata
30th November, Japanese
diplomat, ambassador
Hattie Ophelia CarawayHattie Ophelia Caraway
30th November
U.S. Representative

Shōzō MakinoShōzō Makino
22nd September, Japanese

Upton Sinclair, Jr.Upton Sinclair, Jr.
30th November, American
Novelist, writer, journalist, political activist,
Jan ŁukasiewiczJan Łukasiewicz
21st December, Irish, Ukrainian
Polish logician