Famous People Born In 1916

Discover the most famous people born in 1916. The list includes people like Kirk Douglas, Roald Dahl, Maria Altmann, Gregory Peck, Olivia de Havilland and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include novelists, political leaders, journalists and soldiers born in 1916. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Italy & Germany and many more countries.

Kirk DouglasKirk Douglas
9th December, American
Roald DahlRoald Dahl
13th September, British, Welsh
Novelist, Short Story Writer

Olivia de HavillandOlivia de Havilland
1st July, American

Gregory PeckGregory Peck
5th April, American

Jackie GleasonJackie Gleason
26th February, American

Harold WilsonHarold Wilson
11th March, British
Former British Prime Minister
Robert McNamaraRobert McNamara
9th June, American
Former United States Secretary of Defense

Glenn FordGlenn Ford
1st May, Canadian

Dinah ShoreDinah Shore
29th February, American

Walter CronkiteWalter Cronkite
4th November, American
Beverly ClearyBeverly Cleary
12th April, American

Betty GrableBetty Grable
18th December, American
American actress
Van JohnsonVan Johnson
25th August, American

Lyudmila PavlichenkoLyudmila Pavlichenko
12th July, Russian

Richard ProennekeRichard Proenneke
4th May, American
Shirley JacksonShirley Jackson
14th December, American

François MitterrandFrançois Mitterrand
26th October, French
Former President of France
Sterling HaydenSterling Hayden
26th March, American

Peter FinchPeter Finch
28th September, Australian

Gough WhitlamGough Whitlam
11th July, Australian
Former Prime Minister of Australia
Keenan WynnKeenan Wynn
27th July, American

Francis CrickFrancis Crick
8th June, British
Co-discoverer of the Structure of the DNA
M. S. SubbulakshmiM. S. Subbulakshmi
16th September, Indian
Carnatic Musician

Virginia HillVirginia Hill
26th August, Austrian, American

Maria AltmannMaria Altmann
18th February, Austrian, American
Art Collector

Dorothy McGuireDorothy McGuire
14th June, American
Eugene McCarthyEugene McCarthy
29th March, American
Movita CastanedaMovita Castaneda
12th April, American

Zail SinghZail Singh
5th May, Indian
President of India

Jane JacobsJane Jacobs
4th May, Canadian
Journalist, Author, Activist

Adriana CaselottiAdriana Caselotti
6th May, American
Voice Actor
Sirimavo BandaranaikeSirimavo Bandaranaike
17th April, Sri Lankan
Former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

Mercedes McCambridgeMercedes McCambridge
16th March, American

Ahmed Ben BellaAhmed Ben Bella
25th December, Algerian
First President of Algeria

Vladimir Petrovich DemikhovVladimir Demikhov
18th July, Russian
Organ Transplant Pioneer

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Hans EysenckHans Eysenck
4th March, German
Maurice Hugh Frederick WilkinsMaurice Wilkins
15th December, British

Virginia SatirVirginia Satir
26th June, American
American author
Camilo José CelaCamilo José Cela
11th May, Spanish

Vernon PresleyVernon Presley
10th April, American
Elvis Presley's Father

Robert F. Furchgott Robert F. Furchgott
4th June, American
Frederick Chapman RobbinsFrederick Chapman Robbins
25th August, American
Virologist and Paediatrician

Herbert SimonHerbert Simon
15th June, American
Economist, Political scientist, sociologist,
Sune BergströmSune Bergström
16th January, Swedish

Jean DaussetJean Dausset
19th October, French

Christian Boehmer AnfinsenChristian Anfinsen
26th March, American

John Dann MacDonaldJohn Dann MacDonald
24th July, American
Novelist, Short Story Writer

Aleksandr ProkhorovAleksandr Prokhorov
11th July, Russian
Dennis DayDennis Day
21st May, American
Singer, Actor, Television actor, Military

Edward HeathEdward Heath
9th July, British
Politician, Military personnel, Journalist,

John BasiloneJohn Basilone
4th November, American

Shelby FooteShelby Foote
17th November, American
Historian, Novelist, Writer, University teacher,
Claude ShannonClaude Shannon
30th April, American
Mathematician, Cryptographer, Computer scientist,

Ferruccio LamborghiniFerruccio Lamborghini
28th April, Italian
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Mechanic, Racecar driver
James HerriotJames Herriot
3rd October, British
Writer, Veterinarian, Autobiographer, Children's

Tsutomu YamaguchiTsutomu Yamaguchi
16th March, Japanese

Hans-Ulrich RudelHans-Ulrich Rudel
2nd July, German
Aviator, Writer, Mountaineer, Officer
Michael GoughMichael Gough
23rd November, Malaysian, British

James B. DonovanJames B. Donovan
26th February, American
P. W. BothaP. W. Botha
12th January, South African

Herbert A. SimonHerbert A. Simon
15th June, American
Economist, Psychologist, Politician, Sociologist,

Yehudi MenuhinYehudi Menuhin
22nd April, Swiss, British, American
Conductor, Politician, Autobiographer, Jazz
Archie MooreArchie Moore
13th December, American
Professional boxer

Harry JamesHarry James
15th March, American
American musician
Jacque FrescoJacque Fresco
13th March, American
Futurist, Designer, Writer, Architect

Rossano BrazziRossano Brazzi
18th September, Italian
Actor, Film director, Singer

Tokyo RoseTokyo Rose
4th July, American
Radio Personality

Vittorio MussoliniVittorio Mussolini
27th September, Italian
Screenwriter, Film producer, Film critic,
Aldo MoroAldo Moro
23rd September, Italian
Politician, Diplomat, University teacher
Chick HearnChick Hearn
27th November, American

Ruth HandlerRuth Handler
4th November, American
Screenwriter, Entrepreneur, Patent inventor

Daws ButlerDaws Butler
16th November, American
Actor, Dub actor

Leonard SiffleetLeonard Siffleet
14th January, Australian
C. Wright MillsC. Wright Mills
28th August, American

Sherwood SchwartzSherwood Schwartz
14th November, American
Screenwriter, Television Producer

Shobhna SamarthShobhna Samarth
17th November, Indian, British Indian Ocean Territory

Bernard LewisBernard Lewis
31st May, British
Historian, University teacher

Walker PercyWalker Percy
28th May, American
Writer, Novelist, Philosopher
Chiang Wei-kuoChiang Wei-kuo
6th October

Chinmayananda SaraswatiChinmayananda Saraswati
8th May, Indian
Charlie ChristianCharlie Christian
30th November

Horton FooteHorton Foote
14th March, American
Screenwriter, Playwright, Actor

Hilary KoprowskiHilary Koprowski
5th December, Polish, American
Virologist, Immunologist
Rafael CalderaRafael Caldera
24th January, Venezuelan

João HavelangeJoão Havelange
8th May, Brazilian
Swimmer, Water polo player, Lawyer
Walt Whitman RostowWalt Whitman Rostow
7th October, American
Economist, University teacher

Anton DiffringAnton Diffring
20th October, German

Richard HofstadterRichard Hofstadter
6th August, American
Historian, Political scientist, Writer, University

Judy CampbellJudy Campbell
31st May, British
Actor, Playwright
Wellington MaraWellington Mara
14th August, American

24th January, Indonesian
Military personnel
William RosenbergWilliam Rosenberg
10th June, American

Raf ValloneRaf Vallone
17th February, Italian
Actor, Association football player, Journalist,

Anton RupertAnton Rupert
4th October, South African

Emil GilelsEmil Gilels
19th October, Russian
Robert Stanford TuckRobert Stanford Tuck
1st July, British
Fighter pilot