If you thought that Lebanon’s only claim to fame was its world-famous hummus, halloumi, falafel and tabouleh, it is time to up your information quotient about the land! Home to world’s most loved cuisine, Middle East’s most glamorous city, Beirut and a string of beach resorts (things that will immediately put you into a holiday mood), Lebanon has also been home to fiery orators, fine entertainers, world-class diplomats and politicians, and, exceptionally talented sportsmen, musicians, artistes, innovators and many more. That’s right! We bet you did not know that the “Matrix” star Keanu Reeves was from Lebanon? Or that George Clooney’s lawyer wife Amal Clooney too called Lebanon her home? Or that the writer of “Broken Wings” Gibran Khalil Gibran was born in this Middle Eastern country? With so many important names to its claim, Lebanon stands as a mine of famous men and women. To know more about famous Lebanese people, delve deep into their biographies and learn all about their timeline, trivia, and interesting facts.
Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves

02 September 1964

Amal AlamuddinAmal Clooney
(Lawyer, Activist)

03 February 1978

Steve KerrSteve Kerr
(Basketball Player)

27 September 1965

Marcus LemonisMarcus Lemonis

16 November 1973

Serj TankianSerj Tankian

21 August 1967

Michael BoulosMichael Boulos
(Tiffany Trump’s Boyfriend)

Nancy AjramNancy Ajram

16 May 1983

Maher ZainMaher Zain

16 July 1981

Elie SaabElie Saab
(Fashion Designer)

04 July 1964

Rafic HaririRafic Hariri
(Business tycoon)

01 November 1944

Yasmine Al MassriYasmine Al Massri

21 November 1978

Khalil GibranKhalil Gibran

06 January 1883

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Walid JumblattWalid Jumblatt
(Lebanese Politician)

07 August 1949

Assi RahbaniAssi Rahbani

04 May 1923

Moe SargiMoe Sargi

03 November 1987

Marcel KhalifeMarcel Khalife

10 June 1950

Deyana MouniraDeyana Mounira
(Instagram Star, Model)

16 August 1990

Fadi FawazFadi Fawaz
(Hair Stylist, Photographer)

24 May 1973

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Daniella SemaanDaniella Semaan
(Cesc Fàbregas' Wife)

04 June 1975

Nadine LabakiNadine Labaki
(Actor, Film director, Artist, Screenwriter)

18 February 1974

(singer, stage actor, film actor)

10 November 1927

Tony MokbelTony Mokbel
(Australian-Lebanese criminal)

11 August 1965

(Actor, Singer, Artist)

20 November 1934

Hassan NasrallahHassan Nasrallah

31 August 1960

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Haifa WehbeHaifa Wehbe
(Actor, Singer, Model)

10 March 1976

Saad HaririSaad Hariri

18 April 1970

John DolmayanJohn Dolmayan
(Drummer, Musician)

15 July 1973

Najwa KaramNajwa Karam

26 February 1966

Cyrine AbdelnourCyrine Abdelnour
(Singer, Actor, Model)

21 February 1977

Imad MughniyahImad Mughniyah

07 December 1962

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Nabih BerriNabih Berri

28 January 1938

Nawal Al ZoghbiNawal Al Zoghbi

29 June 1972

Ragheb AlamaRagheb Alama

07 June 1962

Myriam FaresMyriam Fares
(Singer, Record producer, Dancer, Actor)

03 May 1983

Amin MaaloufAmin Maalouf
(Journalist, Writer, Librettist, Science fiction writer)

25 February 1949

Ziad RahbaniZiad Rahbani
(Composer, Singer, Jazz musician, Pianist, Songwriter)

01 January 1956

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Samir GeageaSamir Geagea

25 October 1952

Wael KfouryWael Kfoury
(Singer, Musician)

15 September 1974

Majida El RoumiMajida El Roumi
(Vocalist, Singer, Actor, Musician)

13 December 1956

(singer-songwriter, singer, pianist)

18 August 1983

Diana HaddadDiana Haddad
(Singer, Record producer, Composer)

01 October 1976

Julia BoutrosJulia Boutros

01 April 1968

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Ibrahim MaaloufIbrahim Maalouf
(Trumpeter, Pianist, Jazz musician, Composer, Film score composer)

05 December 1980

Kamal JumblattKamal Jumblatt

06 December 1917

Yasmine HamdanYasmine Hamdan
(singer, composer, musician, songwriter)

1976 AD

Gabriel YaredGabriel Yared
(Composer, Film score composer)

07 October 1949

Karl WolfKarl Wolf
(Musician, Singer, Songwriter)

18 April 1979

Fouad SinioraFouad Siniora
(Politician, Prime Minister)

19 April 1943

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Michel SuleimanMichel Suleiman
(Politician, Officer)

21 November 1948

Gebran TueniGebran Tueni
(politician, journalist, entrepreneur, socialite)

17 September 1957

Riad Al SolhRiad Al Solh

1894 AD

Tammam SalamTammam Salam

13 May 1945

Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-SabahAhmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah
(Kuwaiti Politician)

12 August 1963

Demetrius II NicatorDemetrius II Nicator

0161 BC

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Jerónimo AmioneJerónimo Amione
(Lebanese-Mexican football player)

31 March 1990


0233 AD

Assi El HelaniAssi El Helani

28 November 1970

Charles Habib MalikCharles Habib Malik

1906 AD

Michel SulaimanMichel Sulaiman

21 November 1948

Émile LahoudÉmile Lahoud
(Politician, Officer)

12 January 1936