The personality traits of individuals sharing their birthday on November 22 are influenced by the power of Jupiter, which is the ruling planet of the zodiacal group of Sagittarius. However, Uranus too has a dominating influence due to it being the governor of the actual date in which these individuals are born. Thus, the two planets together determine the uniqueness and individuality of the probable personality traits of November 22nd folks. Practical, steadfast, enthusiastic and confident, November 22nd individuals are endowed with tireless energy and frank persuasiveness. They have high levels of sincerity, generosity and fairness in them which is assisted by their friendliness and chirpy attitude. The only thing that November 22nd individuals need to work on is their proneness for rebellion in response to a negative situation. Once that is done, the problem of displaying demanding, uneasy, agitated or argumentative behavior would also be resolved.

Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson
34, American
Mark RuffaloMark Ruffalo
51, American

Hailey BaldwinHailey Baldwin
22, American
Jamie Lee CurtisJamie Lee Curtis
60, American
Actress, Author

Song Hye-kyoSong Hye-kyo
37, South Korean

Michael K. WilliamsMichael K. Williams
52, American
Rodney DangerfieldRodney Dangerfield
82, American
Actor, Comedian

Charles de GaulleCharles de Gaulle
79, French
Former President of France
Oscar PistoriusOscar Pistorius
32, South African

Billie Jean KingBillie Jean King
75, American
Former Women's Tennis Champion
Jamie Campbell BowerJamie Campbell Bower
30, British

Katherine McNamaraKatherine McNamara
23, American
Dacre MontgomeryDacre Montgomery
24, Australian
Cody KoCody Ko
28, Canadian
Viner, YouTuber

Robert VaughnRobert Vaughn
93, American
George EliotGeorge Eliot
61, British
Author and Novelist

Boris  BeckerBoris Becker
51, German
Former World No. 1 Tennis Star
Alden EhrenreichAlden Ehrenreich
29, American

Richard KindRichard Kind
62, American

Tina WeymouthTina Weymouth
68, American
Benjamin BrittenBenjamin Britten
63, British
Composer, conductor and pianist

Kathrine NarducciKathrine Narducci
53, American
George AlagiahGeorge Alagiah
63, British

Sally BercowSally Bercow
49, British
John Bercow's Wife
Marjane Satrapi Marjane Satrapi
49, French, Iranian
Graphic Novelist

Dmitry RybolovlevDmitry Rybolovlev
52, Russian
John Nance GarnerJohn Nance Garner
98, American
32nd Vice President of the United States
Yusaku MaezawaYusaku Maezawa
43, Japanese

Tom ContiTom Conti
77, Scottish
DupontJohn Eleuthère du Pont
72, American

Antonietta CollinsAntonietta Collins
33, Mexican
News Anchor
Baby ArielBaby Ariel
18, American
TikTok ( Star

Meghan McCarthyMeghan McCarthy
27, American

Dominic TracyDominic Tracy
15, American
YouTube Star
Arthur HillerArthur Hiller
92, Canadian
Film Director

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Andrew Fielding HuxleyAndrew Huxley
94, British
Physiologist & Biophysicist
Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo SamuelJohan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel
12, American
Heidi Klum’s Son

Auli'i CravalhoAuli'i Cravalho
18, American
Trevor TordjmanTrevor Tordjman
23, Canadian
Dancer, Singer, Choreographer

Endre AdyEndre Ady
41, Hungarian
Jack DauthJack Dauth
20, Australian
Scooter Rider
Louis Eugène Félix Néel Louis Néel
95, French

Henry TayaliHenry Tayali
43, Zambian
Jelly DraperJelly Draper
21, American

Tyler DavisTyler Davis
13, American
YouTube Star
Molly JacksonMolly Jackson
17, German, American

Miranda MillerMiranda Miller
23, American

Andre GideAndre Gide
81, French
Mads MikkelsenMads Mikkelsen
53, Danish

Steven Van ZandtSteven Van Zandt
68, American
Actor, Musician, Screenwriter, Record producer,
Terry GilliamTerry Gilliam
78, British, American
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, Animator, Film

Mulayam Singh YadavMulayam Singh Yadav
79, Indian
Marouane FellainiMarouane Fellaini
31, Belgian
Association football player

Mary of GuiseMary of Guise
44, French
Adèle ExarchopoulosAdèle Exarchopoulos
25, French
Actor, Model
Geraldine PageGeraldine Page
62, American
Theater Actress, Film Actress, Television Actress

Chris SmallingChris Smalling
29, British
Association football player
Asamoah GyanAsamoah Gyan
33, Ghanaian
Ghanaian footballer

Rajkumar HiraniRajkumar Hirani
56, Indian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film editor
Hoagy CarmichaelHoagy Carmichael
82, American
American composer

Robert Ben RhoadesRobert Ben Rhoades
73, American
Serial killer

Doris DukeDoris Duke
80, American
Art collector, Horticulturist, Socialite
Sidse Babett KnudsenSidse Babett Knudsen
50, Danish

Dora MaarDora Maar
89, French
Photographer, Artist, Painter, Poet,
Ville ValoVille Valo
42, Finnish
Singer, Songwriter, Drummer

Shawn FanningShawn Fanning
38, American
Computer scientist, Programmer
Brock OsweilerBrock Osweiler
28, American
American football player

Enver PashaEnver Pasha
40, Turkish
Military officer
Lazar KaganovichLazar Kaganovich
97, Ukrainian, Russian
Lawrence GowanLawrence Gowan
62, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter

Fusajiro YamauchiFusajiro Yamauchi
80, Japanese
Chris MetzenChris Metzen
45, American
Artist, Comics artist, Novelist, Writer,

El LissitzkyEl Lissitzky
51, Russian
painter, architect, graphic designer,
Marvan AtapattuMarvan Atapattu
48, Sri Lankan
Sri Lankan cricketer

Kuldip Singh ChandpuriKuldip Singh Chandpuri
78, Indian
Indian Army

Philippe Leclerc de HauteclocquePhilippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque
45, French
Military personnel
James Arthur RayJames Arthur Ray
61, American
Motivational speaker, Actor

Joaquín RodrigoJoaquín Rodrigo
97, Spanish
Composer, Choreographer, Pianist, Educationist,
Sebastián ZuritaSebastián Zurita
32, Argentinian
Actor, Television actor

Rasmus LerdorfRasmus Lerdorf
50, Canadian, Danish
Joe AdonisJoe Adonis
69, Italian

Guion BlufordGuion Bluford
76, American
Officer, Astronaut, Engineer, Aviator
Sabbir RahmanSabbir Rahman
27, Bangladeshi
Bangladeshi cricketer
Joan GamperJoan Gamper
52, Swiss
Association football player, Businessperson

Carles GilCarles Gil
26, Spanish
Association football player
Leeanna WalsmanLeeanna Walsman
39, Australian

Leos CaraxLeos Carax
58, French
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, Critic
Torsten FringsTorsten Frings
42, German
Association football player

Frank McAvennieFrank McAvennie
59, British
Association football player
Harley EarlHarley Earl
75, American
Designer, Automotive designer

Victor PelevinVictor Pelevin
56, Russian
Fiction writer
Max RomeoMax Romeo
71, Jamaican
Composer, Singer

Aston BarrettAston Barrett
72, Jamaican
Bassist, Guitarist
Eg WhiteEg White
52, British
Musician, Music executive, Songwriter, Record

Geoff ReganGeoff Regan
59, Canadian
Floyd SneedFloyd Sneed
76, Canadian

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on November 22

Typified with an honest and straightforward temperament, individuals sharing their birthday on November 22nd are blessed with unique characteristic traits. They are highly innovative and persuasive with a strong artistic streak. What’s more, these individuals are highly energetic, versatile and generous with an enthusiastic and spirited approach. Interestingly, these individuals possess a bold and a modern outlook. They aim to be one step ahead from others but at the same time are sincere and truthful in their dealings. November 22nd individuals are naturally intelligent, philosophical, friendly and optimistic. They are fun-loving, classy and unselfish but can get a bit rebellious and unrealistic at times.

The health of individuals born on November 22 is usually excellent. This is mostly due to the importance they pay on staying fit and healthy. November 22nd individuals take really good care of themselves. They enjoy working out and indulge in most sporting activities. This not only helps in relieving stress and anxiety but also keeps the weight meter on check. However, since those with this birthdate are susceptible to tension, they should make effort to recognize the symptoms and avoiding building the same in the first place. Another thing which November 22nd individuals need to take care of is staying busy and mentally charged up in the later years. This would divert their attention, help them relax and make aging considerably easy for these individuals.

November 22nd individuals do not pay much emphasis on finance. They are neither concerned with the financial status nor motivated to earn big. However, these people understand the value of money and hence do not indulge in impulsive spending. Also, since these people do not believe in taking credit, they have excellent discipline and patience for saving for a long duration.

There are basically two types of career opportunities that appeal to the mind and heart of individuals born on November 22nd. Since these people have a fascination for reading and studying, they can do very well in education occupations, where they are constantly bestowed with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and wisdom. If not for this, the innovative mind coupled with lots of versatility and a preference for staying active and going influences the career choice, thus helping these individuals pick up a suitable career.  

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Sagittarians born on November 22nd respect relationships and value them. They share a close bond with their family members and relatives. In matters of love, November 22nd individuals take long to commit. This is probably due to the fact that these people are intensely emotional and take long to trust the ideal partner before confessing their love to him/her. In the initial days of romance, they are hesitant to give their heart, but once sure, they bestow their partner with utmost love and romance.  A perfect partner is one who shares similar interest and liking and has a fondness for travel. November 22nd individuals crave for emotional stability from the love union. They believe in giving and expecting complete loyalty and faith. November 22nd individuals mostly make late parents as they are more concerned with their professional goals. However, once they take up the responsibility, they fulfil the same with utmost devotion and love.

Lucky Color: Electric, Blue, Electric White, Multi-Color
Lucky Number: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday, Sunday
L:ucky Days (of the month): 4, 13, 22