Died On December 26th

Discover the most famous people who died on December 26. The list includes people like Gerald Ford, Harry S. Truman, Babur, Jack Benny, Howard Hawks. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, presidents, actors and composers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, France, United Kingdom & Italy and many more countries.

Gerald FordGerald Ford
14 July 1913, American
President of the USA
Harry S. TrumanHarry S. Truman
08 May 1884, American
33rd President of the United States

14 February 1483, Uzbekistan
Founder of Mughal Dyanasty

Dian FosseyDian Fossey
16 January 1932, Rwandan, American
Zoologist, Conservationist

Curtis MayfieldCurtis Mayfield
03 June 1942, American
Singer, Guitarist

Jack BennyJack Benny
14 February 1894, American
Comedian, Vaudevillian
Vincent SchiavelliVincent Schiavelli
11 November 1948, American

Elsa LanchesterElsa Lanchester
28 October 1902, American

Howard HawksHoward Hawks
30 May 1896, American

Ricky HarrisRicky Harris
05 October 1965, American
John WilkesJohn Wilkes
17 October 1725, British
English journalist

Salvador Jorge BlancoSalvador Jorge Blanco
05 July 1926, Dominican
Former President of the Dominican Republic
Reggie WhiteReggie White
19 December 1961, American
American Football Player

Jason RobardsJason Robards
26 July 1922, American
American film actor

Teena MarieTeena Marie
05 March 1956, American
Singer, Musician, Guitarist, Record producer,
Preston TuckerPreston Tucker
21 September 1903, American
Engineer, Entrepreneur, Automotive designer

Nigel HawthorneNigel Hawthorne
05 April 1929, British
Shankar Dayal SharmaShankar Dayal Sharma
19 August 1918, Indian

Kerry PackerKerry Packer
17 December 1937, Australian
Publisher, Business Leader

Gerry AndersonGerry Anderson
14 April 1929, British
Film producer
Heinrich SchliemannHeinrich Schliemann
06 January 1822, Italian
German businessman

Frederic RemingtonFrederic Remington
04 October 1861, American
Sculptor, Writer, Painter
Henry Louis Vivian DerozioHenry Louis Vivian Derozio
18 April 1809, Indian

Angus OgilvyAngus Ogilvy
14 September 1928, British
Entrepreneur, Art collector

Hurd HatfieldHurd Hatfield
07 December 1917, American

Ricky HarrisRicky Harris
10 June 1962, American
T V & Movie Producers
12 June 1899, American
Photographer, Photojournalist, Journalist
Sonia GreeneSonia Greene
16 March 1883, American

Melvil DeweyMelvil Dewey
10 December 1851, American
Librarian, Resort developer, Reformer

Herb RittsHerb Ritts
13 August 1952, American
Photographer, Film director

Cornelius CastoriadisCornelius Castoriadis
11 March 1922, French, Greek
Philosopher, Economist, Writer, University
Joseph FouchéJoseph Fouché
21 May 1759, French

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Publius Septimius GetaPublius Septimius Geta
07 March 0189, Italian
Roman emperor

Parveen ShakirParveen Shakir
24 November 1952, Pakistani
Poet, Writer

Sydney BarnesSydney Barnes
19 April 1873, British

Sylva KoscinaSylva Koscina
22 August 1933, Italian
Actor, Model
Stephen GirardStephen Girard
20 May 1750, French, American
Sailor, Entrepreneur, Banker

Munir NiaziMunir Niazi
09 April 1928, Pakistani
Anatoly LunacharskyAnatoly Lunacharsky
11 November 1875, Russian
playwright, politician, writer, diplomat

Yves RocherYves Rocher
07 April 1930, French
Entrepreneur, Politician, Businessperson

Gerald R. FordGerald R. Ford
14 July 1913, American
38th U.S. President
Pope DionysiusPope Dionysius

Pope ZosimusPope Zosimus
Erich ToppErich Topp
02 July 1914, German
Engineer, Submariner, Architect

Claude Adrien HelvétiusClaude Adrien Helvétius
26 January 1715, French
Philosopher, Writer, French moralists

Ivor GurneyIvor Gurney
28 August 1890, British
Poet, Composer, Author, Writer

Duy TânDuy Tân
19 September 1900, Cental African, Vietnamese
Emperor of the Nguyễn Dynasty

Jean Léonard Marie PoiseuilleJean Léonard Marie Poiseuille
22 April 1797, French
Physician, Physicist, Mathematician
Antonio CaldaraAntonio Caldara
1670 AD, Italian

Sidney MintzSidney Mintz
16 November 1922, American
Anthropologist, University teacher

Joel BarlowJoel Barlow
24 March 1754, American
Poet, Diplomat, Writer

Marta EggerthMarta Eggerth
17 April 1912, American
Actor, Singer
Herbert Otto GilleHerbert Otto Gille
08 March 1897, German

Giuseppe ZanardelliGiuseppe Zanardelli
29 October 1826, Italian
Political ,Prime Minister
Jack BernsteinJack Bernstein
05 November 1899, American
Boxer, Screenwriter

István SándorfiIstván Sándorfi
12 June 1948, Hungarian

Tony SmithTony Smith
23 September 1912, American
sculptor, painter, artist
John LoderJohn Loder
03 January 1898, British
actor, film actor

Anatoliy Vasilievich LunacharskyAnatoliy Vasilievich Lunacharsky
23 November 1875, Russian
Frank McKinney HubbardFrank McKinney Hubbard
01 September 1868, American

15 May 1870, American

Maryon Elspeth PearsonMaryon Elspeth Pearson
1901 AD, Canadian