The British Empire was once upon a time the largest empire in history and for over a century, was the foremost global power. The expansion of the empire began in late 16th century when Queen Elizabeth I granted patents to explorers to claim newer lands for England. King James I continued her legacy and promoted the extensive expansion of the British Empire. However the British began to lose several of the territories starting from the 18th century and the country went through a political upheaval. During this time, a new kind of British leaders began to emerge; Sir Robert Walpole, a British statesman, became the first person to be considered Britain's Prime Minister. Another of the nation’s Prime Ministers, Charles Grey, a member of the Whig Party, backed significant reform of the British government and is regarded as the first modern Prime Minister. Sir Winston Churchill, one of the most popular leaders of the United Kingdom was also an officer in the British Army, a historian, a writer, and an artist. David Lloyd George, Stanley Baldwin, Margaret Thatcher, and James Callaghan are some others who are regarded as prominent British leaders. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous British leaders.
Margaret ThatcherMargaret Thatcher
13 October 1925
Former British Prime Minister
Lord MountbattenLord Mountbatten
25 June 1900
Last Viceroy of British India and Governor-General

Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill
30 November 1874
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Prince Andrew, Duke of YorkPrince Andrew, Duke of York
19 February 1960
Son of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip

Queen Victoria Queen Victoria
24 May 1819
Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson
19 June 1964
British Prime Minister
Anthony EdenAnthony Eden
12 June 1897
Prime Minister of UK

Harold WilsonHarold Wilson
11 March 1916
Former British Prime Minister

Anne BoleynAnne Boleyn
1501 AD
Marquess of Pembroke
Catherine, Duchess of CambridgeCatherine, Duchess of Cambridge
09 January 1982
The Duchess of Cambridge

Guy FawkesGuy Fawkes
13 April 1570
Tony BlairTony Blair
06 May 1953
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Harold MacmillanHarold Macmillan
10 February 1894
Former British Prime Minister

Alfred the GreatAlfred the Great
0849 AD
King of Wessex

Keir StarmerKeir Starmer
02 September 1962
Party leader of the Labour Party

Charles IICharles II
29 May 1630
King of England, Scotland & Ireland
John MajorJohn Major
29 March 1943
Former Prime Minister of Britain

Theresa MayTheresa May
01 October 1956
Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom

Oliver CromwellOliver Cromwell
25 April 1599
English Statesman

David CameronDavid Cameron
09 October 1966
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Edward HeathEdward Heath
09 July 1916
Former British Prime Minister

Ivar the BonelessIvar the Boneless
0794 AD
Viking Warrior

Gordon BrownGordon Brown
20 February 1951

James CallaghanJames Callaghan
27 March 1912
Sir Alec Douglas-HomeAlec Douglas-Home
02 July 1903
Former PM of UK

Jeremy Bernard CorbynJeremy Corbyn
26 May 1949
Politician, Trade Unionist
Clement AttleeClement Attlee
03 January 1883
Former British Prime Minister

Thomas MoreThomas More
07 February 1478
Catholic Saint

Benedict ArnoldBenedict Arnold
14 January 1741
American Revolutionary War General
Nicola SturgeonNicola Sturgeon
19 July 1970
First Minister of Scotland

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Neville ChamberlainNeville Chamberlain
18 March 1869
Prime Minister of the U.K.
James II Of England James II of England
14 October 1633
King of England

Walter RaleighWalter Raleigh
22 January 1554
Politician, Writer, Explorer, Aristocrat

Thomas BecketThomas Becket
21 December 1118

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of WellingtonArthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington
01 May 1769
Former First Lord of the Treasury of the United
Jerry SpringerJerry Springer
13 February 1944
Talk Show Host, Former Politician, Former News
Charles Edward StuartCharles Edward Stuart
31 December 1720
Military Leader

Randolph ChurchillRandolph Churchill
28 May 1911
Journalist, Politician

Horatio NelsonHoratio Nelson
29 September 1758

Thomas PaineThomas Paine
29 January 1737
Founding Father of the United States
Jacob Rees-MoggJacob Rees-Mogg
24 May 1969

William WilberforceWilliam Wilberforce
24 August 1759

Michael PortilloMichael Portillo
26 May 1953
Journalist, Political Leader

Sadiq KhanSadiq Khan
08 October 1970
Mayor of London

David Lloyd GeorgeDavid Lloyd George
17 January 1863
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer
Benjamin DisraeliBenjamin Disraeli
21 December 1804
British Prime Minister

Aga Khan IVAga Khan IV
13 December 1936
Imam of Nizari Ismailism
Enoch PowellEnoch Powell
16 June 1912

Michael HeseltineMichael Heseltine
21 March 1933
Member of House of Lords of the United Kingdom

Douglas BaderDouglas Bader
21 February 1910
Royal Air Force Pilot During World War II
William Pitt the YoungerWilliam Pitt the Younger
28 May 1759
Youngest Prime Minister of Britain

Stanley BaldwinStanley Baldwin
03 August 1867
Former British Prime Minister
John WesleyJohn Wesley
17 June 1703
Anglican Cleric and Christian Theologian

Robert PeelRobert Peel
05 February 1788
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Annie BesantAnnie Besant
01 October 1847
Member of the London School Board

Samuel PepysSamuel Pepys
23 February 1633
Member of Parliament

Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess CornwallisCharles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis
31 December 1738
Former Governor-General of India
William Ewart GladstoneWilliam Ewart Gladstone
29 December 1809

H. H. AsquithH. H. Asquith
12 September 1852
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Glenda JacksonGlenda Jackson
09 May 1936

Robert WalpoleRobert Walpole
26 August 1676
First Prime Minister of Great Britain
Jack ChurchillJack Churchill
16 September 1906
Military Leader

Ramsay MacDonaldRamsay MacDonald
12 October 1866
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
William Lamb, 2nd Viscount MelbourneWilliam Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne
15 March 1779
Former British Prime Minister

Rachel JohnsonRachel Johnson
03 September 1965
Editor, Journalist

Tony BennTony Benn
03 April 1925
Former British Politician
Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-PowellRobert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell
22 February 1857
Founder of the Scout Movement

Robert CliveRobert Clive
25 September 1725
British Military Officer
Prince Aly KhanPrince Aly Khan
13 June 1911
Father of Aga Khan IV

Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl KitchenerHerbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener
24 June 1850
Field Marshal

Thomas CranmerThomas Cranmer
02 July 1489
First Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury
Rory StewartRory Stewart
03 January 1973
Political Leader

Jeremy HuntJeremy Hunt
01 November 1966
Former British Foreign Secretary
0672 AD

John Churchill, 1st Duke of MarlboroughJohn Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough
26 May 1650
Military Leader

Henry MorganHenry Morgan
24 January 1635
Privateer, Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica

Hugh GaitskellHugh Gaitskell
09 April 1906
Norman TebbitNorman Tebbit
29 March 1931
Member of Parliament
Reginald DyerReginald Dyer
09 October 1864
Military Leader

Charles George GordonCharles George Gordon
28 January 1833
British soldier and Administrator

Dennis SkinnerDennis Skinner
11 February 1932
Political Leader

Richard CromwellRichard Cromwell
04 October 1626
Douglas Haig, 1st Earl HaigDouglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig
19 June 1861
Military Leader

Edward Wood, 1st Earl of HalifaxEdward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax
16 April 1881
Former Viceroy of India

Michael FootMichael Foot
23 July 1913

Arlene FosterArlene Foster
03 July 1970
Political Leader

Kenneth ClarkeKenneth Clarke
02 July 1940
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer
William Pitt, 1st Earl of ChathamWilliam Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham
15 November 1708
The Great Commoner

William BlighWilliam Bligh
09 September 1754
Military Leader
Prince Frederick, Duke of York and AlbanyPrince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany
16 August 1763
Duke of York and Albany

Charles Grey, 2nd Earl GreyCharles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey
13 March 1764
Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom
Rab ButlerRab Butler
09 December 1902
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer
Andrew Bonar LawAndrew Bonar Law
16 September 1858
Unknown Prime Minister