Famous People Born In 1900

Discover the most famous people born in 1900. The list includes people like Martin Bormann, Spencer Tracy, Wolfgang Pauli, Aaron Copland, Zelda Fitzgerald and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, novelists, journalists and soldiers born in 1900. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom & Japan and many more countries.

Heinrich HimmlerHeinrich Himmler
7th October, German
Nazi Commander
Elizabeth Bowes-LyonElizabeth Bowes-Lyon
4th August, British
British Queen

Spencer TracySpencer Tracy
5th April, American
American actor

Martin BormannMartin Bormann
17th June, German
Private Secretary of Adolf Hitler

Zelda FitzgeraldZelda Fitzgerald
24th July, American

Agnes MooreheadAgnes Moorehead
6th December, American
Adlai Stevenson IIAdlai Stevenson II
5th February, American

Jean ArthurJean Arthur
17th October, American

Aaron CoplandAaron Copland
14th November, American
Composer, teacher, writer

Helen HayesHelen Hayes
10th October, American
Lord MountbattenLord Mountbatten
25th June, British
Last Viceroy of British India and Governor-General

Giuseppe ZangaraGiuseppe Zangara
7th September, Italian
Ernie PyleErnie Pyle
3rd August, American

Hans FrankHans Frank
23rd May, German

Erich FrommErich Fromm
23rd March, German
Clyde TolsonClyde Tolson
22nd May, American
Associate Director of the FBI

Chiune SugiharaChiune Sugihara
1st January, Japanese
Wolfgang PauliWolfgang Pauli
25th April, Austrian
Nobel Laureate in Physics

Kurt WeillKurt Weill
2nd March, German

Frédéric Joliot-CurieFrédéric Joliot-Curie
19th March, French
Hans Adolf KrebsHans Adolf Krebs
25th August, German

Mervyn LeRoyMervyn LeRoy
15th October, American
Film Director and Producer
Dennis GaborDennis Gabor
5th June, Hungarian
Father of Holography

Richard KuhnRichard Kuhn
3rd December, German

Hassan FathyHassan Fathy
23rd March, Egyptian

Arnold Orville BeckmanArnold Orville Beckman
10th April, American
Robert Siodmak Robert Siodmak
8th August, German
Film Director
Jean NegulescoJean Negulesco
26th February, Spanish, Romanian, American
American-Romanian film director

Ragnar GranitRagnar Granit
30th October, Finnish, Swedish

Roy HarrodRoy Harrod
13th February, British

W. Edwards DemingWilliam Edwards Deming
14th October, American
Statistician, Electrical Engineer
Antoine de Saint-ExuperyAntoine de Saint-Exupery
29th June, French
French writer

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Margaret  MitchellMargaret Mitchell
8th November, American
Writer of 'Gone with the Wind'

Mehgan JamesMehgan James
11th February, American
Reality Star

Thomas Clayton WolfeThomas Clayton Wolfe
3rd October, American

Fred C KochFred C Koch
23rd September, American
Chemical Engineer, Entrepreneur
James BondJames Bond
4th January, American

Fred C. KochFred C. Koch
23rd September, American
W. Edwards DemingW. Edwards Deming
14th October, American

Natalie SchaferNatalie Schafer
5th November, American

Luis BuñuelLuis Buñuel
22nd February, Spanish, Mexican
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, Film editor,
Cecilia Payne-GaposchkinCecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
10th May, British, American
Astronomer, University teacher

Margaret MitchellMargaret Mitchell
8th November, American
Vijaya Lakshmi PanditVijaya Lakshmi Pandit
18th August

Deenanath MangeshkarDeenanath Mangeshkar
29th December, Indian
Actor, Composer

Roger WilliamsRoger Williams
6th March, British

J. Willard MarriottJ. Willard Marriott
17th September, American

Hyman G. RickoverHyman G. Rickover
27th January, American
Officer, Submariner
Edith FrankEdith Frank
16th January, German

Xavier CugatXavier Cugat
1st January, Cuban, Spanish
Conductor, Composer, Jazz musician, Singer,

Friedrich MandlFriedrich Mandl
9th February, Austrian

Alastair SimAlastair Sim
9th October, British, Scottish
Vasily ChuikovVasily Chuikov
12th February, Russian
Military officer

Karl WolffKarl Wolff
13th May, German
Politician, Officer
Hans-Georg GadamerHans-Georg Gadamer
11th February, German
Philosopher, University teacher

Raphael LemkinRaphael Lemkin
24th June, Polish
Lawyer, Peace researcher

Urho KekkonenUrho Kekkonen
3rd September, Finnish
Politician, Diplomat, Athletics competitor,
Muhammad AsadMuhammad Asad
2nd July, Ukrainian

Sumitranandan PantSumitranandan Pant
20th May, Indian
Writer, Poet
Gilbert RyleGilbert Ryle
19th August, British

Rudolf DielsRudolf Diels
16th December, German

Uday ShankarUday Shankar
8th December, Indian
Choreographer, Dancer
Mildred GillarsMildred Gillars
29th November, American
Radio personality, Journalist

Joseph NeedhamJoseph Needham
9th December, British
historian, biochemist, writer
Arno BrekerArno Breker
19th July, German
Architect, Sculptor, Politician, University

George AntheilGeorge Antheil
8th July, American

Funmilayo Ransome-KutiFunmilayo Ransome-Kuti
25th October, Nigerian
Teacher, Politician, Activist

Erich BauerErich Bauer
26th March, German
Jacques PrévertJacques Prévert
4th February, French
Masanobu TsujiMasanobu Tsuji
11th October, Japanese
politician, military personnel

Theodosius DobzhanskyTheodosius Dobzhansky
24th January, Ukrainian, American

Hans FritzscheHans Fritzsche
21st April, German
Journalist, Politician

Camille ChamounCamille Chamoun
3rd April, Lebanese
Political leader
Guy BanisterGuy Banister
7th March, American
private investigator

Yves TanguyYves Tanguy
5th January, French, American
Painter, Draughtsperson

Olga BaclanovaOlga Baclanova
19th August, Russian

Haskell CurryHaskell Curry
12th September, American
Mathematician, Philosopher, University teacher,

Lefty GroveLefty Grove
6th March, American
Baseball Pitcher
Herbert BlumerHerbert Blumer
7th March, American
Sociologist, Psychologist

Richard HalliburtonRichard Halliburton
9th January, American
John McEwenJohn McEwen
29th March, Australian
Politician, Diplomat

Claude PepperClaude Pepper
8th September, American

Herbert BayerHerbert Bayer
5th April, Austrian, American
Graphic Designer
Werner HaaseWerner Haase
2nd August, German
Physician, University teacher

Helen MorganHelen Morgan
2nd August, American
Yvonne de GaulleYvonne de Gaulle
22nd May, French

Carmen Polo, 1st Lady of MeirásCarmen Polo, 1st Lady of Meirás
11th June, Spanish

John ScaliseJohn Scalise
30th November, American

Victor KuglerVictor Kugler
5th June, Canadian
Robert DesnosRobert Desnos
4th July, French

Gustavo Rojas PinillaGustavo Rojas Pinilla
12th March, Colombian
Joey SmallwoodJoey Smallwood
24th December, Canadian
Politician, Journalist, Writer, Trade unionist

Knud, Hereditary Prince of DenmarkKnud, Hereditary Prince of Denmark
27th July, Danish
Humberto de Alencar Castelo BrancoHumberto de Alencar Castelo Branco
20th September, Brazilian
politician, military personnel

Jan OortJan Oort
28th April, Dutch
Astronomer, Scientist, University teacher
Charles VidorCharles Vidor
27th July, Hungarian
Film director