Throughout history, there have been many Chinese women film & theater personalities who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Chinese female film & theater personalities such as Liu Yifei, Zhang Ziyi, Fan Bingbing, Angelababy, Zhao Liying.
Liu YifeiLiu Yifei
25 August 1987, Chinese
Actress, Singer, Model
Zhang ZiyiZhang Ziyi
09 February 1979, Chinese

Dilraba DilmuratDilraba Dilmurat
03 June 1992, Chinese

28 February 1989, Chinese

Fan BingbingFan Bingbing
16 September 1981, Chinese
Actress, Singer

Yang MiYang Mi
12 September 1986, Chinese
Actress, Singer
Gong LiGong Li
31 December 1965, Chinese, Singaporean

Zhao LiyingZhao Liying
16 October 1987, Chinese
Chinese Actress

Tiffany TangTiffany Tang
06 December 1983, Chinese

Zhao WeiZhao Wei
12 March 1976, Chinese
Faye WongFaye Wong
08 August 1969, Chinese, Hong Konger
Actress, Singer

Joan ChenJoan Chen
26 April 1961, Chinese
Zhou XunZhou Xun
18 October 1974, Chinese
Actress, Singer

Liu TaoLiu Tao
12 July 1978, Chinese
Actress, Singer

Shen YueShen Yue
27 February 1997, Chinese
Actress, Model
Ming Na WenMing Na Wen
20 November 1963, Chinese, Macanese, American

Nina LuNina Lu
18 September 2003, Chinese, American
Chloe ZhaoChloe Zhao
31 March 1982, Chinese, American
Film Director

Sally PhillipsSally Phillips
10 May 1969, Chinese, British

Hannah QuinlivanHannah Quinlivan
12 August 1993, Australian, Chinese, Taiwanese
Jiang QingJiang Qing
19 March 1914, Chinese

Cecilia CheungCecilia Cheung
24 May 1980, Australian, Chinese, Hong Konger
Anita MuiAnita Mui
10 October 1963, Chinese
Actor, Singer

Carina LauCarina Lau
08 December 1964, Canadian, Chinese, Hong Konger

Kelly ChenKelly Chen
13 September 1972, Chinese
Actor, Singer

Karen MokKaren Mok
02 June 1970, Chinese
Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Model
Natalie TongNatalie Tong
03 May 1981, Chinese
Huang ShengyiHuang Shengyi
12 February 1983, Chinese
actor, entrepreneur, singer,model

Jane ZhangJane Zhang
11 October 1984, Chinese

Michelle ReisMichelle Reis
20 June 1970, Chinese
Actor, Beauty pageant contestant, Model

Yuen QiuYuen Qiu
1948 AD, Chinese
Elaine Ng Yi-LeiElaine Ng Yi-Lei
23 September 1972, Chinese

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Rosamund KwanRosamund Kwan
24 September 1962, Chinese

Liu XiaoqingLiu Xiaoqing
30 October 1950, Chinese
actor, autobiographer

Chrissie ChauChrissie Chau
22 May 1985, Chinese
Actor, Model

Joyce GodenziJoyce Godenzi
1965 AD, Chinese
Josie HoJosie Ho
26 December 1974, Chinese
Actor, Singer

Sheren TangSheren Tang
02 March 1966, Chinese
Actor, Film actor
Xie NaXie Na
06 May 1980, Chinese
singer, autobiographer

Sandra NgSandra Ng
02 August 1965, Chinese
Actor, Singer

Kenix KwokKenix Kwok
27 November 1969, Chinese
Actor, Singer
Ruan LingyuRuan Lingyu
26 April 1910, Chinese

Betty SunBetty Sun
26 September 1982, Chinese
Lin PengLin Peng
25 October 1986, Chinese
Actor, Singer

Li LiliLi Lili
02 June 1915, Chinese
Actor, Singer

Tsai ChinTsai Chin
30 November 1936, Chinese
actor, singer, author, writer

Huang YiHuang Yi
13 September 1979, Chinese
actor, singer

Nina LiNina Li
31 December 1961, Chinese
actor, beauty pageant contestant
Baihe BaiBaihe Bai
28 February 1984, Chinese