Discover the notable alumni of Georgetown University. The list includes people like Bradley Cooper, Bill Clinton, Ivanka Trump, Maria Shriver & David Muir. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as leaders, media personalities, lawyers & judges, intellectuals & academics and film & theater personalities etc.
Bill ClintonBill Clinton
19 August 1946, American
Bradley CooperBradley Cooper
05 January 1975, American

Ivanka TrumpIvanka Trump
30 October 1981, American
Daughter of Donald Trump

Maria ShriverMaria Shriver
06 November 1955, American

J. Edgar HooverJ. Edgar Hoover
01 January 1895, American
First Director of FBI

Kelly RohrbachKelly Rohrbach
21 January 1990, American
Model & Actress
John DeanJohn Dean
14 October 1938, American

David MuirDavid Muir
08 November 1973, American

Antonin ScaliaAntonin Scalia
11 March 1936, American

Chris SaccaChris Sacca
12 May 1975, American
Venture Investor
Jonathan NolanJonathan Nolan
06 June 1976, British, American
Screenwriter, Director, Producer

Greta Van SusterenGreta Van Susteren
11 June 1954, American
News Anchor
Kayleigh McEnanyKayleigh McEnany
18 April 1988, American
Political Commentator

Eileen BrennanEileen Brennan
03 September 1932, American

Kate SnowKate Snow
10 May 1969, American
TV Journalist
Stephen GlassStephen Glass
15 September 1972, American

Michael SteeleMichael Steele
19 October 1958, American
Jim SchwartzJim Schwartz
02 June 1966, American
Film Producer

Jeremy BashJeremy Bash
13 August 1971, American

James MurrayJames Murray
01 May 1976, American
Laura ChinchillaLaura Chinchilla
28 March 1959, Costa Rican
Former President of Costa Rica

Christina SchwarzeneggerChristina Schwarzenegger
23 July 1991, American
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Daughter
Eric TrumpEric Trump
06 January 1984, American

Mick MulvaneyMick Mulvaney
21 July 1967, American

Jim GaffiganJim Gaffigan
07 July 1966, American
Stand-up comedian

Steve BannonSteve Bannon
27 November 1953, American
Political adviser
Brit MarlingBrit Marling
07 August 1982, American
Patrick EwingPatrick Ewing
05 August 1962, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach

Saad HaririSaad Hariri
18 April 1970, Lebanese, Saudi Arabian

Paul ManafortPaul Manafort
01 April 1949, American
Political Consultant

David PetraeusDavid Petraeus
07 November 1952, American
Dikembe MutomboDikembe Mutombo
25 June 1966
Basketball player

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John F. KellyJohn F. Kelly
11 May 1950, American
Military Leader

Qandeel BalochQandeel Baloch
01 March 1990, Pakistani

Kirstjen NielsenKirstjen Nielsen
14 May 1972, American

Alonzo MourningAlonzo Mourning
08 February 1970, American
Basketball player
Joseph DunfordJoseph Dunford
08 December 1955, American

Pramila JayapalPramila Jayapal
1965 AD, Indian, American
politician, state senator
Julia CameronJulia Cameron
04 March 1948, American
Screenwriter, Film director, Novelist, Poet

Christine PelosiChristine Pelosi
05 May 1966, American
Political adviser

John PodestaJohn Podesta
08 January 1949, American
Political consultant
Jeremiah DentonJeremiah Denton
15 July 1924, American

Terry McAuliffeTerry McAuliffe
09 February 1957, American
Mazie HironoMazie Hirono
03 November 1947, American

Alexander HaigAlexander Haig
02 December 1924, American
Diplomat, Politician, Military personnel,

Mike BirbigliaMike Birbiglia
20 June 1978, American

Felipe VIFelipe VI
30 January 1968, Spanish
King of Spain

Lisa MurkowskiLisa Murkowski
22 May 1957, American
Sean Patrick MaloneySean Patrick Maloney
30 July 1966, American

William Peter BlattyWilliam Peter Blatty
07 January 1928, American

Roy HibbertRoy Hibbert
11 December 1986, Jamaican, American
Basketball player

Jim WebbJim Webb
09 February 1946, American
William Kennedy SmithWilliam Kennedy Smith
04 September 1960, American

Denis McDonoughDenis McDonough
02 December 1969, American
Civil servant
Roy KimRoy Kim
03 July 1993, South Korean

Robert LighthizerRobert Lighthizer
11 October 1947, American

Paul TagliabuePaul Tagliabue
24 November 1940, American
Alex Hyde-WhiteAlex Hyde-White
30 January 1959, British

Daniel PfeifferDaniel Pfeiffer
24 December 1975, American
Vera RubinVera Rubin
23 July 1928, American

John R. AllenJohn R. Allen
15 December 1953, American
Military officer

Malcolm D. LeeMalcolm D. Lee
11 January 1970, American
John BarrassoJohn Barrasso
21 July 1952, American

James L. JonesJames L. Jones
19 December 1943, American
Luis Muñoz MarínLuis Muñoz Marín
18 February 1898, Puerto Rican

David HeroldDavid Herold
16 June 1842, American

Edward Douglass WhiteEdward Douglass White
03 November 1845, American

Sandra FlukeSandra Fluke
17 April 1981, American
Francis Parker YockeyFrancis Parker Yockey
18 September 1917, American
Philosopher, Historian, Writer, Pianist, Lawyer,
Shirley PovichShirley Povich
15 July 1905, American

Adolph DubsAdolph Dubs
04 August 1920, American
Diplomat, Politician

Doug CaseyDoug Casey
Author, Economist

James SalterJames Salter
10 June 1925, American
John GuareJohn Guare
05 February 1938, American

Matthew VanDykeMatthew VanDyke
11 June 1979, American
Journalist, Documentary filmmaker, Revolutionary

Robert M. GatesRobert M. Gates
25 September 1943, American

Iván DuqueIván Duque
01 August 1976, Colombian
President of Colombia

Paul A. VolckerPaul A. Volcker
05 September 1927, American
Sławomir SkrzypekSławomir Skrzypek
10 May 1963, Polish
Economist, Banker

William J. ClintonWilliam J. Clinton
19 August 1946, American
Henry John HydeHenry John Hyde
18 April 1924, American

Situated in Washington D.C., is the private, non-profit research university that is Georgetown University. With an overall average enrollment of almost 18,000 individuals, Georgetown offers degrees in forty-eight fields of study. Being the oldest Catholic and Jesuit-affiliated institution of higher education in the country, Georgetown University lives up to its rich historical hferitage of being one of the finest universities in the United States. The nine schools under Georgetown University offer the students rigorous programs that enhance their vision and guide them towards achieving their goals. It has been classified as ‘most selective’ when it comes to attaining admission to the college as per U.S. News & World Report. With the student body strength touching 8,000, Georgetown University is a place where diverse cultures thrive, with students representing over 129 different countries. The prestigious alumni’s of the university have gone on to win 23 Rhodes Scholarships, 21 Marshall Scholarships, 26 Truman Scholarships and 14 Mitchell Scholarships. People from different walks of life are given the opportunity to excel in various fields such as Law, Arts & Sciences, Medicine, Business, Nursing, and Foreign Service and so on. Some noteworthy personalities who studied at Georgetown University include Bill Clinton, Bradley Cooper, Antonin Scalia and Patrick Ewing. Here is a list of eminent celebrities from Georgetown University who have inspired, motivated and left a mark in various spheres of life.