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Liza Koshy is an American Vine artist and social media star. Let’s have a look at her family & personal life including boyfriends, age, net worth, and fun facts.

Quick Facts

Birthday: March 31, 1996

Nationality: American

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Aries

Also Known As: Elizabeth Shaila Koshy

Born in: Houston, Texas, USA

Famous as: YouTube Star & Vine Star

Height: 5'1" (155 cm), 5'1" Females

City: Houston, Texas

U.S. State: Texas

Popularity Index
Vloggers #13 Viners #4 Social Media Stars #418 Instagram Stars #209
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Liza Koshy is a Social Media Personality and Vine Star who is more popular by her online pseudonym Lizzza. This young and vibrant lady took interest in Vine and joined it casually while in high school as her friends were downloading the application. The once casual step that she took of joining Vine gradually took shape of an impressive career with Koshy becoming a Vine sensation and phenomenon. Her Vine account where she uploads relatable posts has with time succeeded in garnering more than 5 million followers. She is associated with fellow Vine Stars Jake Paul, Lance210, Crawford Collins, Boris Laursen, Alex Holtti and Tasia Alexis all of whom featured in one of her Vines titled ‘How girls check out guys vs. How guys check out girls’. This half Indian and half Caucasian beauty is also quite a popular YouTuber. Her YouTube channel has a huge fanbase with over 13 million subscribers. However the count doesn’t end there! This Social Media Personality also has a decent fan following on Instagram and Twitter with over 4 million followers on her Instagram account and over 218,000 followers on her Twitter account and still counting!

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • The 20-something Vine Star who took to this video sharing app while in high school made a name for herself in no time, more popularly known by her online name Lizzza, and is presently considered a Vine phenomenon and an Internet sensation. The over 5 million followers of her Vine account are just crazy about her and eagerly wait for her new posts. They remain excited to know more about her, whether about her age, her actual name, her snapchat id and many other facts.
  • She primarily uploads videos with relatable contents that in a way aid her to easily connect with her umpteen fans and viewers. She initially got started with Vine by uploading fun videos that she shot in car and at few other places. As viewers started liking the humorous stuffs of her Vines she got inspired to create more such videos. Her tutorial videos are just sheer fun that are completely entertaining and amusing, thus creating a feel good factor among the viewers. This simple college girl who has become one of the rising six-second video sensations of late hopes to remain involved in the social media world for long.
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Behind The Curtains
  • She was born on March 31, 1996 in Houston, Texas, USA, where she was raised by her parents with her two other older sisters. She is half Indian and half Caucasian. Her parents are very particular about her academic education and at the same time support her in her Vine endeavors, sometimes even suggesting her ideas about what to Vine. Although she has seen success at a very early age Koshy is quite level headed and refrains herself from uploading stuffs that are a bit personal. She loves and respects her family a lot and prefers not to upload too much of stuffs about them that might intrude the privacy of her family. She joined college in the fall of 2014 to study Business Marketing. After college she intends to live in Los Angeles and hopes to remain involved in social media and communication. In November 2015 she started dating another Vine phenomenon David Dobrik from Chicago, Illinois.

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Last Updated : June 17, 2019
Liza Koshy

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