Famous People Born In 1853

Discover the most famous people born in 1853. The list includes people like Vincent van Gogh, Hendrik Lorentz, Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, Wilhelm Ostwald, Albrecht Kossel and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include physicists, mathematicians, political leaders and chemists born in 1853. This list includes people from United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands and many more countries.

Vincent van GoghVincent van Gogh
30th March, French, Dutch
John Wesley HardinJohn Wesley Hardin
26th May, American

Bat MastersonBat Masterson
26th November, Canadian, American
Journalist, Army Scout

20th September, Thai
Fifth King of Siam

Hendrik LorentzHendrik Lorentz
18th July, Dutch

Heike Kamerlingh OnnesHeike Kamerlingh Onnes
21st September, Dutch
Wilhelm OstwaldWilhelm Ostwald
2nd September, German

Albrecht KosselAlbrecht Kossel
16th September, German

Cecil John RhodesCecil John Rhodes
5th July, British
Former Prime Minister of the Cape Colony

Jose MartiJose Marti
28th January, Cuban
Teresa CarrenoTeresa Carreno
22nd December, Venezuelan
Singer, Pianist, Composer

Hussein bin Ali Sharif of MeccaHussein bin Ali Sharif of Mecca
30th November, Jordanian, Saudi Arabian, Turkish
Lillie LangtryLillie Langtry
13th October, American

Stanford WhiteStanford White
9th November, American
Architect, Painter

Alva BelmontAlva Belmont
17th January, American
Sarada DeviSarada Devi
22nd December, Indian

William John McGeeWilliam John McGee
17th April, American
Explorer, Anthropologist, University teacher
Alphonse BertillonAlphonse Bertillon
22nd April, French
Police Officer

Howard PyleHoward Pyle
5th March, American
American illustrator

Aleksei BrusilovAleksei Brusilov
31st August, Georgian, Russian
officer, memoirist
Elihu ThomsonElihu Thomson
29th March, British
Engineer, Inventor

Carl LarssonCarl Larsson
28th May, Swedish
Painter, Watercolourist, Draughtsperson,
Errico MalatestaErrico Malatesta
14th December, Italian
Activist, Writer, Revolutionary, Journalist, Trade

William GilletteWilliam Gillette
24th July, American
actor, screenwriter, stage actor, writer

Ferdinand HodlerFerdinand Hodler
14th March, Swiss
Painter, University teacher

David BelascoDavid Belasco
25th July, American
Theatrical Producer
Hall CaineHall Caine
14th May, British
Gregorio Ricci-CurbastroGregorio Ricci-Curbastro
12th January, Italian

Charles Howard HintonCharles Howard Hinton
30th November, British
Mathematician, writer, science fiction writer

Hans Christian GramHans Christian Gram
13th September, Danish
Physician, Bacteriologist, University teacher,

Sam HughesSam Hughes
8th January, Canadian
Vladimir ShukhovVladimir Shukhov
28th August, Russian
photographer, architect, civil engineer, engineer

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Frank DickseeFrank Dicksee
27th November, British
Painter, Illustrator

Fred SpofforthFred Spofforth
9th September, Australian

Ian Standish Monteith HamiltonIan Standish Monteith Hamilton
16th January, British
Military personnel

Vladimir SolovyovVladimir Solovyov
28th January, Russian
Heike Kamerlingh-OnnesHeike Kamerlingh-Onnes
21st September, Dutch

Sir Flinders PetrieSir Flinders Petrie
3rd June, British
Kitasato ShibasaburoKitasato Shibasaburo
29th January, Japanese

Edgar Watson HoweEdgar Watson Howe
3rd May, American