Famous People Who Died In 1993

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1993. This list includes people like Pablo Escobar, Audrey Hepburn, River Phoenix, André the Giant, Brandon Lee and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, journalists, novelists and poets who died in 1993. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Canada and many more countries.

Pablo EscobarPablo Escobar
01 December 1949, Colombian
Colombian Drug Lord
Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn
04 May 1929, British
Film actress

River PhoenixRiver Phoenix
23 August 1970, American

Brandon LeeBrandon Lee
01 February 1965, American
Actor & Martial Artist

James HuntJames Hunt
29 August 1947, British
F1 Driver

André the GiantAndré the Giant
19 May 1946, French
Professional Wrestler
Rudolf NureyevRudolf Nureyev
17 March 1938, Austrian
Ballet Dancer & Choreographer

GG AllinGG Allin
29 August 1956, American
Musician, Singer-Songwriter

Cesar ChavezCesar Chavez
31 March 1927, American
Civil Rights Activist

David KoreshDavid Koresh
17 August 1959, American
Religious Leader
Hervé VillechaizeHervé Villechaize
23 April 1943, French, American

Thurgood MarshallThurgood Marshall
02 July 1908, American
Former Associate Justice of the United States
Vincent priceVincent Price
27 May 1911, American

Bill BixbyBill Bixby
22 January 1934, American

Conway TwittyConway Twitty
01 September 1933, American
22 March 1968, Norwegian

Arthur AsheArthur Ashe
10 July 1943, American
Tennis Player
Federico FelliniFederico Fellini
20 January 1920, Italian
Film Director and Scriptwriter

J. R. D. TataJ. R. D. Tata
29 July 1904, Indian
French-Indian aviator

Dizzy GillespieDizzy Gillespie
21 October 1917, American
Don AmecheDon Ameche
31 May 1908, American

Anthony BurgessAnthony Burgess
25 February 1917, British
Stewart GrangerStewart Granger
06 May 1913, British

William GoldingWilliam Golding
19 September 1911, British

Helen HayesHelen Hayes
10 October 1900, American

12 August 1911, Mexican
Comic Film Actor
Marian AndersonMarian Anderson
27 February 1897, American
Alexis SmithAlexis Smith
08 June 1921, Canadian

Bernard BresslawBernard Bresslaw
25 February 1934, British
Comic Actor

Joseph L. MankiewiczJoseph L. Mankiewicz
11 February 1909, American
Writer, Director, Producer

Carlos MarcelloCarlos Marcello
06 February 1910, American
Boss of New Orleans crime family
Ranasinghe Premadasa Ranasinghe Premadasa
23 June 1924, Sri Lankan
Third President of Sri Lanka

Fred HollowsFred Hollows
09 April 1929, New Zealander

John HerseyJohn Hersey
17 June 1914, American
American writer

Wallace StegnerWallace Stegner
18 February 1909, American

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Agnes de MilleAgnes de Mille
18 September 1905, American
American dancer and choreographer
Severo OchoaSevero Ochoa
14 September 1905, Spanish
Physician and Biochemist

Inge LehmannInge Lehmann
13 May 1888, Danish
Seismologist, Geophysicist
Joseph B. SoloveitchikJoseph B. Soloveitchik
27 February 1903, Belarusian, American

Jean NegulescoJean Negulesco
26 February 1900, Spanish, Romanian, American
American-Romanian film director

Robert W HolleyRobert W. Holley
28 January 1922, American
Wolfgang PaulWolfgang Paul
10 August 1913, German

Polykarp Kusch Polykarp Kusch
26 January 1911, German, American
Blaže KoneskiBlaže Koneski
19 December 1921, Macedonian

W. Edwards DemingWilliam Edwards Deming
14 October 1900, American
Statistician, Electrical Engineer

Edward DunlopEdward Dunlop
12 July 1907, Australian
Prisoner of War

Alfredo Pareja DiezcansecoAlfredo Pareja Diezcanseco
12 October 1908, Ecuadorian
Novelist, Essayist, Historian

Frank Vincent ZappaFrank Vincent Zappa
21 December 1940, American
American musician
Eugen SuchoňEugen Suchoň
25 September 1908, Slovak

Divya BhartiDivya Bharti
25 February 1974, Indian

Raymond BurrRaymond Burr
21 May 1917, Canadian
Stage actor, Film actor

Fred GwynneFred Gwynne
30 June 1926, American
Mick RonsonMick Ronson
26 May 1946
Guitarist, Composer, Songwriter, Record producer

Jimmy DoolittleJimmy Doolittle
14 December 1896, American
Aviator, Officer
Lillian GishLillian Gish
04 October 1893, American

Bobby MooreBobby Moore
12 April 1941, British
Association football player, Association football

Pat NixonPat Nixon
16 March 1912, American
Erich HartmannErich Hartmann
19 April 1922, German
Aviator, Officer

Jim ValvanoJim Valvano
10 March 1946, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach, Coach
Ferruccio LamborghiniFerruccio Lamborghini
28 April 1916, Italian
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Mechanic, Racecar driver

Baudouin of BelgiumBaudouin of Belgium
07 September 1930, Belgian

Sun RaSun Ra
22 May 1914, American
American composer
Deke SlaytonDeke Slayton
01 March 1924, American
Officer, Aviator, Astronaut, Autobiographer

Doris DukeDoris Duke
22 November 1912, American
Art collector, Horticulturist, Socialite
Davey AllisonDavey Allison
25 February 1961, American
Racing driver

Mia ZapataMia Zapata
25 August 1965, American
Singer, Musician, Guitarist, Pianist

Randy ShughartRandy Shughart
13 August 1958, American
Military personnel, Aviator, Soldier

John ConnallyJohn Connally
1917 AD
Les DawsonLes Dawson
02 February 1931, British
H. R. HaldemanH. R. Haldeman
1926 AD, American
Government Official

Cyril CusackCyril Cusack
26 November 1910, Irish, South African

Roy CampanellaRoy Campanella
19 November 1921, American
Baseball player

Chris HaniChris Hani
28 June 1942, South African
Oliver TamboOliver Tambo
27 October 1917, South African

Alan KulwickiAlan Kulwicki
14 December 1954, American
Racecar driver, NASCAR team owner

John BindonJohn Bindon
04 October 1943, British
Actor, Bodyguard

Léon ThereminLéon Theremin
15 August 1896, Russian
Inventor, Engineer, Physicist, Scientist

Billy EckstineBilly Eckstine
08 July 1914, American
Singer, Bandleader, Conductor, Jazz musician, Jazz
Masahiko KimuraMasahiko Kimura
10 September 1917, Japanese

Chinmayananda SaraswatiChinmayananda Saraswati
08 May 1916, Indian
Félix Houphouët-BoignyFélix Houphouët-Boigny
18 October 1905, Ivorian
Former President of the Ivory Coast

William L. ShirerWilliam L. Shirer
23 February 1904, American
Journalist, Historian, Writer

Hans BaurHans Baur
19 June 1897, German
Aviator, Military personnel
E. P. ThompsonE. P. Thompson
03 February 1924, British
Writer, Historian of the modern age, Historian,

Ruth Roche, Baroness FermoyRuth Roche, Baroness Fermoy
02 October 1908, British
Lady-in-waiting, Pianist
Alexandra of YugoslaviaAlexandra of Yugoslavia
25 March 1921

Edie ParkerEdie Parker
1922 AD

Albert SabinAlbert Sabin
26 August 1906, Polish, American
Physician, Virologist, University teacher

Pasang Lhamu SherpaPasang Lhamu Sherpa
10 December 1961, Nepalese
Kenneth BurkeKenneth Burke
05 May 1897, American
Philosopher, Literary critic, University teacher,

Harvey KurtzmanHarvey Kurtzman
03 October 1924, American
Writer, Journalist
Oodgeroo NoonuccalOodgeroo Noonuccal
03 November 1920, Australian
Poet, Author, Human rights activist, Writer

Richard DiebenkornRichard Diebenkorn
22 April 1922, American

Kakuei TanakaKakuei Tanaka
04 May 1918, Japanese

Adelaide HallAdelaide Hall
20 October 1901, American
Singer, Artist, Jazz musician, Actor, Stage actor
Zviad GamsakhurdiaZviad Gamsakhurdia
31 March 1939, Georgian