Died On September 10th

Discover the most famous people who died on September 10. The list includes people like Mary Wollstonecraft, Huey Long, Jane Wyman, Cliff Robertson, Anita Roddick. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, poets, philosophers and physicists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, India & Switzerland and many more countries.

Richard KielRichard Kiel
13 September 1939, American
Daniel Wayne SmithDaniel Wayne Smith
22 January 1986, American
Anna Nicole Smith's Son

Huey LongHuey Long
30 August 1893, American

Jon Brower MinnochJon Brower Minnoch
29 September 1941, American
Heaviest Man

Cliff RobertsonCliff Robertson
09 September 1923, American

Mary WollstonecraftMary Wollstonecraft
27 April 1759, British
Jane WymanJane Wyman
05 January 1917, American
Actress, Singer

Dalton TrumboDalton Trumbo
09 December 1905, American
Screenwriter, Novelist

Salvatore MaranzanoSalvatore Maranzano
31 July 1886, American
Mafia Boss

Joanne DruJoanne Dru
31 January 1922, American
Anita RoddickAnita Roddick
23 October 1942, British

Jock SteinJock Stein
05 October 1922, Scottish
Football Manager
Agostinho NetoAgostinho Neto
17 September 1922, Angolan
Former President of Angola

Virginia SatirVirginia Satir
26 June 1916, American
American author

Joseph StoryJoseph Story
18 September 1779, American
Lawyer & Jurist
Felix BlochFelix Bloch
23 October 1905, Swiss

George Paget ThomsonGeorge Paget Thomson
03 May 1892, British
John ColetJohn Colet
31 December 1467, British
Renaissance Humanist

Billie Mae RichardsBillie Mae Richards
21 November 1921, Canadian
Voice Actress

Amy LevyAmy Levy
10 November 1861, British
Poet, Novelist, Essayist
Amy ClampittAmy Clampitt
15 June 1920, American

Empress Elisabeth of AustriaEmpress Elisabeth of Austria
24 December 1837, Austrian
Empress, Queen
Empress MatildaEmpress Matilda
07 February 1102, German

Pier AngeliPier Angeli
19 June 1932, Italian

Henrietta Maria of FranceHenrietta Maria of France
25 November 1609, French

Hanns ScharffHanns Scharff
16 December 1907, German
Visual artist, Air force officer
Ferdinand I of BulgariaFerdinand I of Bulgaria
26 February 1861, German
Father DivineFather Divine

Louis IV of FranceLouis IV of France
10 September 0920, French

Louis I of HungaryLouis I of Hungary
05 March 1326, Hungarian

Bagha JatinBagha Jatin
07 December 1879, Indian
Sukumar RaySukumar Ray
30 October 1887, Indian
Photographer, Poet, Writer, Illustrator,

Harold GilliesHarold Gillies
17 June 1882, New Zealander
Physician, Plastic surgeon

B. J. VorsterB. J. Vorster
13 December 1915, South African

Ugo FoscoloUgo Foscolo
06 February 1778, Greek

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Adrian FrutigerAdrian Frutiger
24 May 1928, Swiss
Type designer, Non-fiction writer
Richard GrenvilleRichard Grenville
15 June 1542, British
explorer, politician

Patty BergPatty Berg
13 February 1918, American
Officer, Golfer
Alfredo KrausAlfredo Kraus
24 September 1927, Spanish
Opera singer, Singer

Abdul HamidAbdul Hamid
01 July 1933, Indian

William Osler AbbottWilliam Osler Abbott
26 July 1902, American
John the Fearless, Duke of BurgundyJohn the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy
28 May 1371, French