The Commonwealth of Kentucky or simply Kentucky is one of the four states declared as a commonwealth and is located in east south-central section of the United States of America. Commonly known as the ‘bluegrass state’, Kentucky enjoys a humid, subtropical climate and a Southern culture. Kentucky was originally a part of Virginia, before it branched out to be a separate state. Its largest city is Louisville and Frankfort is its capital of the state. It is internationally renowned for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), horse racing, bluegrass music, coal and college basketball. Many world-famous individuals were born and brought up in the state of Kentucky. From the ravishing George Clooney to the bold Johnny Depp, many promising celebrities were born and raised in Kentucky, who have made it huge in different walks of life be it film, politics, music or academics. Jennifer Lawrence, Billy Ray Cyrus and Conrad Bachmann were born in the state of Kentucky. You will be surprised as to how many distinguished personalities have hailed from this state, keep reading to find out.
Johnny DeppJohnny Depp
09 June 1963, American
Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln
12 February 1809, American
American President.

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney
06 May 1961, American

Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali
17 January 1942, American

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence
15 August 1990, American

Rosemary ClooneyRosemary Clooney
23 May 1928, American
Rajon RondoRajon Rondo
22 February 1986, American
Basketball player

Chrishell StauseChrishell Stause
21 July 1981, American

Billy Ray CyrusBilly Ray Cyrus
25 August 1961, American
American singer-songwriter
Trace CyrusTrace Cyrus
24 February 1989, American

Christopher StapletonChristopher Stapleton
15 April 1978, American
Hunter S. ThompsonHunter S. Thompson
18 July 1937, American
Journalist and Author

Michael ShannonMichael Shannon
07 August 1974, American

Jennifer CarpenterJennifer Carpenter
07 December 1979, American

Josh HutchersonJosh Hutcherson
12 October 1992, American

Loretta LynnLoretta Lynn
14 April 1932, American
Jefferson DavisJefferson Davis
03 June 1808, American
Former President of the Confederate States of

Jim VarneyJim Varney
15 June 1949, American

Rumer WillisRumer Willis
16 August 1988, American

Sean YoungSean Young
20 November 1959, American
American actress
Sturgill SimpsonSturgill Simpson
08 June 1978, American

Nick LacheyNick Lachey
09 November 1973, American
Singer-songwriter and Actor
Maggie LawsonMaggie Lawson
12 August 1980, American

Mary Todd LincolnMary Todd Lincoln
13 December 1818, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Boyd HolbrookBoyd Holbrook
01 September 1981, American
Actor, Model
Harry Dean StantonHarry Dean Stanton
14 July 1926, American

Ciara BravoCiara Bravo
18 March 1997, American
Dwight YoakamDwight Yoakam
23 October 1956, American

Larry FlyntLarry Flynt
01 November 1942, American

Steve KazeeSteve Kazee
30 October 1975, American
Christopher Ryan HardwickChris Hardwick
23 November 1971, American
Stand-up Comedian, Actor

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Shaun KingShaun King
17 September 1979, American
Kevin OlusolaKevin Olusola
05 October 1988, American

Josh DallasJosh Dallas
18 December 1978, American

Wynonna JuddWynonna Judd
30 May 1964, American

Bryson TillerBryson Tiller
02 January 1993, American
William MapotherWilliam Mapother
17 April 1965, American
Michael Rainey JrMichael Rainey Jr
22 September 2000, American

Brian LittrellBrian Littrell
20 February 1975, American
Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Tinashe KachingweTinashe Kachingwe
06 February 1993, American

Diane SawyerDiane Sawyer
22 December 1945, American
Dakota MeyerDakota Meyer
26 June 1988, American
United States Marine

Crystal GayleCrystal Gayle
09 January 1951, American

Sarah WrightSarah Wright
28 September 1983, American

William ConradWilliam Conrad
27 September 1920, American
Actor, Director

Telma HopkinsTelma Hopkins
28 October 1948, American
Singer, Actress
Jessica WeixlerJessica Weixler
08 June 1981, American

Kit CarsonKit Carson
24 December 1809, American
Explorer & Soldier
Keith WhitleyKeith Whitley
01 July 1955, American

Mary TraversMary Travers
09 November 1936, American

Francis Gary PowersFrancis Gary Powers
17 August 1929, American
James BestJames Best
26 July 1926, American

Rebecca BroussardRebecca Broussard
03 January 1963, American
Irene DunneIrene Dunne
20 December 1898, American

Edgar CayceEdgar Cayce
18 March 1877, American

John C. BreckinridgeJohn C. Breckinridge
16 January 1821, American
Former Vice President of the United States

Virgil EarpVirgil Earp
18 July 1843, American
Police Officer

Alben W. BarkleyAlben W. Barkley
24 November 1877, American
35th Vice President of the U.S
Warren OatesWarren Oates
05 July 1928, American

Miles HeizerMiles Heizer
16 May 1994, American

Lynndie EnglandLynndie England
08 November 1982, American

Joey ChestnutJoey Chestnut
25 November 1983, American
Competitive Eaters
Adrian BelewAdrian Belew
23 December 1949, American
Guitarist, Singer, Composer, Songwriter

John Bell HoodJohn Bell Hood
01 June 1831, American
Confederate General
Leigh-Allyn BakerLeigh-Allyn Baker
13 March 1972, American
Actress, Voice Actor

Jim KellyJim Kelly
05 May 1946, American

Wes UnseldWes Unseld
14 March 1946, American
Basketball Player
Artimus PyleArtimus Pyle
15 July 1948, American

Matt BevinMatt Bevin
09 January 1967, American
62nd Governor of Kentucky
Wendell BerryWendell Berry
05 August 1934, American

Galadriel StinemanGaladriel Stineman
20 October 1990, American

Casey JonesCasey Jones
14 March 1863, American
Railroad Worker
Richard Mentor JohnsonRichard Mentor Johnson
17 October 1780, American
9th Vice President of the U.S.A

Steven Curtis ChapmanSteven Curtis Chapman
21 November 1962, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician
John HensleyJohn Hensley
29 August 1977, American

Garrett MorganGarrett Morgan
04 March 1877, American

Bill MonroeBill Monroe
13 September 1911, American

Scott PruittScott Pruitt
09 May 1968, American
Former Administrator of the United States
Holly BankemperHolly Bankemper
23 November 1964, American
Cris Collinsworth’s Wife
Thomas Hunt MorganThomas Hunt Morgan
25 September 1866, American

Baddiewinkle (Helen Ruth Van Winkle)Baddiewinkle (Helen Ruth Van Winkle)
18 July 1928, American
Instagram Star

Brooke BushBrooke Bush
30 March 1999, American

Audrey NetheryAudrey Nethery
20 October 2008, American
Abraham FlexnerAbraham Flexner
13 November 1866, American

Lonnie AliLonnie Ali
 , American
Muhammad Ali's Widow

Adlai Stevenson IAdlai Stevenson I
23 October 1835, American
23rd Vice President of the United States

Allen TateAllen Tate
19 November 1899, American

Philip Allen SharpPhilip Allen Sharp
06 June 1944, American
Geneticist, Molecular Biologist
Clayton BushClayton Bush
08 June 2000, American
American Football Player

Louis BrandeisLouis Brandeis
13 November 1856, American
Former Lawyer & US Supreme Court Associate Justice
Allen AllensworthAllen Allensworth
07 April 1842, American
Baptist Minister, Educator, Army Officer

Connor HutchersonConnor Hutcherson
02 May 1996, American
Josh Hutcherson's Brother
Leanna DeckerLeanna Decker
31 August 1991, American
Model & Instagram Star
DeVore LedridgeDeVore Ledridge
13 June 2001, American