Famous People Who Died In 1994

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1994. This list includes people like Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Nixon, Kurt Cobain, John Wayne Gacy, John Candy and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, journalists, novelists and philosophers who died in 1994. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Italy & France and many more countries.

Jeffrey DahmerJeffrey Dahmer
21 May 1960, American
Serial Killer, Sex Offender
Kurt Donald Cobain Kurt Cobain
20 February 1967, American
Singer, Songwriter

Richard NixonRichard Nixon
09 January 1913, American
37th President of the United States

John Wayne GacyJohn Wayne Gacy
17 March 1942, American
Serial Killer

John CandyJohn Candy
31 October 1950, Canadian
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter

Ayrton SennaAyrton Senna
21 March 1960, Brazilian
Formula One Driver
Nicole Brown SimpsonNicole Brown Simpson
19 May 1959, German, American
Murdered Wife of O. J. Simpson

Jack KirbyJack Kirby
28 August 1917, American
Comic Book Artist

Ron GoldmanRon Goldman
02 July 1968, American
American Waiter

Telly SavalasTelly Savalas
21 January 1922, American
American singer
Burt LancasterBurt Lancaster
02 November 1913, American

Kim Il-sungKim Il-sung
15 April 1912, North Korean
Former President of North Korea
Charles BukowskiCharles Bukowski
16 August 1920, German, American

Andrei ChikatiloAndrei Chikatilo
16 October 1936, Russian
Soviet Serial Killer

Bill HicksBill Hicks
16 December 1961, American
Dinah ShoreDinah Shore
29 February 1916, American

Kevin CarterKevin Carter
13 September 1960, South African
Peter CushingPeter Cushing
26 May 1913, British

Jessica TandyJessica Tandy
07 June 1909, British

Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
15 February 1907, American
Cab CallowayCab Calloway
25 December 1907, American

Karl PopperKarl Popper
28 July 1902, British
Erik EriksonErik Erikson
15 June 1902, Canadian, German, American
American-German psychologist

Haji MastanHaji Mastan
01 March 1926, Indian
Gangster, Smuggler

Claude AkinsClaude Akins
25 May 1926, American

William ConradWilliam Conrad
27 September 1920, American
Actor, Director
Linus PaulingLinus Pauling
28 February 1901, American
Chemist, Biochemist
Henry ManciniHenry Mancini
16 April 1924, American

Benjamin RuggieroBenjamin Ruggiero
19 April 1926, American

Juvenal HabyarimanaJuvénal Habyarimana
08 March 1937, Rwandan
President of Rwanda

Wilma RudolphWilma Rudolph
23 June 1940, American
Zail SinghZail Singh
05 May 1916, Indian
President of India

Pat ButtramPat Buttram
19 June 1915, American

Sorrell BookeSorrell Booke
04 January 1930, American

Dennis Cleveland StewartDennis Cleveland Stewart
29 July 1947, American

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Royal DanoRoyal Dano
16 November 1922, American
Nicky HopkinsNicky Hopkins
24 February 1944, British
Pianist & Organist

Mary Maxwell GatesMary Maxwell Gates
05 July 1929, American
Dorothy HodgkinDorothy Hodgkin
12 May 1910, British

Robert BlochRobert Bloch
05 April 1917, American
Novelist, Short-story Writer

Jackie KennedyJackie Kennedy
28 July 1929, American
Former First Lady of the United States
Julian SchwingerJulian Schwinger
12 February 1918, American

Roger Wolcott SperryRoger Wolcott Sperry
20 August 1913, American
Jan TinbergenJan Tinbergen
12 April 1903, Dutch
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

Gian Maria VolontèGian Maria Volontè
09 April 1933, Italian

Howard Martin TeminHoward Martin Temin
10 December 1934, American
Geneticist and Virologist

Richard Laurence Millington Synge Richard Laurence Millington Synge
28 October 1914, British

Barry BishopBarry Bishop
13 January 1932, American
Mountaineer, Photographer, Geographer
Jean GottmannJean Gottmann
23 October 1915, French

Amy ClampittAmy Clampitt
15 June 1920, American

Witold LutoslawskiWitold Lutoslawski
25 January 1913, Polish

André Michel LwoffAndré Lwoff
08 May 1902, French
Jacqueline Kennedy OnassisJacqueline Kennedy Onassis
28 July 1929, American
Publisher, U.S. First Lady

Harry NilssonHarry Nilsson
15 June 1941, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Composer,
Luis Donaldo ColosioLuis Donaldo Colosio
10 February 1950, Mexican
Politician, Economist

George PeppardGeorge Peppard
01 October 1928, American

Raul JuliaRaul Julia
1940 AD
Andrés EscobarAndrés Escobar
13 March 1967, Colombian
Association football player

Erich HoneckerErich Honecker
25 August 1912, German
Politician, Autobiographer, Non-fiction writer
Roland RatzenbergerRoland Ratzenberger
04 July 1960, Austrian
Formula One driver

Joseph CottenJoseph Cotten
15 May 1905, American

Dick SargentDick Sargent
1930 AD, American
Film Actor, Theater Actor, Television Actor
Moana PozziMoana Pozzi
27 April 1961, Italian
Adult Film Star, Autobiographer

Maureen Starkey TigrettMaureen Starkey Tigrett
04 August 1946, British
Singer, Actor, Model
Matt BusbyMatt Busby
26 May 1909, British, Scottish
Association football player, Association football

Gregory ScarpaGregory Scarpa
08 May 1928, American

Woody StrodeWoody Strode
25 July 1914, American
American athlete

Danitra VanceDanitra Vance
13 July 1954, American
American comedian
Derek JarmanDerek Jarman
31 January 1942, British
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, Diarist,
29 December 1904, Indian
Writer, Poet, Professor

Antônio Carlos JobimAntônio Carlos Jobim
25 January 1927, Brazilian
Composer, Singer, Pianist, Guitarist, Jazz

Vitas GerulaitisVitas Gerulaitis
26 July 1954, American
Tennis player

Ralph EllisonRalph Ellison
01 March 1914, American
American novelist
Leigh BoweryLeigh Bowery
26 March 1961, Australian
Dancer, Entrepreneur, Actor, Model

Guy DebordGuy Debord
28 December 1931, French
Film maker, Artist, Philosopher, Film director,

Rossano BrazziRossano Brazzi
18 September 1916, Italian
Actor, Film director, Singer

John OsborneJohn Osborne
12 December 1929, British
Actor, Playwright, Screenwriter, Writer

Vaikom Muhammad BasheerVaikom Muhammad Basheer
21 January 1908, Indian
Novelist, Screenwriter, Essayist, Writer, Diarist,
Neil BonnettNeil Bonnett
30 July 1946, American
Racing driver, NASCAR team owner

Lili DamitaLili Damita
10 July 1904, French
Actor, Singer
Melina MercouriMelina Mercouri
31 October 1920, Greek

Jack UnterwegerJack Unterweger
16 August 1950, Austrian
writer, serial killer

Harriet NelsonHarriet Nelson
18 July 1909, American
American singer
Léon DegrelleLéon Degrelle
15 June 1906, Belgian
Politician, Journalist

Ylenia CarrisiYlenia Carrisi
29 November 1970, Italian
Baruch GoldsteinBaruch Goldstein
09 December 1956, American
Physician, Murderer

Fanny CradockFanny Cradock
26 February 1909, British

Mas OyamaMas Oyama
27 July 1923, Japanese, South Korean
Karateka, Mixed martial artist

Jerry RubinJerry Rubin
14 July 1938, American
Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Donald JuddDonald Judd
03 June 1928, American
Artist, Architect, Sculptor, Painter

Joe PassJoe Pass
13 January 1929, American
Guitarist, Composer, Jazz musician, Jazz guitarist
Jacques EllulJacques Ellul
06 January 1912, French
Theologian, Philosopher, Writer, Sociologist,

Bassel al-AssadBassel al-Assad
23 March 1962
Politician, Engineer

Ken OosterbroekKen Oosterbroek
14 February 1963, South African
Photographer, War photographer, Photojournalist,

Ronald GoldmanRonald Goldman
02 July 1968, American
Paul FeyerabendPaul Feyerabend
13 January 1924, Austrian
Philosopher, University teacher