Falling under the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, those born on April 9 are ruled by the planet, Mars. Energy and bold traits are some of the striking characteristics of these strong passionate individuals. On the 9th day of April, there is a double energy field with the ruling planet, which turns this person into a near aggressive and slightly insensitive individual. People born on this particular day may come across as insensitive and cold hearted, while the reality is that this ram is just consumed with common sense. April 9th rams are known as social butterflies and love to party.

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Dennis QuaidDennis Quaid
65, American
Kristen StewartKristen Stewart
29, American

Elle FanningElle Fanning
21, American

Leighton MeesterLeighton Meester
33, American

Hugh HefnerHugh Hefner
91, American
Founder of Playboy Magazine

Jenna JamesonJenna Jameson
45, American
Gerard WayGerard Way
42, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician

68, Uzbekistan
Monarch of the Timurid Empire

Sam HarrisSam Harris
52, American
Philosopher, Author

Jay BaruchelJay Baruchel
37, Canadian
Leopold II of BelgiumLeopold II of Belgium
74, Belgian
Founder of Congo Free State

Jesse McCartneyJesse McCartney
32, American
Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Voice Actor
Cynthia NixonCynthia Nixon
53, American

Isambard Kingdom BrunelIsambard Kingdom Brunel
53, British
Civil Engineer

Paul RobesonPaul Robeson
77, American
Singer, Actor & Civil Rights Activist
Michael LearnedMichael Learned
80, American

Charles BaudelaireCharles Baudelaire
46, French
Erich LudendorffErich Ludendorff
72, German
General of German Army

Jordan MastersonJordan Masterson
33, American

Jackie EvanchoJackie Evancho
19, American
Tom LehrerTom Lehrer
91, American
American musician

31, South Korean
South Korean singer
Sorcha CusackSorcha Cusack
70, Irish

Geneviève CastréeGeneviève Castrée
35, Canadian, American
Canadian Cartoonist

Sunny AndersonSunny Anderson
44, American
TV Presenter

Alexander PichushkinAlexander Pichushkin
45, Russian
Serial Killer
47, Moroccan
Tomohisa YamashitaTomohisa Yamashita
34, Japanese
Singer, Actor

Jeff ZuckerJeff Zucker
54, American
President of CNN

Doug Ducey Doug Ducey
55, American
23rd Governor of Arizona

Léon BlumLéon Blum
77, French
Former Prime Minister of France
Jack John Christopher Depp IIIJack John Christopher Depp III
17, French
Johnny Depp's Son

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Fred HollowsFred Hollows
63, New Zealander

Lilia BuckinghamLilia Buckingham
16, American

Jemma MiddletonJemma Middleton
27, British
Social Media Star

Gian Maria VolontèGian Maria Volontè
61, Italian
Frank KingFrank King
86, American

Isla InghamIsla Ingham
7, British
YouTube Star
Moses MartinMoses Martin
13, American
Chris Martin's Son

Max Jr.Max Jr.
27, American

Eduardo Saccone-JolyEduardo Saccone-Joly
5, Irish
Member of Saccone Family
Cornelio Vega Jr.Cornelio Vega Jr.
20, Mexican

Paulina PorizkovaPaulina Porizkova
54, American
Actor, Model
Joe ScarboroughJoe Scarborough
56, American

Valerie SolanasValerie Solanas
52, American

Marc JacobsMarc Jacobs
56, American
Fashion designer

Swara BhaskarSwara Bhaskar
32, Indian

Robbie FowlerRobbie Fowler
44, British
Association football player, Autobiographer,
Rachel StevensRachel Stevens
41, British
Actor, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Model

Ward BondWard Bond
57, American

Iain Duncan SmithIain Duncan Smith
65, British

Jacques VilleneuveJacques Villeneuve
48, Canadian
Formula One driver
Mark PellegrinoMark Pellegrino
54, American

Lori BlackLori Black
65, American
Jean-Paul BelmondoJean-Paul Belmondo
86, French
Film producer, Actor, Film actor, Stunt performer

Blaise MatuidiBlaise Matuidi
32, French
Association football player

Eadweard MuybridgeEadweard Muybridge
74, British
Photographer, Inventor
Seve BallesterosSeve Ballesteros
54, Spanish
Golfer, Architect

Keshia Knight PulliamKeshia Knight Pulliam
40, American
actor, television actor, film actor
Jay ChandrasekharJay Chandrasekhar
51, American

Lenny McLeanLenny McLean
49, British
Actor, Boxer

Isaac Hempstead WrightIsaac Hempstead Wright
20, British
David Gordon GreenDavid Gordon Green
44, American

Steve GaddSteve Gadd
74, American
Drummer, Jazz musician
Hans Raj HansHans Raj Hans
55, Indian

Nigel SlaterNigel Slater
61, British
Food Writer

Albert Hammond Jr.Albert Hammond Jr.
39, American

Moran AtiasMoran Atias
38, Israeli
Actor, Model, Television presenter, Film actor
Jørn UtzonJørn Utzon
90, Danish
Margaret, Maid of NorwayMargaret, Maid of Norway
7, Norwegian

Charles Proteus SteinmetzCharles Proteus Steinmetz
58, German, American
Mathematician, Electrical engineer, Engineer,

Marine VacthMarine Vacth
28, French
Actor, Model

Yoanna HouseYoanna House
39, American
Neve McIntoshNeve McIntosh
47, British

Victor VasarelyVictor Vasarely
90, French, Hungarian
Painter, Visual artist, Sculptor

40, French
Adult Film Star, Actor, Film producer, Film

Hannah GordonHannah Gordon
78, British

Mohammed Nadir ShahMohammed Nadir Shah
50, Afghan
Jim FowlerJim Fowler
87, American
Zoologist, Television host

Rahul SankrityayanRahul Sankrityayan
70, Indian
Linguist, Author, Autobiographer, Biographer
J. Presper EckertJ. Presper Eckert
76, American
Electrical engineer, Engineer, Computer scientist

Chris WatsonChris Watson
74, Australian, Chilean
Politician, Trade unionist

Isabel CoixetIsabel Coixet
59, Spanish
film director, screenwriter, translator, writer
Munir NiaziMunir Niazi
78, Pakistani

Gai AssulinGai Assulin
28, Spanish
Association football player
Viktor ChernomyrdinViktor Chernomyrdin
72, Russian
Politician, Diplomat, Economist

Jacques FutrelleJacques Futrelle
37, American
American journalist

Antonio NocerinoAntonio Nocerino
34, Italian
Association football player

Albert Hammond, Jr.Albert Hammond, Jr.
39, American
Eric HarrisEric Harris
18, American

Barış FalayBarış Falay
47, Turkish
Actor, Film actor
John McCallumJohn McCallum
69, Canadian
Economist, Politician

Michel SimonMichel Simon
80, Swiss
Yitzhak NavonYitzhak Navon
94, Israeli
Politician, Writer, Playwright, Educator

Marcel GrossmannMarcel Grossmann
58, Swiss
Jorge AndradeJorge Andrade
41, Portuguese
Association football player, Association football

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On April 9th   

While this member of the Aries family brings some insensitivity to the table, they are often seen as a complete balance of hard work and fun. Their humorous attitude helps them have a strong opinion on life, while keeping a sunny approach to the outcome. Known for their extremely charismatic charm, those born on this particular day of April are always the center of attention in a party setting.

For these individuals a strong vital life can be at times taken for granted and owing to their strong youthful nature and happy disposition they often tend to forget to care of themselves. Making sure to maintain a healthy, balanced diet is important for these individuals.

The Aries born on this day worry greatly about the welfare of all those around them and thus seek financial security. It is important for these individuals to keep a close eye on their spending habits to ensure financial stability.

Aries individual may find it a difficult to choose a particular career. The need for variety makes a career decision daunting. It is common for these people to switch jobs often, until they find a position that offers them a creative outlet.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
People born on this day are energetic and fun loving and look for the same traits in their partners. They tend to get attracted to individuals who are confident. However, their partners may find it difficult to handle your need for privacy. They try to inculcate the same moral and values they were brought up with, in their children.

Lucky Colors: Red & Scarlet
Lucky Numbers: 4 & 9
Lucky Days (of the Week): Monday & Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the Month): 4th & 9th