Famous People Who Died In 1982

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1982. This list includes people like Grace Kelly, John Belushi, Ayn Rand, Ingrid Bergman, Henry Fonda and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, soldiers, poets and novelists who died in 1982. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom & Russia and many more countries.

John BelushiJohn Belushi
24 January 1949, American
Comedian, Actor, Musician
Grace KellyGrace Kelly
12 November 1929, American
Film actress

Ayn RandAyn Rand
02 February 1905, American, Russian
Author, Screenwriter, Playwright, Developer of a

Henry FondaHenry Fonda
16 May 1905, American

Leonid BrezhnevLeonid Brezhnev
19 December 1906, Russian, Ukrainian, Russian

Ingrid BergmanIngrid Bergman
29 August 1915, Swedish
Philip K. DickPhilip K. Dick
16 December 1928, American

Vic MorrowVic Morrow
14 February 1929, American

Peter MaiviaPeter Maivia
06 April 1937, American Samoan

Paul LyndePaul Lynde
13 June 1926, American
Barack Obama Sr.Barack Obama Sr.
18 June 1936, Kenyan
Kenyan Official

Dominique DunneDominique Dunne
23 November 1959, American
Marty RobbinsMarty Robbins
26 September 1925, American
Country Singer

Jack SwigertJack Swigert
30 August 1931, American

Virginia Hall Virginia Hall
06 April 1906, American
American Spy
Thelonious MonkThelonious Monk
10 October 1917, American
Jazz Pianist & Composer

Douglas BaderDouglas Bader
21 February 1910, British
Royal Air Force Pilot During World War II
Warren OatesWarren Oates
05 July 1928, American

Hugh BeaumontHugh Beaumont
16 February 1909, American

Brenda BenetBrenda Benet
14 August 1945, American
Satchel PaigeSatchel Paige
07 July 1906, American
Baseball Player

Carl OrffCarl Orff
10 July 1895, German
Vinoba BhaveVinoba Bhave
11 September 1895, Indian
Social Reformer

Anna FreudAnna Freud
03 December 1895, Austrian
Founder of psychoanalytic child psychology

John CheeverJohn Cheever
27 May 1912, American
Novelist & Short Story Writer

Celia JohnsonCelia Johnson
18 December 1908, American
Lester BangsLester Bangs
13 December 1948, American
American music critic
Rab ButlerRab Butler
09 December 1902, British
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer

Abe FortasAbe Fortas
19 June 1910, American
U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice

J. B. KirpalaniJ. B. Kripalani
11 November 1888, Indian

King VidorKing Vidor
08 February 1894, American
Film Director and Producer
Karl von FrischKarl von Frisch
20 November 1886, Austrian

Jean Gardner Batten Jean Batten
15 September 1909, New Zealander
Aviator Who Made Record Breaking Trans-world

Charles WaltersCharles Walters
17 November 1911, American
Film Director, Choreographer

Philip Noel-BakerPhilip Noel-Baker
01 November 1889, British

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David DubinskyDavid Dubinsky
22 February 1892, American
Political leader
Hugo TheorellHugo Theorell
06 July 1903, Swedish
Swedish scientist

Sarah ChurchillSarah Churchill
07 October 1914, British
Stanford Moore Stanford Moore
04 September 1913, American

Marty FeldmanMarty Feldman
08 July 1934, American
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Poet

Randy RhoadsRandy Rhoads
06 December 1956, American
Guitarist, Musician, Classical guitarist
Romy SchneiderRomy Schneider
23 September 1938, Austrian, French
Film actor, Stage actor

Gilles VilleneuveGilles Villeneuve
18 January 1950, Canadian
Formula One driver, Motorcycle racer
Lee StrasbergLee Strasberg
17 November 1901, American
Film actor, Theatre director, Film director, Stage

Glenn GouldGlenn Gould
25 September 1932, Canadian
Pianist, Composer

Hans-Ulrich RudelHans-Ulrich Rudel
02 July 1916, German
Aviator, Writer, Mountaineer, Officer

Fernando LamasFernando Lamas
09 January 1915, Argentinian
Actor, Screenwriter, Television actor

Rainer Werner FassbinderRainer Werner Fassbinder
31 May 1945, German
Screenwriter, Playwright, Film director, Actor,
Erving GoffmanErving Goffman
11 June 1922, Canadian, American
Sociologist, Non-fiction writer

Eleanor PowellEleanor Powell
21 November 1912, American
Stage actor, Film actor, Television actor

Khalid of Saudi ArabiaKhalid of Saudi Arabia
13 February 1913, Saudi Arabian

Arthur RubinsteinArthur Rubinstein
28 January 1887, American
Classical pianist
Curd JürgensCurd Jürgens
13 December 1915, Austrian, German
Film director, Stage actor, Film actor

Roberto CalviRoberto Calvi
13 April 1920, Italian
Alma RevilleAlma Reville
14 August 1899, British, American
Screenwriter, Film editor, Writer

Jacques TatiJacques Tati
09 October 1907, French
Film actor, Actor, Film director, Screenwriter,

Ahmed Hassan al-BakrAhmed Hassan al-Bakr
01 July 1914, Iraqi
Politician, Military personnel
Herbert QuandtHerbert Quandt
22 June 1910, German

Fazlur Rahman KhanFazlur Rahman Khan
03 April 1929, Bangladeshi, American
Civil engineer, Architect, Structural engineer
Jiro HorikoshiJiro Horikoshi
22 June 1903, Japanese
Aerospace engineer, Engineer

Bess TrumanBess Truman
13 February 1885, American

Vasily ChuikovVasily Chuikov
12 February 1900, Russian
Military officer
James Honeyman-ScottJames Honeyman-Scott
04 November 1956, British
Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter

Zeng JinlianZeng Jinlian
25 June 1964
Anandamayi MaAnandamayi Ma
30 April 1896, Indian

C. D. DeshmukhC. D. Deshmukh
14 January 1896, Indian

Roman JakobsonRoman Jakobson
11 October 1896, Russian

E. H. CarrE. H. Carr
28 June 1892, British
Historian, Journalist, Diplomat, Writer, Political
Salvador SánchezSalvador Sánchez
26 January 1959, Mexican
Walter HallsteinWalter Hallstein
17 November 1901, German
Politician, Diplomat, University teacher

Elis ReginaElis Regina
17 March 1945, Brazilian
Singer, Jazz musician

Art PepperArt Pepper
01 September 1925, American
Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Jazz musician

Alberto VargasAlberto Vargas
09 February 1896, Peruvian
Painter, Illustrator
Ngaio MarshNgaio Marsh
23 April 1895, New Zealander
Writer, Theatre director, Novelist,

Helen of Greece and DenmarkHelen of Greece and Denmark
20 March 1896, Greek
Queen mother

Takashi ShimuraTakashi Shimura
12 March 1905, Japanese
Actor, Film actor

Pierre BalmainPierre Balmain
18 May 1914, French
Grand couturier, Costume designer

Georges PerecGeorges Perec
07 March 1936, French
Writer, Film director, Screenwriter, Poet,
Adolf HeusingerAdolf Heusinger
04 August 1897, German

H. JonesH. Jones
14 May 1940, British
Archibald MacLeishArchibald MacLeish
07 May 1892, American
Librarian, Poet, Playwright, Writer, University

Louis AragonLouis Aragon
03 October 1897, French
Writer, Journalist, Politician, Poet, Novelist,

Vladimir K. ZworykinVladimir K. Zworykin
17 July 1888, American, Russian
engineer, physicist, inventor
Ruth FirstRuth First
04 May 1925, South African
Author, Politician, University teacher, Writer,

Gershom ScholemGershom Scholem
05 December 1897, Israeli
Philosopher, Librarian, Historian, Educationist,
Haskell CurryHaskell Curry
12 September 1900, American
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher,

Hermann BalckHermann Balck
07 December 1893, German
soldier, officer

Ben NicholsonBen Nicholson
10 April 1894, British
painter, sculptor

S. K. PottekkattS. K. Pottekkatt
13 March 1913, Indian
author, politician, diarist, poet
Tadj ol-MoloukTadj ol-Molouk
17 March 1896

Varlam ShalamovVarlam Shalamov
18 June 1907, Russian
Georg Konrad MorgenGeorg Konrad Morgen
08 June 1909, German
Judge, Jurist

Eduardo Frei MontalvaEduardo Frei Montalva
16 January 1911, Chilean
Chilean Political leader

DeFord BaileyDeFord Bailey
1899 AD
Guitarist, Songwriter

Otto HofmannOtto Hofmann
16 March 1896, German
Military personnel
Josh MalihabadiJosh Malihabadi
05 December 1898, Pakistani