Died On August 25th

Discover the most famous people who died on August 25. The list includes people like Friedrich Nietzsche, Neil Armstrong, Aaliyah, Michael Faraday, David Hume. Famous personalities featured on this list, include physicists, actors, political leaders and spiritual & religious leaders and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, France, United Kingdom & Scotland and many more countries.

16 January 1979, American
American singer
Neil ArmstrongNeil Armstrong
05 August 1930, American

John McCainJohn McCain
29 August 1936, American
United States Senator

Friedrich NietzscheFriedrich Nietzsche
15 October 1844, German
Philosopher and Philologist

Ted KennedyTed Kennedy
22 February 1932, American
Former US Senator

Truman CapoteTruman Capote
30 September 1924, American
Michael FaradayMichael Faraday
22 September 1791, British
Physicist & Chemist

David HumeDavid Hume
26 April 1711, Scottish
Philosopher & Historian

James WattJames Watt
19 January 1736, Scottish
Inventor of Steam Engine

Paul MuniPaul Muni
22 September 1895, American
Louis IX of FranceLouis IX of France
25 April 1214, French
King of France

George Lincoln RockwellGeorge Lincoln Rockwell
09 March 1918, American
Alfred KinseyAlfred Kinsey
23 June 1894, American

Henry MorganHenry Morgan
24 January 1635, British, Welsh
Privateer, Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica

Art RooneyArt Rooney
27 January 1901, American
NFL Team Founder, Owner
Henri BecquerelHenri Becquerel
15 December 1852, French
Physicist, Discoverer of Radioactivity

James CroninJames Cronin
29 September 1931, American
Raymond Octave Joseph BarreRaymond Barre
12 April 1924, French
Former Prime Minister of France

Rich PianaRich Piana
26 September 1970, American

Samantha SmithSamantha Smith
29 June 1972, American
Margaret of AnjouMargaret of Anjou
23 March 1430, French
Queen of England

Ann RichardsAnn Richards
13 December 1917, Australian
Political Leaders
John L. NelsonJohn L. Nelson
29 June 1916, American

Grigory ZinovievGrigory Zinoviev
23 September 1883, Ukrainian
Actor, Politician

Father YodFather Yod
04 July 1922, American

Carl BarksCarl Barks
27 March 1901, American
Screenwriter, Writer, Painter, Farmer, Journalist
Stan KentonStan Kenton
15 December 1911, American
American musical artist
Sonia RykielSonia Rykiel
25 May 1930, French
Grand couturier, Designer, Children's writer

23 May 0359, Serbian

Benjamin ThompsonBenjamin Thompson
26 March 1753, American
Physicist, Scientist

Stanley BruceStanley Bruce
15 April 1883, Australian
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer
Marvin KaplanMarvin Kaplan
24 January 1927, American
Actor, Television actor, Screenwriter

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Christian V of DenmarkChristian V of Denmark
15 April 1646, Danish

Ahmad FarazAhmad Faraz
12 January 1931, Pakistani

Thomas MoranThomas Moran
12 February 1837, American
Explorer, Painter

Henri Fantin-LatourHenri Fantin-Latour
14 January 1836, French
Painter, Botanical illustrator, Lithographer,
Harry Hammond HessHarry Hammond Hess
24 May 1906, American
Geologist, Officer

Victor Stafford ReidVictor Stafford Reid
01 May 1913, Jamaican
Aleksandr KuprinAleksandr Kuprin
07 September 1870, Russian
Russian writer

Eyvind JohnsonEyvind Johnson
29 July 1900, Swedish

Morley CallaghanMorley Callaghan
22 February 1903, Canadian
Lawyer, Writer, Journalist
Stan McCabeStan McCabe
16 July 1910, Australian

Lewis F. Powell, Jr.Lewis F. Powell, Jr.
19 September 1907, American
Justin WilsonJustin Wilson
31 July 1978, British

Thomas DekkerThomas Dekker
1572 AD, British
playwright, poet, writer

Ferdinand PiechFerdinand Piech
17 April 1937, Austrian

Franz Graf Conrad von HötzendorfFranz Graf Conrad von Hötzendorf
11 November 1852, Austrian, German
Austrian general

Sir Henry MorganSir Henry Morgan
24 January 1635, Welsh
John BirchJohn Birch
08 May 1918, American

Antoine Henri BecquerelAntoine Henri Becquerel
15 December 1852, French