While under the ruling planet of Mars, the March 31 native is ruled by Uranus. Good fortune seems to follow those born on March 31, often resulting from their strong personalities and natural charisma. Anybody born on this date has an innate ability to charm their friends and family members with ease. Social relationships are always thriving for March 31 natives, while career follow closely behind. Travel and constant change are important to Aries, but these become immensely essential for those born on this day.

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Ewan McGregorEwan McGregor
48, Scottish
Christopher WalkenChristopher Walken
76, American

Molly QerimMolly Qerim
34, American
TV Anchor

Al GoreAl Gore
71, American

Rhea Jo PerlmanRhea Perlman
71, American

Liza KoshyLiza Koshy
23, American
YouTube Star & Vine Star
Johann Sebastian BachJohann Sebastian Bach
65, German

Angus YoungAngus Young
64, Australian, Scottish
Co-founder & Lead Guitarist of the Hard Rock Band,

Cesar ChavezCesar Chavez
66, American
Civil Rights Activist

Anandi Gopal JoshiAnandi Gopal Joshi
21, Indian
First Indian Female Doctor
Henry II of FranceHenry II of France
40, French
King of France

Richard ChamberlainRichard Chamberlain
85, American
Joseph HaydnJoseph Haydn
77, Austrian

Jessica SzohrJessica Szohr
34, American

Herb AlpertHerb Alpert
84, American
Vice GandaVice Ganda
43, Filipino
Stand-up Comedian, Actor

Yoon Kyun-sangYoon Kyun-sang
32, South Korean
Daniel MaysDaniel Mays
41, British

Hal LindenHal Linden
88, American

Gabe KaplanGabe Kaplan
74, American
Comedian, Actor, Professional Poker Player
Arthur D. LevinsonArthur D. Levinson
69, American

Jane ToppanJane Toppan
84, American
Serial killer
Octavio PazOctavio Paz
84, Mexican
Writer, Poet, Diplomat and Noble Prize Laureate

Guru AngadGuru Angad
47, Indian
Second Sikh Guru

Josh BeauchampJosh Beauchamp
19, Canadian

Andrew MarvellAndrew Marvell
57, British
Josh SavianoJosh Saviano
43, American
Lawyer, Former Child Actor
John FowlesJohn Fowles
79, British
Writer & Teacher

Andrew LangAndrew Lang
68, Scottish
Poet, Novelist, Literary Critic

Stephen F. LynchStephen F. Lynch
64, American
U.S. Representative
Lexi WalkerLexi Walker
17, American

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King JacobKing Jacob
15, American
TikTok (Musical.ly) Star

Carlo Rubbia Carlo Rubbia
85, Italian

Jack Johnson (Boxer)Jack Johnson (Boxer)
68, American

Evan WilliamsEvan Williams
47, American
Co-founder of Blogger & Twitter
Tiffany MaTiffany Ma
26, American
Social Media Star

Noah UrreaNoah Urrea
18, American
Sin'ichirō TomonagaSin-Itiro Tomonaga
73, Japanese

Aine CoutinhoAine Coutinho
26, Brazilian
Philippe Coutinho's Wife

René DéscartesRené Déscartes
53, French
Mathematician, Philosopher and Writer
Sir William Lawrence BraggSir William Lawrence Bragg
81, British
Nobel Laureate in Physics

Chloe ZhaoChloe Zhao
37, Chinese, American
Film Director
Anne de PaulaAnne de Paula
24, Brazilian
Fashion Model

Esther FrantzichEsther Frantzich
19, American
Instagram Models

JJ GarciaJJ Garcia
30, American
Reality TV Personality

Karina KozyrevaKarina Kozyreva
20, Russian

Landon MossLandon Moss
24, American
Instagram star, Viner, YouTuber
Jack AntonoffJack Antonoff
35, American

Shirley JonesShirley Jones
85, American

Brian Tyree HenryBrian Tyree Henry
37, American

Damon HerrimanDamon Herriman
49, Australian
Actor, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Film
Henry MorganHenry Morgan
79, American

William DanielsWilliam Daniels
92, American
Kate MicucciKate Micucci
39, American

Steve BingSteve Bing
54, American

Hashim AmlaHashim Amla
36, South African
Ryan BinghamRyan Bingham
38, American

Patrick LeahyPatrick Leahy
79, American
Gordie HoweGordie Howe
88, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Alan DuncanAlan Duncan
62, British

Dermot MorganDermot Morgan
45, Northern Irish
Barney FrankBarney Frank
79, American

Angus KingAngus King
75, American
David EisenhowerDavid Eisenhower
71, American

Michael SavageMichael Savage
77, American
Pundit, Radio personality, Teacher, Social worker

Conrad SewellConrad Sewell
31, Australian

Tanya TateTanya Tate
40, British
Vanessa del RioVanessa del Rio
67, American
Ed MarinaroEd Marinaro

Pavel BurePavel Bure
48, Russian
Ice hockey player

Jay RockJay Rock
33, American
Songwriter, Rapper

Tony YayoTony Yayo
41, American
Victoria SmurfitVictoria Smurfit
45, Northern Irish

Constantius ChlorusConstantius Chlorus
56, Ancient Roman

Mick RalphsMick Ralphs
75, British
Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter

Craig McCrackenCraig McCracken
48, American

Sylvester GrothSylvester Groth
61, German
Singer, Stage actor, Film actor
Edwin CatmullEdwin Catmull
74, American
Computer scientist, Engineer

Humpy KoneruHumpy Koneru
32, Indian
Chess player
Nordin AmrabatNordin Amrabat
32, Moroccan
Association football player

Ze FrankZe Frank
47, American

Alexandra KollontaiAlexandra Kollontai
79, Russian
Politician, Diplomat, Feminist
Roy AnderssonRoy Andersson
76, Swedish
Film director, Screenwriter, Film editor, Writer,

Sergei DiaghilevSergei Diaghilev
57, Italian, Russian
Russian art critic
Aleksandr UlyanovAleksandr Ulyanov
21, Russian

Oleksandr TurchynovOleksandr Turchynov
55, Ukrainian
Economist, Engineer, Politician

Nagisa OshimaNagisa Oshima
80, Japanese
Screenwriter, Film director, Film producer, Film

Frederick V of DenmarkFrederick V of Denmark
42, Danish
Liz ClaiborneLiz Claiborne
78, American
Fashion designer, Businessperson

Christian ScottChristian Scott
36, American
Trumpeter, Composer, Jazz musician
Eliyahu M. GoldrattEliyahu M. Goldratt
63, Israeli
physicist, economist, engineer, writer

Israel HorovitzIsrael Horovitz
80, American
Actor, Film director, Playwright, Screenwriter,
Michaela BercuMichaela Bercu
52, Israeli
Actor, Model

Jeff YoungJeff Young
57, American
Tal Ben HaimTal Ben Haim
37, Israeli
Association football player

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 31

People born on March 31 are in tune with other high thinkers who surround them. They are quick to arrive at conclusions and as a result, may seem to be sarcastic and funny to most people. Those who are friends with March 31 natives would say that individuals born on this day are usually the first to come up with a quirky idea or activity for the day. In fact, their strong, outgoing disposition helps them to make plenty of friends. What’s more, their charming and assertive personality further helps in keeping these friends entertained. The fact that they can remain charismatic even while disagreeing with friends makes them uniquely different.

Most people born on this day are unwilling to stick to a specific diet and exercise regimen. They love fad diets, even if they do not seem to work. For this reason, it is often difficult for March 31 individuals to lose weight. It is also imperative that these people learn to control their tempers, as this can lead to intense stress, high blood pressure, depression and other health issues. It is essential to find a new activity to focus this energy on, such as running or gardening. Meditation and yoga can work wonders for people born on this day.

As those born on this day are likely to pursue atypical careers, finances might be tight at times. With the drive of an Aries, people with this birthday are much more likely to succeed based on skill, determination and leadership abilities.

When it comes to setting up a career, March 31 adults have no need for supervision; they enjoy working without managers around to watch. This fits in with their rebellious attitude. It is highly likely that these individuals will seek out work in the field of art, where this strong personality is appreciated.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
Because they are naturally rebellious, March 31 individuals tend to attract extremely dramatic relationships. When it comes to romance, March 31 individuals are faithful to their partners. When they are content, they seldom step out of line with those they love. With a love for danger, these people often get themselves involved in unexpected situations. This often keeps romantic relationships fresh and alive. When it comes to building families, these people are less likely to stick to traditional relationships. They might not find parenthood as rewarding as others. When blessed with one, March 31 born individuals encourage their children to be free-thinking.

Lucky Colors: Electric Blue, electric white, multi-colors
Lucky Numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58, 67, 76
Lucky Days (of the week): Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 4, 14, 28