Those born on 18th of January are very determined and serious individuals with great ambitions. Ruled by the planet, Mars, these people put their heart and soul while pursuing whatever they want. However, they are not driven by materialistic gains, and are very generous and kindhearted people, who love helping others in times of need. They are also very optimistic and reliable individuals who due to their great easygoing demeanor make quite a lot of friends. Owing to their great charm, they often manipulate people, but are emotional and compassionate towards others. People born on this day have a tendency to get bored very easily and at times can be very childish and undisciplined.

Kevin CostnerKevin Costner
64, American
Dave BautistaDave Bautista
50, American
Wrestler, Actor

Pep GuardiolaPep Guardiola
48, Spanish
Former Footballer, Football Manager
Cary GrantCary Grant
82, British, American
American-British actor

Jason SegelJason Segel
39, American

Joanna NewsomJoanna Newsom
37, American
Leo VaradkarLeo Varadkar
40, Irish
Prime Minister of Ireland

Eugene Lee YangEugene Lee Yang
33, American
Internet Personality, Filmmaker
A. A. MilneA. A. Milne
74, British
Novelist, Playwright, Poet

Paul KeatingPaul Keating
75, Australian
Mark RylanceMark Rylance
59, British

Angelique KerberAngelique Kerber
31, German, Polish
Tennis player
Jonathan DavisJonathan Davis
48, American
Musician, Songwriter, Singer, Producer, Actor
Joe FlaccoJoe Flacco
34, American
American Football Player

Baron de MontesquieuMontesquieu
66, French
Karan BrarKaran Brar
20, American

Mutsuhiro WatanabeMutsuhiro Watanabe
85, Japanese
Imperial Japanese Army Corporal
Danny KayeDanny Kaye
76, American

Ashleigh MurrayAshleigh Murray
31, American

Daniel WebsterDaniel Webster
70, American
Former United States Senator
Kristen LedlowKristen Ledlow
31, American
Sports Commentator

Michele MiscavigeMichele Miscavige
58, American
Wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige
Burnie BurnsBurnie Burns
46, American
Screenplay Writer, Actor, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker

Edmund BartonEdmund Barton
70, Australian
Former Prime Minister of Australia
Mahadev Govind RanadeMahadev Govind Ranade
58, Indian
Judge, Social Reformer

John HumeJohn Hume
82, Irish
Maulik PancholyMaulik Pancholy
45, American
Rubén DaríoRubén Darío
49, Nicaraguan

Sarah GilmanSarah Gilman
23, American
Amir BlumenfeldAmir Blumenfeld
36, Israeli
American-Israeli Comedian

Peter Mark RogetPeter Mark Roget
90, British
Ruby FrankeRuby Franke
37, American

Billy LeBlancBilly LeBlanc
39, American
YouTube Personality, Vlogger

Montana TuckerMontana Tucker
26, American
Musical Artist
Cesar CuiCesar Cui
83, Lithuanian, Russian
Composer, Writer and Critic

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Timothy ThomasTimothy Thomas
25, American
Jabez Noel VillalobosJabez Noel Villalobos
18, American
Instagram Star

Lisa StorieLisa Storie
50, American
Sarah GraysunSarah Graysun
18, American
TikTok Star

Oliver HardyOliver Hardy
65, American
American comic
David RuffinDavid Ruffin
50, American
Robert GreenRobert Green
39, British

Seung-Hui ChoSeung-Hui Cho
23, South Korean
Jay ChouJay Chou
40, Taiwanese

Alex PietrangeloAlex Pietrangelo
29, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Francys ArsentievFrancys Arsentiev
40, American

Gilles VilleneuveGilles Villeneuve
32, Canadian
Formula One driver, Motorcycle racer

Ted DiBiaseTed DiBiase
65, American
Amateur wrestler, Professional wrestler
Gilles DeleuzeGilles Deleuze
70, French
Philosopher, Historian, Writer, University

Takeshi KitanoTakeshi Kitano
72, Japanese
Film director, Actor, Painter, Owarai tarento,
Dave AttellDave Attell
54, American
Actor, Television actor

Antje TraueAntje Traue
38, German
Vinod KambliVinod Kambli
47, Indian

David AyerDavid Ayer
51, American
Screenwriter, Film director, Film producer, Actor
Mark MessierMark Messier
58, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Jane HorrocksJane Horrocks
55, British

Joseph BonannoJoseph Bonanno
97, Italian, American
Elsa EinsteinElsa Einstein
60, German

Maxime BernierMaxime Bernier
56, Canadian
Lawyer, Diplomat, Politician
Anjem ChoudaryAnjem Choudary
52, British
religious servant, solicitor

Philippe StarckPhilippe Starck
Interior architecture, Architect, Designer

John BoormanJohn Boorman
86, British
Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director
Robert Anton WilsonRobert Anton Wilson
74, American
Writer, Novelist, Philosopher, Essayist,

Chun Doo-hwanChun Doo-hwan
88, South Korean
Former President of South Korea
Chun Doo-hwanChun Doo-hwan
88, South Korean
Former President of South Korea

Anthony GiddensAnthony Giddens
81, British
Makoto HasebeMakoto Hasebe
35, Japanese
Association football player

Iván ZamoranoIván Zamorano
52, Chilean
Football striker
Michael PinedaMichael Pineda
30, Dominican
Baseball player
Riccardo MontolivoRiccardo Montolivo
34, German, Italian
Association football player

Paulo FerreiraPaulo Ferreira
40, Portuguese
Association football player
Chen LongChen Long
Badminton player

Marcelo GallardoMarcelo Gallardo
43, Argentinian
Association football player, Association football
Juan Fernando QuinteroJuan Fernando Quintero
26, Colombian
Association football player

Jeff MonsonJeff Monson
48, American, Russian
Mixed martial artist, Boxer

Johan DjourouJohan Djourou
32, Swiss, Ivorian
Association football player
Jeremy HealyJeremy Healy
57, British
Singer-songwriter, Record producer

Kesarin ChaichalermpolKesarin Chaichalermpol
34, Thai
Thai actress
Henri GiraudHenri Giraud
70, French
Politician, Officer, Military personnel

Kiki SmithKiki Smith
65, American
Sculptor, Painter, Artist
Daniel Hale WilliamsDaniel Hale Williams
75, American

Anna Pavlovna of RussiaAnna Pavlovna of Russia
70, Russian
Queen consort
Paul EhrenfestPaul Ehrenfest
53, Austrian
Physicist, Theoretical physicist, University
Jacob BronowskiJacob Bronowski
66, British
Mathematician, Poet, Non-fiction writer

Rocco ForteRocco Forte
74, British
Hotel manager
João Carlos TeixeiraJoão Carlos Teixeira
26, Portuguese
Association football player

Marci BowersMarci Bowers
61, American
Jojo MayerJojo Mayer
56, Swiss

Ray DolbyRay Dolby
80, American
Engineer, Inventor, Audio engineer, Electrical
Hossein AminiHossein Amini
Screenwriter, Film director

Kenneth E. BouldingKenneth E. Boulding
83, British, American
Economist, University teacher, Philosopher,
Yoichiro NambuYoichiro Nambu
94, Japanese, American
American-Japanese physicist

Benji SchwimmerBenji Schwimmer
35, American
Choreographer, Actor
Emmanuel ChabrierEmmanuel Chabrier
53, French
Composer, Pianist

Christiane MartelChristiane Martel
87, French
actor, beauty pageant contestant, model
Joseph GliddenJoseph Glidden
93, American

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 18th

The Capricorns born on this particular day are very passionate and enthusiastic and are persistent with whatever they pursue in life. They are charismatic and charming individuals, who are very empathetic and generous towards others. Though at times they may appear a little distant emotionally, they are very welcoming and friendly individuals, who always take care of their loved ones. Known also for their visionary and creative nature, these people at times can be a little naïve and immature in certain situations. However, with age and maturity they tend to overcome these character flaws.

They are born food-lovers and may find it difficult to control their appetite and need to take care of their dietary habits. Their energy levels may fluctuate too frequently making them susceptible to mood swings and irritability. They also need to learn to relax and get plenty of sleep to keep themselves healthy. They should avoid smoking and fast food and inculcate a daily exercise routine into their lifestyle.

Owing to their hardworking and focused nature, they achieve great heights in their career and earn good money. Though they are not over-concerned with material gain in their life, they often tend to lead a luxurious life.

These individuals are creative and tend to be drawn towards field like fashion and advertising. Owing to their idealistic approach towards life, they may also be inclined towards professions like medicine, teaching and social work. Apart from these, they also thrive in arts, films and media.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
The Capricorns born on January 18 are not very willing to throw themselves into romantic relationships. However, once they commit, they are very loving and caring towards their partner and love spending time with them. They are very concerned as parents and try to offer all the luxuries of life to their young ones which they themselves never had.

Lucky Colors:  Red, Brown
Lucky Numbers: 1, 9
Lucky Days (of the Month): 1st & 9th
Lucky Days (of the Week): Tuesday & Saturday