Yang Mi Biography

(Chinese Actress and Singer)

Birthday: September 12, 1986 (Virgo)

Born In: Beijing, China

Yang Mi is an actress and singer from China. Admired by her fans for her acting skills, she is one of the most successful Chinese celebrities in recent time. Yang Mi began her acting career at the age of four. In 1990, director Jialin Chen offered her a role in the historical television series ‘Tang Ming Emperor’. In the series, she played the role of a young princess named Xianning. In the same year, she appeared in the comedy movie ‘Wu Zhuangyuan Su Qier’. She then went on to star in the 1992 movie ‘King of Beggars’, before returning to television through the well-known series ‘Hou Wa’. In 2004, at the age of seventeen, she played the role of a simple girl named Guo Xiang in the television series ‘Return of the Condor Heroes’. She was still studying in school when she played the crucial role in this romantic martial arts action series which was adapted from a famous Chinese swordsmen novel. Her stunning performance in the series left a deep impression among the audience and established her acting career in television.
Quick Facts

Nick Name: Xiaomi, Mimi

Age: 37 Years, 37 Year Old Females


Spouse/Ex-: Hawick Lau

father: Yang Xiaolin

mother: Yang Chunling

Actresses Chinese Women

Height: 5'6" (168 cm), 5'6" Females

Notable Alumni: Beijing Film Academy

City: Beijing, China

More Facts

education: Beijing Film Academy

  • 1

    What are some popular TV dramas starring Yang Mi?

    Some popular TV dramas starring Yang Mi include "Eternal Love," "Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms," "Legend of Fuyao," "The Interpreter," and "Swords of Legends."
  • 2

    Can you list some of Yang Mi's notable endorsements?

    Yang Mi has endorsed brands such as Michael Kors, Estée Lauder, Proya, and Biotherm.
  • 3

    What are some interesting facts about Yang Mi's career as a producer?

    Yang Mi founded Jay Walk Studio and has produced successful dramas such as "The Negotiator" and "Love O2O."
  • 4

    What languages does Yang Mi speak fluently?

    Yang Mi is fluent in Chinese, English, and some Korean.
  • 5

    Has Yang Mi appeared in any international films?

    Yes, Yang Mi has appeared in the Hollywood film "The Meg" alongside Jason Statham.
Childhood & Education
Yang was born on 12th September 1986 in Xuananwu District, Beijing, China. Her father was a police officer, while her mother was a housewife.
After graduating from the Beijing Xuanwu Experimental Primary School, which is now defunct, she went on to enrol herself at the Beijing Film Academy’s Performance Institute.
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Film Career
In 1992, Yang played the role of a beggar’s daughter in the martial arts comedy film ‘King of Beggars’. Later, she played the role of Mr. Su’s daughter in ‘Heroes Calamity’ (1993). She also played various other roles including Xiaoxia’s cousin in ‘Singer’ (1997), Zhu Zhu in ‘Beijing Fairytale’ and Wenxin in ‘Door’ (2007).
She then appeared as Shen Yilin in a Chinese horror super-hit film ‘Mysterious Island’ (2011). In 2012, she played the role of Chen Sisi in the comedy film ‘All’s Well, Ends Well’. In this film, four men go on a heroic mission to help four women and end up experiencing a series of mishaps.
Next she acted as Que’er in the Chinese fantasy action film ‘Painted Skin: TheResurrection’. In 2012, she appeared in Chinese martial arts fantasy film ‘Wu Dang’ as Tianxin and in the mystery film ‘The Bullet Vanishes’. In ‘The Bullet Vanishes’ two detectives try to investigate a strange series of murders in which the bullet vanishes after the murder.
In 2013, she acted in films like ‘Tiny Times’ in which she plays the role of an editorial assistant for a fashion magazine. She appeared in the sequel ‘Tiny Times 2’ and also in another film titled ‘Saving Mother Robot’.
In 2014, Yang did several romantic comedy films like ‘Snow Blossom’ and ‘The Breakup Guru’. In the same year, she played a student named Zhao Mosheng, who falls in love with He Yichen in the romantic drama, ‘You Are My Sunshine’.
In 2015, she acted in a romantic anthology film, ‘Cities in Love’. This film features five love stories set in five different cities. Later, she was highly appreciated for playing a blind character in the film ‘The Witness’. In the same year, she starred in yet another romantic drama titled, ‘Fall in Love like a Star’. In this film, she played the role of Tian Xin, the love interest of Su Xingyu, the instrument tuner and band’s assistant.
She acted in a 2016 computer animated motion capture action fantasy adventure film ‘L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties’.
In 2017, she played the lead role of Xia Tian, a single mother who works as an associate researcher and whose son gets kidnapped (she travels through time to rescue him) in the film ‘Reset’. She was praised for her acting in ‘Brotherhood of Blades 2’ in which the story follows an imperial guard, Shen Lian’s search for the truth behind a conspiracy that framed him. In the film, he is backstabbed by his colleague Pei Lun and a young woman named BeiZhai (played by Yang).
Television Career
Yang gained a lot of popularity, playing the role of Guo Xiang in the television series ‘The Return of the Condor Heroes’. Her popularity soared to a whole new level when she played the protagonist Wang Zhaojun in the series of the same name and in ‘Beautiful Life’ as Cheng Xiaonuo. She was engaged with these television series from 2006 to 2008.
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In 2009, she acted in the Chinese series ‘Paladin 3’ which was adapted from the video game of the same title. This series gained massive popularity and topped the rating charts in various regions of China.
She gained further popularity for her role of Mo Xueyan in one of the highest rated television series of 2010, ‘Beauty’s Rival in Palace’. She was well recognized in the highly rated television series ‘Palace’, playing the role of Luo Qingchuan/ Hua Ying. This year, she also acted in ‘Symphony of Fate’ which is about two adopted sisters. She played the role of the elder sibling Hao Anqi, who gets framed and wrongfully imprisoned, only to become a fashion designer upon her release.
Yang’s popularity just kept growing due to her performances in various television dramas like ‘Beauty World’, ‘Beijing Love Story’, ‘Legendary of the Military Seal’ and ‘Palace2’. All these dramas were aired on TV during 2011 and 2012.
In 2016, she played the role of Qiao Fei who falls in love with her mentor Jia Yang in the television series ‘The Interpreter’.
Currently, she is playing three roles as Bai Qian, Si Yin and SuSu in the television series ‘Eternal Love’, adapted from the Xianxia novel ‘Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms’ by Tang Qi Gonzi. This fantasy drama is a huge hit, both at the national and international level.
She is also working in an upcoming drama series titled ‘The Negotiator’ to be released on Hunan TV in late 2017. It is a spin-off of the 2016 television series ‘The Interpreter’. Some of her other upcoming projects are ‘Legend of Fuyao’ which is based on the novel ‘Empress Fuyao’ written by Tianxia Guiyuan and romantic series ‘Once a Youth’, in which she plays the role of XieQiao.
Awards & Achievements
Yang won the 17th Shanghai Television Most Popular Actress award for ‘Palace’. She even won the 26th China TV Golden Eagle Award (most popular actress) for ‘Beijing Love story’.
She won theBest Actress award at the 50th World Fest Houston International Film Festival for ‘Reset’ and Jackie Chan Action Movie award as Best Action Movie Actress for the same film.
The series ‘Interpreter’ became the highest rated drama of the year 2016.
Personal Life
Yang Mi is happily married to Hong Kong actor and singer Hawick Lau. They got married in Bali, Indonesia on January 8, 2014. She gave birth (through caesarean section at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital) to a baby girl on 1st June 2014. The baby was named Noemie Lau and was also given a nickname, Little Sticky Rice.
Yang Mi is happily married to Hong Kong actor and singer Hawick Lau. They got married in Bali, Indonesia on January 8, 2014. She gave birth (through caesarean section at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital) to a baby girl on 1st June 2014. The baby was named Noemie Lau and was also given a nickname, Little Sticky Rice.
Facts About Yang Mi
Yang Mi is not only a talented actress but also a successful businesswoman, owning her own production company and fashion brand.
She is known for her love of animals, particularly her pet dogs, and often shares adorable photos of them on social media.
Yang Mi is fluent in multiple languages, including English and Japanese, showcasing her versatility and dedication to her craft.
Despite her busy schedule, she actively participates in various charitable activities and has shown her commitment to giving back to the community.
In addition to her acting career, Yang Mi is also a skilled singer and has released several albums, demonstrating her diverse talents.

Yang Mi Movies

1. King of Beggars (1992)

  (Comedy, Action, Drama)

2. Love in the Buff (2012)

  (Comedy, Romance)

3. The Bullet Vanishes (2012)

  (Mystery, Drama, Action)

4. Painted Skin: The Resurrection (2012)

  (Mystery, Romance, Fantasy)

5. Tiny Times 1.0 (2013)

  (Romance, Drama)

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