Astrologically, individuals with a September 12 birthday fall under the zodiac sign Virgo. The probability of their personality however is influenced both by the planet Mercury, which is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign and Jupiter the actual date in which these individuals are born. Therefore, the combined influence of these two planets determine the uniqueness of September 12 individuals. These people are blessed with honourable sincerity and alertness. They are highly expressive and creative in their endeavors and possess great imaginative powers. September 12 individuals are both sensible and fantasist. However on the negative front, these people are a tad bit restless and can get nervous and pessimistic due to the same. Their constantly analysing and assessing mind can also make them criticizing and sceptical.

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Neal PeartNeil Peart
67, Canadian
Musician, Songwriter
Paul WalkerPaul Walker
40, American

Emmy RossumEmmy Rossum
33, American

Louis CKLouis C.K.
52, American
Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer

Yao MingYao Ming
39, Chinese
Basketball Player

Hans ZimmerHans Zimmer
62, German
Music Composer
Feroze GandhiFeroze Gandhi
47, Indian
Political Leader

Jesse OwensJesse Owens
66, American

Jennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson
38, American
Actress, Singer
Kelsea BalleriniKelsea Ballerini
26, American

Andrew LuckAndrew Luck
30, American
American Football Player
2 Chainz2 Chainz
42, American

Sydney SweeneySydney Sweeney
22, American

Joe PantolianoJoe Pantoliano
68, American
Character Actor

Barry WhiteBarry White
58, American

Yang MiYang Mi
33, Chinese
Actress, Singer
Jessica SeinfeldJessica Seinfeld
48, Filipino, American
Cookbook Author, Wife of Jerry Seinfeld

Amy YasbeckAmy Yasbeck
57, American

Ryan PotterRyan Potter
24, American

Laine HardyLaine Hardy
19, American
Musical Artist
Ben FoldsBen Folds
53, American

Kroy BiermannKroy Biermann
34, American
American Football Player
H. H. AsquithH. H. Asquith
75, British
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Rachel WardRachel Ward
62, Australian, British

Irène Joliot-CurieIrène Joliot-Curie
58, French
Freddie JonesFreddie Jones
91, British

Colin FordColin Ford
23, American
H. L. MenckenH. L. Mencken
75, American

Ruben StuddardRuben Studdard
41, American

Hiroyuki SawanoHiroyuki Sawano
39, Japanese
Richard ThalerRichard Thaler
74, American
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics (2017)

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Maurice ChevalierMaurice Chevalier
83, French
Actor, Singer
Desmond LlewelynDesmond Llewelyn
85, Welsh

RM (Rap Monster)RM (Rap Monster)
25, South Korean

Franco AmurriFranco Amurri
61, Italian
Film Director

Michael OndaatjeMichael Ondaatje
76, Canadian
Canadian poet
Alexia FastAlexia Fast
27, Canadian
Michel QissiMichel Qissi
57, Belgian, Moroccan
Actor, Director

Connor FrantaConnor Franta
27, American
YouTuber, Writer, Entrepreneur

Scott BrownScott Brown
60, American
Former United States Senator from Massachusetts

Elijah StevensonElijah Stevenson
21, American
Patty WaltersPatty Walters
28, American
Pop singer

14, American

Yulema RamirezYulema Ramirez
22, Mexican, American
TikTok ( Star

Lena GiesekeLena Gieseke
54, German
Tim Burton's Wife

23, American
Singer, Rapper
Alfie AllenAlfie Allen
33, British

Ben McKenzieBen McKenzie
41, American
Greg GutfeldGreg Gutfeld
55, American
Television personality

Amala AkkineniAmala Akkineni
52, Indian

Tarana BurkeTarana Burke
46, American
George JonesGeorge Jones
81, American

Ian HolmIan Holm
88, British
Francis I of FranceFrancis I of France
52, French
Painter, Politician

Layla MoranLayla Moran
37, British

James FreyJames Frey
50, American

Jennifer NettlesJennifer Nettles
45, American
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Pianist

Paul F. TompkinsPaul F. Tompkins
51, American
Elina SvitolinaElina Svitolina
25, Ukrainian
Tennis player

Leonard PeltierLeonard Peltier
75, American

Johny HendricksJohny Hendricks
36, American
Mixed martial artist, Amateur wrestler

Jay McGrawJay McGraw
40, American
Television director, Taekwondo athlete
Leslie CheungLeslie Cheung
46, Chinese, Hong Konger
Singer, Composer, Film director, Actor, Songwriter

Prachi DesaiPrachi Desai
31, Indian
Peter ScolariPeter Scolari
64, American

Bizzy BoneBizzy Bone
43, American

Robert John BurkeRobert John Burke
59, Canadian, American
Linda GrayLinda Gray
79, American

Road Warrior AnimalRoad Warrior Animal
59, American
Professional wrestler
Will ChaseWill Chase
49, American

Michael SpilotroMichael Spilotro
41, American
Actor, Television actor

Alfred A. KnopfAlfred A. Knopf
91, American
New York City, New York, United States
Mylène FarmerMylène Farmer
58, Canadian, French
Singer-songwriter, Writer, Singer, Actor,

Gerry BeckleyGerry Beckley
67, American
Max BootMax Boot
50, American
Writer, Consultant, Historian, Journalist

Josh HopkinsJosh Hopkins
49, American

Maria MuldaurMaria Muldaur
76, American

Silvia PinalSilvia Pinal
88, Mexican
Politician, Television actor, Film actor, Stage
Gideon EmeryGideon Emery
47, British
Actor, Voice actor, Jazz musician
Sverrir GudnasonSverrir Gudnason
41, Swedish

Anousheh AnsariAnousheh Ansari
53, American
American-Iranian engineer

Yuto NagatomoYuto Nagatomo
33, Japanese
Association football player

Adrian RogersAdrian Rogers
74, American
George ChuvaloGeorge Chuvalo
82, Canadian

Nina BlackwoodNina Blackwood
64, American
Actor, Disc jockey, Television actor

Bertie AhernBertie Ahern
68, Irish
Former Taoiseach

Sergio ParisseSergio Parisse
36, Italian
Rugby union player

Elisabetta CanalisElisabetta Canalis
41, Italian
Actor, Art model, Television presenter, Showgirl,
Michael MoritzMichael Moritz
65, British
Computer scientist

Bibhutibhushan BandyopadhyayBibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay
56, Indian
Poet, Writer
Nan GoldinNan Goldin
66, American

Steve EllsSteve Ells
54, American
Business person
Giannelli ImbulaGiannelli Imbula
27, French
Association football player
Ricky RuddRicky Rudd
63, American
NASCAR team owner, Racecar driver

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on September 12

Individuals with a September 12 birthday are by far extremely active and alert as compared to others in the zodiacal group. Their quick thinking and alert mindedness makes them adept at all places and situations. Endowed with great communication skills, an adaptable nature and intellectual practicality, these people are extremely analytical and idealistic too. Naturally warm and expressive, they are honest, friendly, witty and fun. They love going the right way and do not resort to taking shortcuts or unnecessary risks. September 12 individuals enjoy giving more than receiving. What is distinctive of these people is that they highly value sharing and compromise. They are also incredibly fair and possess a great sensibility.

The health and general well-being of individuals with a September 12 birthday is marred due to the tendency to occasionally over indulge. These people are lovers of chocolate and thus, need to watch their weight to stay physically active and healthy. September 12 individuals also need to keep their stress and anxiety levels in control as these can cause health issues. A daily walk and exercise routine is a must for September 12 individuals to help release excess tension as well as keep up with extra exercise requirements. Adequate rest and sleep is vital for the overall vitality.

Financial security comes naturally to those born on September 12. These people are enrolled in vocations that pay high. As such, they hardly have any monetary issues. September 12 individuals are enterprising with money and are destined to have favourable finances all through life. Saving is also an important part of their everyday planning as they do not indulge in any form of impulsive spending or gambling. These people are highly disciplined, organized and well-ordered.

Since September 12 individuals have that earnest desire for an above average or a high standard life, while choosing a vocation, the pay scale of the job profile becomes an important criterion for these individuals. As such, they do not have many options to choose from. Whatever profession September 12 individuals get in, they excel in the same. Endowed with genuine friendliness and conversational wit, these people share a great relationship with fellow workers and colleagues. Due to this, they get along well with almost anyone and are nice to work with.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
The subject of love relationship and marriage draws or brings upon a curious passionate side of September 12 individuals. These people are drawn towards people who share the same mental rapport. They consider their friendship as important and expect to share the same kind of empathy with their soul mate as well. Since these people are highly devoted and loyal, they do not plunge into relationship very eagerly. But once they commit, they put their heart and soul into it. Even a slight bit of mistrust or an element of doubt can rip apart the entire relationship and the partner would have to begin afresh. September 12 individuals need someone who would assist him/her to grow emotionally. The bliss of parenting is often experienced late by September 12 individuals. as parents, they follow the same upbringing style as those of their parents. Additionally, they encourage the hopes and dreams of their youngsters and may sometimes get too indulgent.

Lucky Colors: Yellow, Lemon, Sandy Shades
Lucky Numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 12, 21