People born on May 29th fall under the astral sign of Gemini. No matter how much they speak, they are always articulate and thoughtful. Communicating with others around them really excites and energizes such individuals.  It is due to this nature that these people often attract those around them as they are fun to be with. Additionally, these people are highly imaginative and creative. They are intelligent, and seek information and stories from others. The more information they have, the better they feel.

John F. KennedyJohn F. Kennedy
46, American
35th President of the United States
Carmelo AnthonyCarmelo Anthony
35, American

Mel BMel B
44, British
Riley KeoughRiley Keough
30, American

Annette BeningAnnette Bening
61, American

Tobin HeathTobin Heath
31, American
American Footballer
Bob HopeBob Hope
100, American

Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman
66, American
David BurtkaDavid Burtka
44, American

Nia JaxNia Jax
35, Australian, American
Professional Wrestler
Tenzing NorgayTenzing Norgay
71, Nepalese

Melissa EtheridgeMelissa Etheridge
58, American
Rebbie JacksonRebbie Jackson
69, American
Gregg SulkinGregg Sulkin
27, British

Patrick HenryPatrick Henry
63, American
5th & 6th Governor of Virginia, Orator,
Zulay HenaoZulay Henao
40, Colombian, American

Aaron McGruderAaron McGruder
45, American
Writer, Cartoonist & Public Speaker
Brace Face LaiiBrace Face Laii
15, American
Instagram Star

Alessandra TorresaniAlessandra Torresani
32, American

Adam RickittAdam Rickitt
41, British
Brandon Mychal SmithBrandon Mychal Smith
30, American

Jaslene GonzalezJaslene Gonzalez
33, American
Josef von SternbergJosef von Sternberg
75, American
Film Director

Abdoulaye WadeAbdoulaye Wade
93, Senegalese
Charles IICharles II
54, British
King of England, Scotland & Ireland

John HarsanyiJohn Harsanyi
80, Hungarian, American
21, American
Joseph BirlemJoseph Birlem
17, American
TikTok ( Star

Poppy DeyesPoppy Deyes
28, British
Sister of Alfie Deyes
Isaac AlbenizIsaac Albeniz
48, Spanish

Casey BoonstraCasey Boonstra
25, Australian
Model, Actress, Television Presenter
FaZe RainFaZe Rain
23, Canadian

Gilbert K. ChestertonGilbert K. Chesterton
62, British

Shayanna Jenkins-HernandezShayanna Jenkins-Hernandez
30, American
Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancée
Maggie AtchesonMaggie Atcheson
19, American

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Aidan MinerAidan Miner
17, American
Laverne CoxLaverne Cox
35, American
American actress

Rupert EverettRupert Everett
60, British
La Toya JacksonLa Toya Jackson
63, American
Singer, Composer, Musician, Singer-songwriter,

G. K. ChestertonG. K. Chesterton
62, British
Journalist, Poet, Novelist, Autobiographer,
Roberto Di MatteoRoberto Di Matteo
49, Swiss, Italian
Association football player, Association football
Sarah MillicanSarah Millican
44, British

Carol KirkwoodCarol Kirkwood
57, British
33, American
Professional wrestler

Francis RossiFrancis Rossi
Singer, Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter
Adrian PaulAdrian Paul
60, British

Andrey ArshavinAndrey Arshavin
38, Russian
Association football player

Oswald SpenglerOswald Spengler
55, German
Writer, Historian, Philosopher, Sociologist,
Fatima BhuttoFatima Bhutto
37, Pakistani
Journalist, Writer, Poet

Alysson ParadisAlysson Paradis
36, French
Peter HiggsPeter Higgs
90, British
Theoretical physicist, Physicist

Xavier RuddXavier Rudd
41, Australian
Nathan HortonNathan Horton
34, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Al UnserAl Unser
80, American
Racecar driver
Paul R. EhrlichPaul R. Ehrlich
87, American
Entomologist, Zoologist, University teacher
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley

Giovanni GentileGiovanni Gentile
68, Italian
Ana Beatriz BarrosAna Beatriz Barros
37, Brazilian

Joe PennaJoe Penna
32, Brazilian
Film maker, Animator, Musician, Guitarist
Iannis XenakisIannis Xenakis
97, French
French-Greek composer

Helmut BergerHelmut Berger
75, Austrian

Erich Wolfgang KorngoldErich Wolfgang Korngold
60, Austrian, Czech, American
Composer, Pianist, Conductor, Film score composer
34, Brazilian
Association football player

Ken SchraderKen Schrader
64, American
NASCAR team owner, Racecar driver
Wang BaoqiangWang Baoqiang
35, Chinese

Siarhei LiakhovichSiarhei Liakhovich
43, Belarusian
John Fitzgerald KennedyJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy
46, American
Politician, Military Officer, Author

Nick MancusoNick Mancuso
71, Canadian
Abdülmecid IIAbdülmecid II
76, French
Gene RobinsonGene Robinson
72, American
Priest, Anglican priest

Massimo AmbrosiniMassimo Ambrosini
42, Italian
Association football player
Louise MichelLouise Michel
74, French
Revolutionary, Teacher, Medic

Melanie BrownMelanie Brown
44, British
Daniela RyfDaniela Ryf
32, Swiss

Alfonsina StorniAlfonsina Storni
46, Argentinian
Poet, Journalist, diarist

James HorwillJames Horwill
34, Australian
Rugby union player
Farooq LeghariFarooq Leghari
70, Pakistani
Diplomat, Politician

Pope Pius IIIPope Pius III
64, Italian
Catholic priest
Mohsen MakhmalbafMohsen Makhmalbaf
Writer, Film director, Film producer, Film editor,

Gregg TolandGregg Toland
44, American
Mel GaynorMel Gaynor
60, British
Musician, Singer, Drummer

John HarsanyiJohn Harsanyi
80, Hungarian, American
Economist, University teacher
Stephen LarkhamStephen Larkham
45, Australian
Rugby union player
Arne FriedrichArne Friedrich
40, German
Association football player

Ignacio ScoccoIgnacio Scocco
34, Argentinian
Association football player
Felix RohatynFelix Rohatyn
91, American
Diplomat, Banker

André BrinkAndré Brink
79, South African
Linguist, Writer, Translator, Professor
Jo Beth TaylorJo Beth Taylor
48, Australian

Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-SabahJaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
79, Kuwaiti, British
Carl-Henric SvanbergCarl-Henric Svanberg
67, Swedish
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Economist

Gabriela VergaraGabriela Vergara
45, Venezuelan
37, Spanish

Thomas YoungbloodThomas Youngblood
45, American
Guitarist, Record producer, Composer
Gabriel Enrique GómezGabriel Enrique Gómez
35, Panamanian
Panamanian footballer

Charles AdamsCharles Adams
30, American
John Adams' son
George NelsonGeorge Nelson
77, American
designer, architect

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 29

People born on May 29 are typically very intelligent and persuasive, and they possess the archetypal Gemini flow of eloquence. Their intelligence makes them want to actively probe people and places constantly for new information. People born on May 29th are diplomatically foresighted, and tend to have a laid back approach to things. They listen only to themselves, and are open and honest because of it. People born on May 29th can take complicated information and make it easy for others to digest. People born on May 29th are highly creative, spontaneous, and very adventurous. They love to takes risks as well.

People born on May 29th are generally healthy people. Although they rarely care about looking after their health and needs, they do not tend to adopt any bad habits either. They seem to keep excess weight off quite well, even though they tend to dislike traditional means of exercise. People born on this day tend to be more open to issues with anxiety, and find talking their way through it.

People with this birthday find themselves a good job, although their usual intelligence seems to fall short on subjects such as finance. They are extremely impulsive and do not think twice before spending the money. They hate to be in a situation where they are asked to be frugal.

These individuals prefer to read to gain knowledge rather than learning with hands-on experience. Because of this, numerous job openings and opportunities do not seem be the ideal choice. These people tend to do well in fields of law and teaching, as their thirst for knowledge fuels their career.

Relationships, Marriage, and Children
People born on May 29th tend to be very passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to love and romance. They are mildly flirty. Due to this, people with intense nature and emotions are not right for these individuals. May 29th natives are usually cautious about losing their independence as well. However, once settled, they give their heart and soul to a relationship. They need a partner who is emotional, and to whom they can openly speak about their aspirations as well as their sexual desires. Because of their intelligence and laid-back nature, people born on May 29th tend to be great with kids.

Lucky Color: Orange, Lemon, Yellow
Lucky Number: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50
Lucky Day (of the week): Wednesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 16, 29