Throughout history, Black inventors have been most revered especially for their dedication and passion toward research, relentless inquisition and top-notch design skills. Right from the colonial times up until this age, the African-American descent was responsible for the discovery and advancement in various sectors ranging from medicine to industrialisation. And what’s intriguing is the fact that most of the world’s greatest inventions like the traffic light, owe their success to these famous Black inventors. These famous Black inventors and their desire to break stereotypes and push the envelope despite being caught up in critical situations is why their struggles are respected even till this day. Black inventors like George Washington Carver, Garrett Morgan, Lewis Latimer, and Lonnie Johnson still remain some of the immortal names for their inventions. There’s still more to learn about these famous Black Inventors- keep reading and you might even be surprised at some of the inventions!
George Washington CarverGeorge Washington Carver
(Scientist & Inventor)

01 January 1864


Benjamin BannekerBenjamin Banneker
(Compiler of Almanacs)

09 November 1731


Garrett MorganGarrett Morgan

04 March 1877


Patricia BathPatricia Bath
(Ophthalmologist, Physician)

04 November 1942


Frederick McKinley JonesFrederick McKinley Jones

17 May 1893


Sarah E. GoodeSarah E. Goode

1855 AD


Otis BoykinOtis Boykin
(American inventor)

29 August 1920


Madam C.J. WalkerMadam C.J. Walker
(Civil Rights Activist, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur)

1867 AD

Percy JulianPercy Julian
(Academic, Civil Rights Activist, Chemist, Scientist, Medical Professional)

1899 AD

Granville T. WoodsGranville T. Woods

1856 AD

George CarruthersGeorge Carruthers
(Physicist, Scientist)

1939 AD

Lyda NewmanLyda Newman
(Civil Rights Activist, Women)

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Lonnie G. JohnsonLonnie G. Johnson
(Engineer, Inventor)

1949 AD

David Nelson Crosthwait Jr.David Nelson Crosthwait Jr.
(Engineer, Journalist, Inventor)

1898 AD