Famous People Born In 1883

Discover the most famous people born in 1883. The list includes people like Benito Mussolini, Franz Kafka, Coco Chanel, John Maynard Keynes, Clement Attlee and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, poets, philosophers and lawyers born in 1883. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom & Austria and many more countries.

Benito MussoliniBenito Mussolini
29th July, Italian
Former Duce
Franz KafkaFranz Kafka
3rd July, Austrian

Coco ChanelCoco Chanel
19th August, French
Fashion Designer

Vinayak Damodar SavarkarVinayak Damodar Savarkar
28th May, Indian
Independence Activist, Reformer

Clement AttleeClement Attlee
3rd January, British
Former British Prime Minister

John Maynard KeynesJohn Maynard Keynes
5th June, British
Ota BengaOta Benga
28th February, Congolese
Congolese Mbuti Pygmy

Napoleon HillNapoleon Hill
26th October, American
Writer of personal-success literature

Walter Thomas HustonWalter Huston
5th April, American
Rube GoldbergRube Goldberg
4th July, American

Joseph SchumpeterJoseph Schumpeter
8th February, Austrian, Czech
Angela HitlerAngela Hitler
28th July, Austrian, German
Adolf Hitler's Sister

30th November, Iraqi
Abraham's Father

Walter GropiusWalter Gropius
18th May, German, American

Wang Jingwei (Wang Ching-wei)Wang Jingwei
4th May, Chinese
Politician, Diplomat

vNikos Kazantzakis
18th February, Greek
Philosopher and Writer
Lev KamenevLev Kamenev
18th July, Russian
Revolutionary, Political Leader

Grigory ZinovievGrigory Zinoviev
23rd September, Russian
Bolshevik Revolutionary

Joseph PilatesJoseph Pilates
9th December, German, American
Inventor of Pilates

Anton WebernAnton Webern
3rd December, Austrian
Music Composer
Otto Heinrich WarburgOtto Heinrich Warburg
8th October, German
Physiologist & Physician

Morihei UeshibaMorihei Ueshiba
14th December, Japanese
Martial Artist
Ernest Everett JustErnest Everett Just
14th August, American

Ivan MeštrovićIvan Meštrović
15th August, Croatian, American

Don Stephen SenanayakeD. S. Senanayake
20th October, Sri Lankan
First Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
Khalil GibranKhalil Gibran
6th January, Lebanese

Frank KingFrank King
9th April, American
Edith ClarkeEdith Clarke
10th February, American
Electrical Engineer

Victor Francis HessVictor Francis Hess
24th June, American
Discoverer of Cosmic Rays

Norman HaworthNorman Haworth
19th March, British
Nora Stanton Blatch BarneyNora Stanton Blatch Barney
30th September, American
Civil Engineer, Architect, Women’s Rights

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Edgard VareseEdgard Varese
22nd December, American
Gustav SuitsGustav Suits
30th November, Estonian

A. J. CookA. J. Cook
22nd November, British
Trade Unionist

Douglas Fairbanks Sr.Douglas Fairbanks
23rd May, American

Lon ChaneyLon Chaney
1st April, American
American film actor
Peter KürtenPeter Kürten
26th May, German
Criminal, Serial killer
Pierre LavalPierre Laval
28th June, French
Politician, Lawyer

William Carlos WilliamsWilliam Carlos Williams
17th September, American

Joseph StilwellJoseph Stilwell
19th March, American
Basketball coach, Military personnel

William J. DonovanWilliam J. Donovan
1st January, American
Military Leader
Max FleischerMax Fleischer
19th July, American

Archibald Wavell, 1st Earl WavellArchibald Wavell, 1st Earl Wavell
5th May, British
Politician, Officer

José Ortega y GassetJosé Ortega y Gasset
9th May, Spanish
Philosopher, Educationist, Writer, University

Archduchess Elisabeth Marie of AustriaArchduchess Elisabeth Marie of Austria
2nd September, Austrian

Tommy GaglianoTommy Gagliano
29th May, Italian, American
Karl JaspersKarl Jaspers
23rd February, Swiss, German
Philosopher, Psychiatrist, Physician, Theologian,

Alan Brooke, 1st Viscount AlanbrookeAlan Brooke, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke
23rd July, French, British
Military Officer
Semyon BudyonnySemyon Budyonny
25th April, Russian
Military commander

Sonia GreeneSonia Greene
16th March, American

Linda Lee ThomasLinda Lee Thomas
17th November, American
Zaifeng, Prince ChunZaifeng, Prince Chun
12th February, Chinese

Johannes BlaskowitzJohannes Blaskowitz
10th July, German
Military personnel
Lothrop StoddardLothrop Stoddard
29th June, American
Anthropologist, Political scientist, Historian,

Aleksey Nikolayevich TolstoyAleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy
10th January, Russian
writer, Poet

Mohammed Nadir ShahMohammed Nadir Shah
9th April, Afghan

José Clemente OrozcoJosé Clemente Orozco
23rd November, Mexican

Francis X. BushmanFrancis X. Bushman
10th January, American
Sam WoodSam Wood
10th July, American

S. Z. SakallS. Z. Sakall
2nd February, Hungarian
actor, screenwriter, writer, stage actor

Jean MetzingerJean Metzinger
24th June, French

Gottfried FederGottfried Feder
27th January, German
Economist, Politician, University teacher
Theo van DoesburgTheo van Doesburg
30th August, Dutch
Poet, Painter, Architect, Writer, Graphic

Sax RohmerSax Rohmer
15th February, British
Stanley BruceStanley Bruce
15th April, Australian

Andrey VyshinskyAndrey Vyshinsky
10th December, Russian

Oskar von HindenburgOskar von Hindenburg
31st January, German
Military personnel
Compton MackenzieCompton Mackenzie
17th January, British, Scottish

Celâl BayarCelâl Bayar
16th May, Turkish
Laurette TaylorLaurette Taylor
1st April, American

Jaroslav HašekJaroslav Hašek
30th April, Austrian
Writer, Comedian

Kenji DoiharaKenji Doihara
8th August, Japanese
Military personnel
Arnold BaxArnold Bax
8th November, British

Alexander Vasilyevich AlexandrovAlexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov
1st April, Russian
composer, conductor, choir director, music
Max EastmanMax Eastman
4th January, American

Imogen CunninghamImogen Cunningham
12th April, American

Maurice UtrilloMaurice Utrillo
26th December, French

Georgios PapanikolaouGeorgios Papanikolaou
13th May, Greek
Physician, Oncologist
Norman Birkett, 1st Baron BirkettNorman Birkett, 1st Baron Birkett
6th September, British
Judge, Politician, Lawyer, Barrister
Gino SeveriniGino Severini
7th April, Italian

Richard von MisesRichard von Mises
19th April, Austrian
Mathematician, Physicist, Philosopher, Engineer,

Elsa MaxwellElsa Maxwell
24th May, American

Charles DemuthCharles Demuth
8th November, American
Painter, Photographer
Marie LaurencinMarie Laurencin
31st October, French
Painter, Printmaker

Alexander PapagosAlexandros Papagos
9th December, Greek
Military personnel

Edwin SutherlandEdwin Sutherland
13th August, American

Cyril BurtCyril Burt
3rd March, British

Andrei BubnovAndrei Bubnov
23rd March, Russian
Ichirō HatoyamaIchirō Hatoyama
1st January, Japanese
Prime Minister

Erich HeckelErich Heckel
31st July, German
Painter, University teacher, Graphic artist
William Van AlenWilliam Van Alen
10th August, American

Alfredo CasellaAlfredo Casella
25th July, Italian
Composer, Conductor, Pianist
Henk SneevlietHenk Sneevliet
13th May, Dutch
Abe AttellAbe Attell
22nd February, American