Woodrow WilsonWoodrow Wilson
28 December 1856, American
Father of the League of Nations
William Howard TaftWilliam Howard Taft
15 September 1857, American
President of the U.S.A

Paul RobesonPaul Robeson
09 April 1898, American
Singer, Actor & Civil Rights Activist

Earl WarrenEarl Warren
19 March 1891, American

H. H. AsquithH. H. Asquith
12 September 1852, British
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Clarence DarrowClarence Darrow
18 April 1857, American
John Foster DullesJohn Foster Dulles
25 February 1888, American
Former United States Secretary of State

Salmon P ChaseSalmon P. Chase
13 January 1808, American
Sixth Chief Justice of the United States

Louis BrandeisLouis Brandeis
13 November 1856, American
Former Lawyer & US Supreme Court Associate Justice

Roy BeanRoy Bean
1825 AD, American
Justice of the Peace & Saloonkeeper
Edmund BartonEdmund Barton
18 January 1849, Australian
Former Prime Minister of Australia

Mahadev Govind RanadeMahadev Govind Ranade
18 January 1842, Indian
Judge, Social Reformer
Alexander Hamilton Jr.Alexander Hamilton Jr.
26 January 1816, American

James Alexander HamiltonJames Alexander Hamilton
14 April 1788, American
Son of Alexander Hamilton

Learned HandLearned Hand
27 January 1872, American
Former United States Judge and Judicial
Samuel ChaseSamuel Chase
17 April 1741, British, American
Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of

Frank B. KelloggFrank B. Kellogg
22 December 1856, American
Lawyer, Politician
René CassinRené Cassin
05 October 1887, French
French Jurist

Richard Henry Dana Jr.Richard Henry Dana Jr.
01 August 1815, American
Reputed U. S. Lawyer & Abolitionist

Benjamin CardozoBenjamin Cardozo
24 May 1870, American
John Davis LongJohn Davis Long
27 October 1838, American
Lawyer, Politician & Writer

Vallabhbhai PatelVallabhbhai Patel
31 October 1875, Indian
Politician, Lawyer, Economist
Motilal NehruMotilal Nehru
06 May 1861

John J. PershingJohn J. Pershing
13 September 1860, American
Officer, Lawyer, Politician

Syed Ahmad KhanSyed Ahmad Khan
17 October 1817, Indian, British
Judge, Philosopher, Knight, Lawyer

Wilhelmina of the NetherlandsWilhelmina of the Netherlands
31 August 1880, Dutch
Head of state, Judge
Theodor HerzlTheodor Herzl
02 May 1860, Hungarian
Journalist, Writer, Poet lawyer, Lawyer,
John A. MacdonaldJohn A. Macdonald
11 January 1815, Canadian, British
Politician, Lawyer

Jan SmutsJan Smuts
24 May 1870, South African
Botanist, Officer, Lawyer

John DiefenbakerJohn Diefenbaker
18 September 1895, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat

Albert PikeAlbert Pike
29 December 1809, American
Judge, Lawyer, Diplomat, Journalist, Poet lawyer
Roland FreislerRoland Freisler
30 October 1893, German
Judge, Politician, Lawyer

William II of the NetherlandsWilliam II of the Netherlands
06 December 1792, Dutch
Politician, Judge, Military personnel

William III of the NetherlandsWilliam III of the Netherlands
19 February 1817, Belgian
Politician, Judge

Wilfrid LaurierWilfrid Laurier
20 November 1841, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist

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Getúlio VargasGetúlio Vargas
19 April 1882, Brazilian
Pierre LavalPierre Laval
28 June 1883, French
Politician, Lawyer

Arthur Seyss-InquartArthur Seyss-Inquart
22 July 1892, Austrian, Czech
Politician, Lawyer, Jurist
Robert H. JacksonRobert H. Jackson
13 February 1892, American
Judge, Lawyer

Horatio SpaffordHoratio Spafford
20 October 1828, American

Wilhelm FrickWilhelm Frick
12 March 1877, German
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer
Engelbert DollfussEngelbert Dollfuss
04 October 1892, Austrian
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer

Elpidio QuirinoElpidio Quirino
16 November 1890, Filipino
Diplomat, Lawyer
Harold AbrahamsHarold Abrahams
15 December 1899, British
Athletics competitor, Sprinter, Lawyer, Journalist

Madison GrantMadison Grant
19 November 1865, American
Lawyer, Anthropologist, Racial theorist,

Jesse E. JamesJesse E. James
31 August 1875, American
Lawyer, Actor

Gustave CaillebotteGustave Caillebotte
19 August 1848, French
Painter, Art collector, Patron of the arts,

Robert BordenRobert Borden
26 June 1854, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat
Daniel SicklesDaniel Sickles
20 October 1819, American
Politician, Officer, Lawyer, Diplomat

Jubal EarlyJubal Early
03 November 1816, American
Lawyer, Politician, Military personnel

Thomas R. MarshallThomas R. Marshall
14 March 1854, American
Politician, Lawyer

Raymond PoincaréRaymond Poincaré
20 August 1860, French
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist
Konstantin von NeurathKonstantin von Neurath
02 February 1873, German
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer

Ferdinand LassalleFerdinand Lassalle
11 April 1825, German, Polish
Writer, Politician, Economist, Lawyer, Philosopher
James Smith BushJames Smith Bush
15 June 1825, American
Jurist, Writer, Lawyer, Priest, Politician

Hugh D. AuchinclossHugh D. Auchincloss
15 August 1897, American
Officer, Stockbroker, Lawyer

John AbbottJohn Abbott
12 March 1821, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer
Adolphe ThiersAdolphe Thiers
15 April 1797, French
Lawyer, Politician, Journalist, Historian, Writer

Paul ReynaudPaul Reynaud
15 October 1878, French
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist
R. B. BennettR. B. Bennett
03 July 1870, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat

Lysander SpoonerLysander Spooner
19 January 1808, American
Lawyer, Journalist, Essayist, Philosopher

Maurice DuplessisMaurice Duplessis
20 April 1890, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer
Hans KelsenHans Kelsen
11 October 1881, Austrian, American
Lawyer, Judge, Philosopher, Educationist,

Louis St. LaurentLouis St. Laurent
01 February 1882, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat
Charles White WhittleseyCharles White Whittlesey
20 January 1884, American
Lawyer, Military personnel

Joseph Franklin RutherfordJoseph Franklin Rutherford
08 November 1869, American
Lawyer, Judge

A. V. DiceyA. V. Dicey
04 February 1835, British
Jurist-consultant, University teacher

Guadalupe VictoriaGuadalupe Victoria
29 September 1786, Mexican
Politician, Military personnel, Lawyer
Harlan F. StoneHarlan F. Stone
11 October 1872, American
Lawyer, Judge, University teacher
Joseph Force CraterJoseph Force Crater
05 January 1889, American
Lawyer, Judge

Radhabinod PalRadhabinod Pal
27 January 1886, Indian
Judge, University teacher

George Thorndike AngellGeorge Thorndike Angell
05 June 1823, American

José VasconcelosJosé Vasconcelos
28 February 1882, Mexican
Writer, Philosopher, Politician, University
René CotyRené Coty
20 March 1882, French
Politician, Lawyer

Charles TupperCharles Tupper
02 July 1821, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat, Physician

S. W. R. D. BandaranaikeS. W. R. D. Bandaranaike
08 January 1899, Sri Lankan
Diplomat, Politician, Lawyer

Archibald MacLeishArchibald MacLeish
07 May 1892, American
Librarian, Poet, Playwright, Writer, University

Karl LuegerKarl Lueger
24 October 1844, Austrian
Politician, Lawyer
Stanley BruceStanley Bruce
15 April 1883, Australian
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer

Gustav Ritter von KahrGustav Ritter von Kahr
29 November 1862, German
Politician, Judge, Jurist, Lawyer
Karl RennerKarl Renner
14 December 1870, Austrian, Czech
Politician, Librarian, Diplomat, Lawyer

Muhammad Zafarullah KhanMuhammad Zafarullah Khan
06 February 1893, Indian, Pakistani
Politician, Diplomat, Judge, Lawyer

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
08 March 1841, British, American
Charles Hamilton HoustonCharles Hamilton Houston
03 September 1895, American
American lawyer

Konrad HenleinKonrad Henlein
06 May 1898, German
Politician, Lawyer, Q23017329
Arthur MeighenArthur Meighen
16 June 1874, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat

Jules FerryJules Ferry
05 April 1832, French
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer, Journalist

Hans LammersHans Lammers
27 May 1879, German
Judge, Politician, Jurist

Henry Fielding DickensHenry Fielding Dickens
16 January 1849, British
Judge, Barrister, Lawyer
John Marshall Harlan IIJohn Marshall Harlan II
20 May 1899, American
Judge, Lawyer

Georgios PapandreouGeorgios Papandreou
13 February 1888, Greek
Politician, Economist, Diplomat, Lawyer
Otto RaschOtto Rasch
07 December 1891, German
Politician, Lawyer

Wilhelm MarxWilhelm Marx
15 January 1863, German
Politician, Judge

Christian RakovskyChristian Rakovsky
13 August 1873, Bulgarian
Military physician, Politician, Diplomat,

John RedmondJohn Redmond
01 September 1856, Irish
Léon GambettaLéon Gambetta
02 April 1838, French
Politician, Lawyer