The probability of the personality of individuals born on October 16 is dependent on the planetary position of two celestial bodies, Venus and Neptune. While Venus rules the zodiacal group of Libra to which these individuals belong, Neptune governs the actual date in which these individuals are born. Together, the two celestial bodies determine the individuality and uniqueness of those born on this date. October 16 individuals are blessed with an intelligent mind and principled morals and conduct. They are kind and unselfish with a sense of practicality, fairness and the will to strongly stick to the opinion. Additional fortes include their wittiness and compassion, problem solving skills and amounts of positivity and cooperation. However, not all is good with those born on this date as they are prone to showing pricky, defensive and difficult behavior. This is mostly stimulated by an emotionally upsetting situation or some kind of disappointment.

Angela LansburyAngela Lansbury
94, British
Oscar WildeOscar Wilde
46, Irish

John MayerJohn Mayer
42, American

Bryce HarperBryce Harper
27, American
Baseball player

Sue BirdSue Bird
39, Israeli, American
Basketball Player

Andrei ChikatiloAndrei Chikatilo
57, Russian
Soviet Serial Killer
Kellie MartinKellie Martin
44, American

49, German, Spanish

David Ben-GurionDavid Ben-Gurion
87, Israeli

Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Eugene O'Neill
65, American
Zhao LiyingZhao Liying
32, Chinese
Chinese Actress

Enver HoxhaEnver Hoxha
76, Albanian
Former Communist Leader of Albania
33, Romanian
Singer, Songwriter

Ruby Rose TurnerRuby Rose Turner
14, American
Dancer, Singer, Model, Actress

Kim WayansKim Wayans
58, American
Giada ColagrandeGiada Colagrande
44, Italian
Filmmaker, Actress

Paul SparksPaul Sparks
48, American
Angry GrandpaAngry Grandpa
67, American

William Orville DouglasWilliam O. Douglas
81, American
Former Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court

James II of ScotlandJames II of Scotland
29, Scottish
King of Scots
Linda DarnellLinda Darnell
41, American

Kim Ah-joongKim Ah-joong
37, South Korean
Wendy WilsonWendy Wilson
50, American

Kala SavageKala Savage
41, American

Ann Morgan GuilbertAnn Morgan Guilbert
87, American

Günter GrassGünter Grass
87, German
Noah WebsterNoah Webster
84, American
Britt BaronBritt Baron
24, American

Sham IdreesSham Idrees
31, Canadian
Musical Artist

Terri J. VaughnTerri J. Vaughn
50, American

Austen ChamberlainAusten Chamberlain
73, British
Sylvia GaniSylvia Gani
25, Canadian
YouTuber, Instagram Star, Vlogger

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Terry SongTerry Song
28, American

Michael CollinsMichael Collins
31, Irish

25, American

28, American
Sexxy LexxySexxy Lexxy
29, American
Reality Star, Rapper

30, American
YouTuber, Gamer
King Cairo StevensonKing Cairo Stevenson
7, American
Son of Tyga and Blac Chyna

Albrecht von HallerAlbrecht von Haller
69, Swiss

Carmen pretty_hispanicCarmen pretty_hispanic
21, Puerto Rican, American
Maurice BarnettMaurice Barnett
34, American
YouTube Star

Flea (Musician)Flea (Musician)
57, Australian
Timothy Francis RobbinsTimothy Francis Robbins
61, American
American actor

Kia ProctorKia Proctor
31, American

27, German

Manute BolManute Bol
47, Sudanese, American
Basketball player

Hema MaliniHema Malini
71, Indian
Actor, Politician, Film director, Film producer,
Prithviraj SukumaranPrithviraj Sukumaran
37, Indian
Actor, Film producer

Anirudh RavichanderAnirudh Ravichander
29, Indian

Frankie EdgarFrankie Edgar
38, American
Mixed martial artist

Caterina ScorsoneCaterina Scorsone
38, Canadian
Actor, Film actor
57, Australian
bassist, actor, film actor, trumpeter, singer,

Rajeev KhandelwalRajeev Khandelwal
44, Indian
Davina McCallDavina McCall
52, British
Television presenter

Barry CorbinBarry Corbin
79, American

Christopher MitchumChristopher Mitchum
76, American
Jacques KallisJacques Kallis
44, South African

Gary KempGary Kemp
60, British
Actor, Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter
Casey StonerCasey Stoner
34, Australian
Motorcycle racer, Racing driver

Maria GorettiMaria Goretti

Kordell StewartKordell Stewart
47, American
American Football Players
Shardul ThakurShardul Thakur
28, Indian
Indian cricketer

Louis AlthusserLouis Althusser
72, French
Philosopher, Politician, University teacher
Lisa BonderLisa Bonder
54, American
Tennis player

Jeremy JacksonJeremy Jackson
39, American

Shayne WardShayne Ward
35, British

Charles ColsonCharles Colson
80, American
Bob MouldBob Mould
59, American
Kenneth LonerganKenneth Lonergan
57, American
Screenwriter, Playwright, Theatre director, Actor,

Mary Elizabeth McGlynnMary Elizabeth McGlynn
53, American
Singer, Actor, Voice actor, Screenwriter,

Vicente Carrillo FuentesVicente Carrillo Fuentes
57, Mexican
Drug trafficker

Sadagoppan RameshSadagoppan Ramesh
44, Indian
Crazy MohanCrazy Mohan
67, Indian

Paul KariyaPaul Kariya
45, Canadian
Ice hockey winger

David NeelemanDavid Neeleman
60, Brazilian, Cypriot, American

Rachel ReillyRachel Reilly
35, American

Elizabeth LoftusElizabeth Loftus
75, American
Psychologist, Statistician, University teacher
Kan MukaiKan Mukai
70, Chinese, Japanese

Itō HirobumiItō Hirobumi
68, Japanese
Politician, Diplomat
André Leon TalleyAndré Leon Talley
70, American
Journalist, Autobiographer

Philipp KohlschreiberPhilipp Kohlschreiber
36, German
Tennis player

Robert StephensonRobert Stephenson
55, British
Engineer, Civil engineer, Politician
Vallathol Narayana MenonVallathol Narayana Menon
79, Indian

Bert KaempfertBert Kaempfert
56, German
Composer, Conductor, Record producer, Film score
Laura WadeLaura Wade
42, British

John PolkinghorneJohn Polkinghorne
89, British
Physicist, Theoretical physicist

Mehmet SchollMehmet Scholl
49, German
Football manager, Football player

Paulo Roberto FalcãoPaulo Roberto Falcão
66, Brazilian
Association football player, Journalist,
Mary DalyMary Daly
81, American
Theologian, Writer, Philosopher, University

Stephen ConstantineStephen Constantine
57, British
Association football player, Association football
George Washington WilliamsGeorge Washington Williams
41, American
Soldier, Historian, Diplomat, Writer, Minister,

Arnold BöcklinArnold Böcklin
73, Swiss
Painter, Sculptor, University teacher, Graphic
Ali BAli B
Television presenter, Presenter, Rapper, Musician

Marc PingrisMarc Pingris
38, Filipino
Basketball player
Graeme SharpGraeme Sharp
59, Scottish
Association football player, Association football

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on October 16

The personality traits of individuals born on October 16 include commonsensical attitude and imaginativeness. They are open-minded and have an instinctive approach to life. These people are highly sociable and full of charm, charisma and enthusiasm. Though October 16 individuals possess the high standard and values like other Librans, their cooperative nature is not as trusting as that of others in the zodiacal group. These people possess a streak of spontaneity and are naturally kind and wise with humanitarian views.  Naturally curious, these people are interested in the mysterious things in life and have an affinity for the unknown. Overall, October 16 individuals are witty, compassionate and understanding. They have an intellectually creative mind which is full of ideas and an emotionally sensitive yet balanced nature which is confident and assertive.

The overall healthiness and vitality of individuals born on October 16 is sound due to their sensible attitude towards exercise and diet requirements. Since these people are conscious about the way they look, to maintain the same, they are cautious about their regular diet and meals. However, October 16 folks need to watch out on their sleep pattern. Also, since these people are susceptible to addiction and a touch of laziness, they need to be alert. Including mind and body activities like martial arts and yoga in the daily routine would be advantageous for maintaining physical and mental energy as well as well-being.

Financial condition of individuals born on October 16 is usually the rags to riches story. They do earn a decent amount of living in their youth days but since they are prone to impulsive buying and have generous attitude towards money, they tend to spend the whole of it. However, realisation strikes these people in the middle age and it is then that they seriously consider saving significant amount of money for a secure future.

Versatility and common sense are factors that assist in the career choice of individuals born on the sixteenth day of October. These people rely on their natural instinct and enthusiastic curiosity while picking the right job. What’s more, more than a high payscale, it is personal satisfaction that plays a dominant role while working for October 16 folks. If unhappy or bored, these people do not mind changing the entire direction of their occupation.  Only a vocation that they truly enjoy are taken up by these individuals.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Librans born on October 16 value their relationships and typically seek for meaningful connection while bonding with people. They are strongly attached to their family, friends and associates. In matters of love, these people are practically romantic. They trust their instinctive reaction while choosing a mate. Though October 16 folks are hesitant to fall for long term commitment, once settled, they are devoted and loyal towards their partner. These people maintain a friendly and sincere relationship with their soul mates. They are charming in their mannerism and have a tactful persuasion and easy going nature which makes them get their way with little or no effort. October 16 folks are least compatible with bossy or domineering people. As parents, these people are balanced in their approach. They can be quite playful and spirited with their children but if need be, can act as the strict disciplinarian as well.

Lucky Color: Dark Green Shade
Lucky Number: 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 7, 16, 25