The zodiacal group Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. However, the date in which these individuals are born is governed by the planet, Uranus. As such, both the celestial bodies together cast an influence in the personality traits and characteristic of individuals born on this day. The uniqueness of individuals with this birthday are dependent on their optimistic approach, fair mind, self-sufficient ways and elegance. They are highly sensitive with perceptiveness which probably arises due to the Virgo-Libra cusp that these people fall in. However, September 22nd individuals have streaks of insecurity in them, and are susceptible to moody, stubborn temperament. They are also indecisive in nature.

Andrea BocelliAndrea Bocelli
61, Italian
Mark PhillipsMark Phillips
71, British
Equestrian, Horseman

Mireille EnosMireille Enos
44, American

Nick CaveNick Cave
62, Australian

Joan JettJoan Jett
61, American
Singer, Composer

Anne of ClevesAnne of Cleves
41, German, British
Former Queen of England
Billie PiperBillie Piper
37, British

Michael FaradayMichael Faraday
75, British
Physicist & Chemist

Scott BaioScott Baio
59, American

Tatiana MaslanyTatiana Maslany
34, Canadian
Kim Yoo-jungKim Yoo-jung
20, South Korean
South Korean Actress

Moneybagg YoMoneybagg Yo
28, American
David CoverdaleDavid Coverdale
68, British
Singer, Musician

Wilhelm KeitelWilhelm Keitel
64, German
German Commanding Officer

Paul MuniPaul Muni
71, American
Anne of AustriaAnne of Austria
64, Spanish, French
Queen of France

Joseph ValachiJoseph Valachi
67, American
Ilse Koch Ilse Koch
60, German
Nazi Concentration Camp Overseer

David SternDavid Stern
77, American
Businessman, Lawyer

Debby Boone FerrerDebby Boone
63, American
Singer, Actress
Adonis StevensonAdonis Stevenson
42, Canadian
Professional Boxer

Daniella AlonsoDaniella Alonso
41, American
Actress, Model
Nadezhda AlliluyevaNadezhda Alliluyeva
31, Russian
Joseph Stalin’s Wife

Gloria BorgerGloria Borger
67, American
Political Analyst & Journalist

Shari BelafonteShari Belafonte
65, American
Actress, Model

26, Australian
YouTube Gamer
Marty SchottenheimerMarty Schottenheimer
76, American
Former American Football Player
Ségolène RoyalSégolène Royal
66, French
Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and

Hans SchollHans Scholl
24, German
Founder of the White Rose Resistance Movement

Mamrie HartMamrie Hart
36, American

Ayatollah KhomeiniAyatollah Khomeini
86, Iranian
Led the Famous Iranian Revolution in 1979
Ernesto BertarelliErnesto Bertarelli
54, Italian

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Martha ScottMartha Scott
90, American

Jenn ImJenn Im
29, American, South Korean

Alexandre Émile John YersinAlexandre Yersin
79, Swiss, French, Vietnamese
Discoverer of Yersinia Pestis

Chris TallmanChris Tallman
49, American
Michael Rainey JrMichael Rainey Jr
19, American

Charles BrentonCharles Brenton Huggins
95, Canadian, American
Physician & Surgeon
Hans AlbersHans Albers
68, German

Algirdas BrazauskasAlgirdas Brazauskas
77, Lithuanian
Yachting and Hunting

Thomas FeltonThomas Felton
32, British
Cyril ClarkeCyril Clarke
93, British
Pioneering work on prevention of Rh disease, and

Melvin GreggMelvin Gregg
31, American
YouTuber, Viner
Peter MitchellPeter Mitchell
71, British

Issa ThompsonIssa Thompson
25, American

Cody VeithCody Veith
17, American

Philip Stanhope Lord chesterfieldPhilip Dormer Stanhope Chesterfield
78, British
British Statesman

Daniela OspinaDaniela Ospina
27, Colombian
Volleyball Player
Deno DrizDeno Driz
17, British

Jazlyn GJazlyn G
15, American
TikTok ( star

Sarah ChoSarah Cho
14, Canadian

MyAnna BuringMyAnna Buring
40, Swedish, British
Anna KarinaAnna Karina
79, Danish, French
Actor, Singer, Film director, Novelist,

Laura VandervoortLaura Vandervoort
35, Canadian
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Karateka
Sue PerkinsSue Perkins
50, British

Bonnie HuntBonnie Hunt
58, American
American comedian

Ted WilliamsTed Williams
62, American
John O. BrennanJohn O. Brennan
64, American
Intelligence official

Catherine OxenbergCatherine Oxenberg
58, American, Serbian
Bob SappBob Sapp
46, American
Professional wrestler

Harry KewellHarry Kewell
41, Australian
Association football player

Ruth JonesRuth Jones
53, British, Welsh
Toni BasilToni Basil
76, American

Ashley EcksteinAshley Eckstein
38, American
Actor, Television actor
Rupert Penry-JonesRupert Penry-Jones
49, British

Dana VespoliDana Vespoli
47, American

Arthur LoweArthur Lowe
66, British

Neil CavutoNeil Cavuto
61, American
Journalist, Television presenter
Mo CollinsMo Collins
38, American
American Football Player
Sana SaeedSana Saeed
31, Indian

Paul Le MatPaul Le Mat
74, American

49, American
Musician, Rapper, Singer

Liam FoxLiam Fox
58, British, Scottish
Emmanuel PetitEmmanuel Petit
49, French
Association football player

Martin CroweMartin Crowe
53, New Zealander

Jericho RosalesJericho Rosales
40, Filipino
actor, singer

Richard MarquandRichard Marquand
49, British
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer

John HousemanJohn Houseman
86, Romanian, British, American
Matt SharpMatt Sharp
50, American

Junko TabeiJunko Tabei
77, Japanese
Explorer, Mountaineer
Gladys BerejiklianGladys Berejiklian
49, Australian

Katie LowesKatie Lowes
38, American

Maarten StekelenburgMaarten Stekelenburg
37, Dutch
Association football player
Godfrey GaoGodfrey Gao
35, Canadian, Taiwanese

Bakkies BothaBakkies Botha
40, South African
Rugby union player
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
48, American

Kristina RihanoffKristina Rihanoff
42, Russian

Erich von StroheimErich von Stroheim
71, Austrian, French, American
American-Austrian director

Ingemar JohanssonIngemar Johansson
76, Swedish
Cœur de pirateCœur de pirate
30, Canadian
Singer, Pianist, Actor, Songwriter

Carley StensonCarley Stenson
37, British
Eric RiesEric Ries
40, American
entrepreneur, author, writer

Vasili IV of RussiaVasili IV of Russia
59, Russian
Matt BesserMatt Besser
52, American

Roberto SavianoRoberto Saviano
40, Italian
Writer, Journalist, Screenwriter
Jeremiah WrightJeremiah Wright
78, American

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on September 22

The personality traits of individuals with a September 22nd birthday include being elegant, stylish, sensitive, and intellectual. These people are highly focussed and industrious in life and have a strong sense of responsibility and determination. Coupled with an intuitive and a forward thinking mind, these people fare well both professionally and personally. Endowed with warm-heartedness and highly practical nature, these individuals have a good judge of character and are usually self-sufficient. While an ambitious and dedicated nature makes September 22nd individuals focus on their work, their flexible viewpoint makes them adhere to the views and opinions of all. This can sometimes also cause them to be indecisive.

An enthusiastic approach towards staying fit and robust helps in maintaining the healthiness of individuals born on September 22. These people mostly eat healthy and understand the benefits of exercise to stay in shape. However, due to their restlessness, they are prone to accidents. Isolation and solitude are not good for those born on this day as it brings about a depressive mood. Another thing which September 22nd individuals need to take care about is their distracting receptiveness to everything and everyone. This often makes these people neglect their usual health routine, thus causing hindrance to the overall vitality.

Unlike most Virgos’, individuals born on September 22nd are susceptible to frivolous and impulsive shopping during their youth days. As such, it is important for these people to be careful while budgeting their finances. Due to this nature, restricting themselves to a budgeted sum or a particular amount of money gets often gets difficult for these people. A cautionary advice to September 22nd individuals is to avoid borrowing money.

The ideal occupation choice for individuals born on September 22nd is one that provides them with work satisfaction rather than a sumptuous pay only. As such, these people are mostly interested in jobs related to social causes. They are strong propagators of equality and justice and often want to use the same in their chosen work field as well. These people are highly focussed and determined and thus do well in any vocation. However, these individuals seek for a harmonious working environment to work to their full potential.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Virgo individuals born on 22nd September value their relationship very strongly. They seek for a partner with whom they can share a high level of understanding and rapport.  An ideal partner for these people is one who helps them escape from the mundane routine and with whom they can enjoy an intelligent conversation. Since these people are totally committed towards their partner, they expect the same in return and want their better half to be intensely loyal and trustworthy. Sincerity and thoughtfulness are other aspects that are must for a partner of September 22nd individuals. Though these people are highly expressive of their love, are attentive, devoted and compromising, they need their own space as well. As such, possessive partners may not be the right option for September 22nd individuals. These people are liberal as parents. They give their little ones choices and are prepared for the consequences. They understand a child’s need for doing things his/her own way.

Lucky Colors: Electric Blue, Electric White, Multi-Colors
Lucky Numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 4, 14, 22