Bright and efficient, Arians born on March 26th have a unique disposition about them. They are charming and affectionate and endowed with remarkable self-discipline. They are blessed with great observation skills. However, these people possess a deep insecurity which can cause emotional distress. They have an eye for detail and are perfectionist of sorts. However, they often run into difficulty because they are prone to act without thinking. Their weaknesses include their impulsivity, inability to listen to others, and their tendency to not finish what they start.

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Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi
80, American
Keira KnightleyKeira Knightley
35, British

Steven TylerSteven Tyler
72, American

Jonathan GroffJonathan Groff
35, American

Diana RossDiana Ross
76, American
American singer

Jennifer GreyJennifer Grey
60, American
Alan ArkinAlan Arkin
86, American
Actor and Director

James CaanJames Caan
80, American

Larry PageLarry Page
47, American
Co-founder of Google
Leslie MannLeslie Mann
48, American

Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy
83, American
Actor, Author, Film Director
Kenny ChesneyKenny Chesney
52, American

Martin McDonaghMartin McDonagh
50, Irish, British
Playwright, Screenwriter, Filmmaker

Martin ShortMartin Short
70, Canadian

Robert FrostRobert Frost
88, American

Richard Dawkins Richard Dawkins
79, British
Evolutionary Biologist
Amy SmartAmy Smart
44, American

Tennessee WilliamsTennessee Williams
71, American
American playwright

Paige VanZantPaige VanZant
26, American
Mixed Martial Artist

Viktor FranklViktor Frankl
92, Austrian
Joseph CampbellJoseph Campbell
83, American

Johnny CrawfordJohnny Crawford
74, American
Sara Jean UnderwoodSara Jean Underwood
36, American
Actress, Model & TV host.

Natasha LeggeroNatasha Leggero
46, American

Kathryn BernardoKathryn Bernardo
24, Filipino
Von MillerVon Miller
31, American
American Football Player

Xiumin Xiumin
30, South Korean
Vicki LawrenceVicki Lawrence
71, American

Bianca KajlichBianca Kajlich
43, American

Sterling HaydenSterling Hayden
70, American
Mahmoud AbbasMahmoud Abbas
85, Palestinian
President of the State of Palestine and

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Floriana LimaFloriana Lima
39, American
Syngman RheeSyngman Rhee
90, South Korean

Strother MartinStrother Martin
61, American

Guccio GucciGuccio Gucci
71, Italian, British
Italian Businessman

Ella AndersonElla Anderson
15, American
Child Actress
Nina AgdalNina Agdal
28, Danish
Eric Allan KramerEric Allan Kramer
58, Canadian, American

Rudolf DasslerRudolf Dassler
76, German

Danielle BregoliDanielle Bregoli
17, American

Mahadevi VarmaMahadevi Varma
80, Indian
Clive PalmerClive Palmer
66, Australian
Australian Politician

Sam PepperSam Pepper
31, British
YouTube Personality

A. E. HousmanA. E. Housman
77, British

Shirin NeshatShirin Neshat
63, Iranian
Artist, Activist

Mel Ignatow Mel Ignatow
70, American
Louise ThompsonLouise Thompson
30, British
Television Personality

Gavin MagnusGavin Magnus
13, American
Dillon RuppDillon Rupp
33, American
Music Artist, DJ

Christian Boehmer AnfinsenChristian Anfinsen
79, American

Jeff MagidJeff Magid
43, American
Ex-Boyfriend of Emily Ratajkowski
Julia ChowJulia Chow
30, American
YouTube Star

Sandra Day O’ConnorSandra Day O’Connor
90, American
Former Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court
Sir Bernard KatzSir Bernard Katz
92, British

William Childs WestmorelandWilliam Childs Westmoreland
91, American
Military Leader

16, American
TikTok Star

Paul ErdősPaul Erdős
83, Hungarian

Mikel ArtetaMikel Arteta
38, Spanish
Association football player
Prakash RajPrakash Raj
55, Indian
Actor, Film producer, Film director, Presenter

Elaine ChaoElaine Chao
67, American

John StocktonJohn Stockton
58, American
Basketball player

Kedar JadhavKedar Jadhav
35, Indian
Indian cricketer
Archana Puran SinghArchana Puran Singh
58, Indian
TV Presenters

Michael ImperioliMichael Imperioli
54, American
Jon Huntsman Jr.Jon Huntsman Jr.
60, American

Teddy PendergrassTeddy Pendergrass
59, American

Richard ColesRichard Coles
58, British
Journalist, Radio personality
Jonny CraigJonny Craig
34, Canadian

T. R. KnightT. R. Knight
47, American
Marcus AllenMarcus Allen
60, American
American Football Player

Shaheer SheikhShaheer Sheikh
36, Indian

Jay SeanJay Sean
39, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Beatboxing
Carly ChaikinCarly Chaikin
30, American

Jason ChaffetzJason Chaffetz
53, American
Political Leader
Lincoln ChafeeLincoln Chafee
67, American
Former United States Senator

Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri
70, American
Composer, Conductor, Voice actor, Film score

Tinto BrassTinto Brass
87, Italian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Film

Chad KellyChad Kelly
26, American
Football Player
William HagueWilliam Hague
59, British
Politician, Historian, Judoka, Biographer
Jessica McClureJessica McClure
34, American

Bob WoodwardBob Woodward
77, American

Franz StanglFranz Stangl
63, Austrian
Police officer, Officer

Unmukt ChandUnmukt Chand
27, Indian
Francis LawrenceFrancis Lawrence
49, Austrian, American

James IhaJames Iha
52, Japanese, American

Misty StoneMisty Stone
34, American

Curtis SliwaCurtis Sliwa
66, American
Radio personality

Steve TilstonSteve Tilston
70, British
Jonathan GlazerJonathan Glazer
55, British

Annette SchwarzAnnette Schwarz
36, German
Adult Film Star, Fetish model, Glamour model,
Pierre BoulezPierre Boulez
90, French
Conductor, Composer, Musicologist, Music theorist,

Leeza GibbonsLeeza Gibbons
63, American
TV Host
Malcolm III of ScotlandMalcolm III of Scotland
62, British
Stoffel VandoorneStoffel Vandoorne
28, Belgian
Racing driver

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 26

Individuals born on this date are known to be adventurous and energetic. They are known for being responsible and taking charge. They are not known to be followers; always leaders with a ‘take charge’ attitude. Due to this, they often have a stubborn nature. They embrace challenges and welcome new ideas. They tend to have a self-centered nature: which is positive in a way as they remain self-sufficient and are able to take care of themselves, but can be negative as they often put themselves before others when looking to get ahead.

These individuals are prone to having pain within different areas within the cranium cavity i.e., sinusitis, tooth and gum afflictions, and headaches. They are also prone to having injuries or accidents to the head or face. People with this birthday typically experience baldness early on in life.

These individuals are ambitious and hard-working. They tend to be successful financially and like the best that money can buy. Their impatient nature doesn't always think about saving their money for a rainy day; they like to spend their money when they have it. Their impulsive nature could lead to potential gambling problems, but this can be controlled if identified.

These individuals’ swift-thinking, creativity, ambition, and ability to think fast and constantly be "on the go" is ideal for a job as a sportscaster, entrepreneur, adventurer, stockbroker, public relations executive, surgeon, and EMT. They also have the capability to enjoy a great military career.

Relationships, Marriage, and Children
People with this birthday are charming and passionate. They get right to the point, and don't beat around the bush. This can lead to problems for females born on this date, who tend to overwhelm men by coming on too strong. These people love to be adventurous, and be in control. In their love relationships, they are flirtatious, honest, and loyal. As parents, they are protective of their children and may push them to excel, yet always have their child's best interests in mind.

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