Died On May 22nd

Discover the most famous people who died on May 22. The list includes people like Constantine the Great, Victor Hugo, Langston Hughes, Martha Washington, Sher Shah Suri. Famous personalities featured on this list, include poets, playwrights, novelists and boxers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, France, United Kingdom & Italy and many more countries.

Constantine the GreatConstantine the Great
27 February 0272, Ancient Roman
Roman Emperor
Victor HugoVictor Hugo
26 February 1802, French
Author & Poet

Langston HughesLangston Hughes
01 February 1902, American
Poet, Novelist, Playwright, & Columnist

John DerekJohn Derek
12 August 1926, American

Sher Shah SuriSher Shah Suri
1486 AD, Indian
Founder of the Sur Empire in North India

Martha WashingtonMartha Washington
02 June 1731, American
Dina Merrill Dina Merrill
29 December 1923, American
Actress, Socialite, Philanthropist

Margaret RutherfordMargaret Rutherford
11 May 1892, British

Ruth Williams KhamaRuth Williams Khama
09 December 1923, Botswanan
Former First Lady of Botswana

John French, 1st Earl of YpresJohn French, 1st Earl of Ypres
28 September 1852, British
British Army Officer
Claude McKayClaude McKay
15 September 1889, Jamaican, American

Elizabeth DavidElizabeth David
26 December 1913, British
British writer
Helen TaftHelen Herron Taft
02 June 1861, American
First Lady of the United States

Albert ClaudeAlbert Claude
24 August 1899, Belgian
Cell Biologist

C. Day LewisC. Day Lewis
27 April 1904, Irish, British
Alfred Day HersheyAlfred Day Hershey
04 December 1908, American
Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine

Matthew CowlesMatthew Cowles
28 September 1944, American
Television actor, Film actor, Stage actor
Nicky HaydenNicky Hayden
30 July 1981, American
Motorcycle racer

Tony AccardoTony Accardo
28 April 1906, American

The Great GamaThe Great Gama
22 May 1878, Pakistani
Amateur wrestler
James ForrestalJames Forrestal
15 February 1892, American
Officer, Banker, Investment banker

Joseph ColomboJoseph Colombo
16 June 1923, American
Martin GardnerMartin Gardner
21 October 1914, American
Mathematician, Writer, Journalist, Literary

Thurl RavenscroftThurl Ravenscroft
06 February 1914, American
Singer, Dub actor, Opera singer, Actor

Rocky GrazianoRocky Graziano
01 January 1919, Italian, American
Boxer, Television actor

Baal Shem TovBaal Shem Tov
25 August 1698, Polish
Rabbi, Physician
Karl Hermann FrankKarl Hermann Frank
24 January 1898, German
Lino BrockaLino Brocka
03 April 1939, Filipino
film director, screenwriter, actor

Oscar BonavenaOscar Bonavena
25 September 1942, Argentinian

Alessandro ManzoniAlessandro Manzoni
07 March 1785, Italian
Italian poet

Ernst TollerErnst Toller
01 December 1893, German
Playwright, Politician, Writer, Screenwriter, Poet
Veturi Sundararama MurthyVeturi Sundararama Murthy
29 January 1936, Indian
Poet, Songwriter, Lyricist

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Pope Alexander VIIPope Alexander VII
13 February 1599, Italian
Diplomat, Cleric, Catholic priest

Henri DutilleuxHenri Dutilleux
22 January 1916, French
Composer, Musicologist, Film score composer

Sándor FerencziSándor Ferenczi
07 July 1873, Hungarian
Psychanalyst, Psychiatrist, Non-fiction writer,

Francesco GuicciardiniFrancesco Guicciardini
06 March 1483, Italian
Historian, Politician, Writer, Diplomat
Cevdet SunayCevdet Sunay
10 February 1899, Turkish

Alfred HersheyAlfred Hershey
04 December 1908, American
American geneticist
Jules RenardJules Renard
22 February 1864, French
writer, aphorist, playwright, novelist, diarist

Alister HardyAlister Hardy
10 February 1896, British
Biologist, Marine biologist

Constantine XConstantine X
1006 AD, Turkish
Joseph BrooksJoseph Brooks
11 March 1938, American
screenwriter, film producer, composer

Ștefan DimitrescuȘtefan Dimitrescu
18 January 1886, Romanian
Jiří MahenJiří Mahen
12 December 1882, Czech
Writer, Librarian, Playwright, Journalist, Poet

Pierre-Jules RenardPierre-Jules Renard
22 January 1864, French