Famous People Who Died In 2005

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 2005. This list includes people like Hunter S. Thompson, Richard Pryor, Pope John Paul II, Rosa Parks, Pat Morita and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, novelists, artists and comedians who died in 2005. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, India & Australia and many more countries.

Nipsey RussellNipsey Russell
15 September 1918, American
Stand-up Comedian
Rosa ParksRosa Parks
04 February 1913, American
Civil Rights Activist

Richard PryorRichard Pryor
01 December 1940, American

Hunter S. ThompsonHunter S. Thompson
18 July 1937, American
Journalist and Author

Eddie GuerreroEddie Guerrero
09 October 1967, American
Professional Wrestler

John William CarsonJohnny Carson
23 October 1925, American
Television Host
Pope John Paul IIPope John Paul II
18 May 1920, Polish
The 264th Pope (Bishop of Rome)

Noriyuki MoritaPat Morita
28 June 1932, American
Actor, Comedian

Johnnie CochranJohnnie Cochran
02 October 1937, American

Arthur MillerArthur Miller
17 October 1915, American
Luther VandrossLuther Vandross
20 April 1951, American

Anne BancroftAnne Bancroft
17 September 1931, American
George BestGeorge Best
22 May 1946, British, Northern Irish

Rosemary KennedyRosemary Kennedy
13 September 1918, American
John F. Kennedy's Sister

Mitch HedbergMitch Hedberg
24 February 1968, American
Stand-up Comedian
Rainier III, Prince of MonacoRainier III, Prince of Monaco
31 May 1923, Monacan

Bob DenverBob Denver
09 January 1935, American
Sandra DeeSandra Dee
23 April 1942, American
Film Actress

James CallaghanJames Callaghan
27 March 1912, British

Matthew McGroryMatthew McGrory
17 May 1973, American
Zhao ZiyangZhao Ziyang
17 October 1919, Chinese
Former Prime Minister of China

Peter DruckerPeter Drucker
19 November 1909, American
Management Consultant
Simon WiesenthalSimon Wiesenthal
31 December 1908, Austrian
Nazi Hunter

Peter JenningsPeter Jennings
29 July 1938, Canadian, American

K. R. NarayananK. R. Narayanan
27 October 1920, Indian
President of India

Shirley ChisholmShirley Chisholm
30 November 1924, American
Debralee ScottDebralee Scott
02 April 1953, American
Chris LeDouxChris LeDoux
02 October 1948, American
American singer-songwriter

Barbara Bel GeddesBarbara Bel Geddes
31 October 1922, American

Sidney LuftSidney Luft
02 November 1915, American
Show Business Figure

Vincent SchiavelliVincent Schiavelli
11 November 1948, American
Andrea Dworkin Andrea Dworkin
26 September 1946, American
Feminist and Writer

Joe RanftJoe Ranft
13 March 1960, American

Teresa WrightTeresa Wright
27 October 1918, American

John VernonJohn Vernon
24 February 1932, Canadian, American

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Frank GorshinFrank Gorshin
05 April 1933, American
Saul Bellow Saul Bellow
10 June 1915, American

Amrita PritamAmrita Pritam
31 August 1919, Indian
Eugene McCarthyEugene McCarthy
29 March 1916, American

August WilsonAugust Wilson
27 April 1945, American
American playwright

Philip JohnsonPhilip Johnson
08 July 1906, American
Sheree NorthSheree North
17 January 1932, American

George CoeGeorge Coe
10 May 1929, American
Actor, Voice Artist
Robert WiseRobert Wise
10 September 1914, American
Film Director

John GarangJohn Garang
23 June 1945, Sudanese

Hans BetheHans Bethe
02 July 1906, American

Lee Eun-juLee Eun-ju
22 December 1980, South Korean

Rafic HaririRafic Hariri
01 November 1944, Lebanese
Business tycoon
John FowlesJohn Fowles
31 March 1926, British
Writer & Teacher

Jack KilbyJack Kilby
08 November 1923, American
Inventor of integrated circuit

Ernst MayrErnst Mayr
05 July 1904, American

John H. JohnsonJohn H. Johnson
19 January 1918, American
Publisher, Entrepreneur
Birgit NilssonBirgit Nilsson
17 May 1918, Swedish
Opera Singer

Cicely SaundersCicely Saunders
22 June 1918, British
English nurse
Terri SchiavoTerri Schiavo
03 December 1963, American

Vivian LibertoVivian Liberto
23 April 1934, American
Rosanne Cash's Mother

José Dinis AveiroJosé Dinis Aveiro
1954 AD, Portuguese, British
Cristiano Ronaldo's Father
Alan DundesAlan Dundes
08 September 1934, American

Henry TaubeHenry Taube
30 November 1915, Canadian, American
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augusto_Roa_BastosAugusto Roa Bastos
13 June 1917, Paraguayan

Lorenzo ThomasLorenzo Thomas
31 August 1944, American

Sir John MillsSir John Mills
22 February 1908, British
Al LópezAl Lopez
20 August 1908, American
Former American Baseball Player

James DoughertyJames Dougherty
12 April 1921, American
Marilyn Monroe’s First Husband
Richard E. SmalleyRichard E. Smalley
06 June 1943, American
Father of Nanotechnology

Michael P. MurphyMichael P. Murphy
07 May 1976, American

Edward HeathEdward Heath
09 July 1916, British
Politician, Military personnel, Journalist,

James DoohanJames Doohan
03 March 1920, Canadian
Screenwriter, Television actor, Film actor, Actor,
William RehnquistWilliam Rehnquist
01 October 1924, American
Judge, Lawyer, Historian
Don AdamsDon Adams
13 April 1923, American

Vincent GiganteVincent Gigante
29 March 1928, American

William WestmorelandWilliam Westmoreland
26 March 1914, American
Officer, Politician

Long John BaldryLong John Baldry
12 January 1941, Canadian, British
George MikanGeorge Mikan
18 June 1924, American
American basketball player

Fahd of Saudi ArabiaFahd of Saudi Arabia
16 March 1921, Saudi Arabian
Former King of Saudi Arabia

Ossie DavisOssie Davis
18 December 1917, American
American film actor

Shelby FooteShelby Foote
17 November 1916, American
Historian, Novelist, Writer, University teacher,

Ronnie BarkerRonnie Barker
25 September 1929, British
Actor, Comedian, Entrepreneur
Max SchmelingMax Schmeling
28 September 1905, German, American

Kerry PackerKerry Packer
17 December 1937, Australian
Publisher, Business Leader
George F. KennanGeorge F. Kennan
16 February 1904, American
Diplomat, Historian, Geopolitician, Political

Paul WinchellPaul Winchell
21 December 1922, American
Actor, Inventor, Voice actor, Television actor

James StockdaleJames Stockdale
23 December 1923, American
Officer, Aviator, Politician
Paritala RavindraParitala Ravindra
29 August 1958, Indian

Ahmed DeedatAhmed Deedat
01 July 1918, Indian
Philosopher, Writer
Domino HarveyDomino Harvey
07 August 1969, British
Bounty hunter, Model

George DantzigGeorge Dantzig
08 November 1914, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Statistician

Milton OboteMilton Obote
28 December 1925, Ugandan
Former Prime Minister of Uganda

John FiedlerJohn Fiedler
03 February 1925, American
Actor, Dub actor, Stage actor, Television actor
Rinus MichelsRinus Michels
09 February 1928, Dutch
Association football player, Association football

Kevin HagenKevin Hagen
03 April 1928, American
Actor, Television actor
Robin CookRobin Cook
28 February 1946, British
British Politician

Adrian RogersAdrian Rogers
12 September 1931, American

Robert KearnsRobert Kearns
10 March 1927, American
Inventor, Engineer

Edward L. MasryEdward L. Masry
29 July 1932, American
Lawyer, Politician
Thurl RavenscroftThurl Ravenscroft
06 February 1914, American
Singer, Dub actor, Opera singer, Actor