Hear the term ‘death caused by alcoholism’ and an onslaught of big names rush to mind who were once in their peak of careers but had to lose it all to alcoholism. Alcoholism is termed as the illness where the alcoholic has developed a distinct desire and affinity toward consuming alcohol beyond their capacity to control it. Not only does an alcoholic develop an enormous craving for alcohol, they often yield to the craving at the worst possible times. Some of the symptoms that most alcoholics show are drinking alone, blacking out, nauseous and profusely sweating when not being able to drink. Though many claim that alcohol isn’t holding the reins of their life but alcoholism is a gradual process which could take months or years to turn into a problem. Deaths by alcohol overdose makes up to almost 4% of all deaths worldwide. Things go downhill when alcoholism damages the liver, causing terrible complications that lead to fatal deaths. The Hollywood industry isn’t void of alcoholism either. Many singers and actors have unfortunately bid farewell to their career and life by surrendering to alcoholism. Some of the personalities have made it to the spotlight for their overt drinking problem resulting in either arrest or other violations. Celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Stephen Tyler, Mel Gibson have all admitted to the fact that alcohol has been ruling their lives. Though there are many who have succumbed to it and many who are still caught up in this deadly habit, alcoholism still remains to be one of the main reasons for a downfall in careers and lives. Keep reading and you might be surprised to know more about these famous people who struggled with alcoholism.
Elton JohnElton John
25 March 1947, British
Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen
03 September 1965, American

Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore
22 February 1975, American

Mike TysonMike Tyson
30 June 1966, American

Joaquin PhoenixJoaquin Phoenix
28 October 1974, Puerto Rican, American

Patrick SwayzePatrick Swayze
18 August 1952, American
Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne
03 December 1948, British

Amy Jade WinehouseAmy Jade Winehouse
14 September 1983, British

Gerard ButlerGerard Butler
13 November 1969, British, Scottish
Rob LoweRob Lowe
17 March 1964, American

Samuel L. JacksonSamuel L. Jackson
21 December 1948, American
Philip Seymour HoffmanPhilip Seymour Hoffman
23 July 1967, American

Chris CornellChris Cornell
20 July 1964, American

Anthony HopkinsAnthony Hopkins
31 December 1937, British, American, Welsh

Kris KristoffersonKris Kristofferson
22 June 1936, American

Tim AllenTim Allen
13 June 1953, American
Richard HarrisRichard Harris
01 October 1930, Irish

Billy JoelBilly Joel
09 May 1949, American

Eddie Van HalenEddie Van Halen
26 January 1955, Dutch, American

Corey HaimCorey Haim
23 December 1971, Canadian
Rita HayworthRita Hayworth
17 October 1918, American

Corey FeldmanCorey Feldman
16 July 1971, American
Actor & Singer
Peter Seamus O'ToolePeter O'Toole
02 August 1932, Irish, British

28 April 1941, Swedish, American

Tony CurtisTony Curtis
03 June 1925, American
Film actor
Hunter S. ThompsonHunter S. Thompson
18 July 1937, American
Journalist and Author

Cat StevensCat Stevens
21 July 1948, British
Kate MossKate Moss
16 January 1974, British

Stevie Ray VaughanStevie Ray Vaughan
03 October 1954, American
Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

Bessie SmithBessie Smith
15 April 1894, American
Sean YoungSean Young
20 November 1959, American
American actress

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Keith UrbanKeith Urban
26 October 1967, Australian, New Zealander, American
Truman CapoteTruman Capote
30 September 1924, American

Nick CarterNick Carter
28 January 1980, American

Jackson PollockJackson Pollock
28 January 1912, American

Keith MoonKeith Moon
23 August 1946, British
Robert MitchumRobert Mitchum
06 August 1917, American
Film actor
John ColtraneJohn Coltrane
23 September 1926, American
Saxophonist, Composer

Montgomery Clift Montgomery Clift
17 October 1920, American

Janeane GarofaloJaneane Garofalo
28 September 1964, American
American actress

Shane MacGowanShane MacGowan
25 December 1957, British
British-Irish musician
Charlie ParkerCharlie Parker
29 August 1920, American
Jazz saxophonist, composer

Jack LondonJack London
12 January 1876, American

Tennessee WilliamsTennessee Williams
26 March 1911, American
American playwright

Ronnie WoodRonnie Wood
01 June 1947, British
Musician & Songwriter

Paul LyndePaul Lynde
13 June 1926, American
Richard LewisRichard Lewis
29 June 1947, American
Comedian & Actor

Steve EarleSteve Earle
17 January 1955, American
Musician, Singer-songwriter
Tom ArnoldTom Arnold
06 March 1959, American
American actor

Dylan ThomasDylan Thomas
27 October 1914, Welsh
Poet & Writer

Henri de Toulouse-LautrecHenri de Toulouse-Lautrec
24 November 1864, French
Jonathan WintersJonathan Winters
11 November 1925, American
Comedian, Actor

Sid CaesarSid Caesar
08 September 1922, American
Comedian, Actor
Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis
18 August 1774, American
Explorer, Politician

Don ImusDon Imus
23 July 1940, American
Radio Talk Show Host

Sinclair LewisSinclair Lewis
07 February 1885, American
Nobel Prize Winner in Literature

Stephen FosterStephen Foster
04 July 1826, American
Composer, Lyricist

Brendan BehanBrendan Behan
09 February 1923, Irish
Irish poet
John ClareJohn Clare
13 July 1793, British
English poet

Dusty SpringfieldDusty Springfield
16 April 1939, British
Singer, Artist, Cleric

Jesse MetcalfeJesse Metcalfe
09 December 1978, American

Dennis WilsonDennis Wilson
04 December 1944, American
Record producer, Singer, Drummer, Surfer, Composer
Jack CassidyJack Cassidy
05 March 1927, American

Samuel Burl  KinisonSamuel Burl Kinison
08 December 1953, American
Nicholas BrendonNicholas Brendon
12 April 1971, American

Cherie CurrieCherie Currie
30 November 1959, American
Actor, Singer, Wood carver, Musician, Songwriter,

Nigel John TaylorNigel John Taylor
20 June 1960, British
Matt WillisMatt Willis
08 May 1983, British

Yootha JoyceYootha Joyce
20 August 1927, British
Arthur LoweArthur Lowe
22 September 1915, British

Gail RussellGail Russell
21 September 1924, American

Tennessee Ernie FordTennessee Ernie Ford
13 February 1919, American
Singer, Television presenter, Actor, Songwriter
Little WalterLittle Walter
01 May 1930, American
Guitarist, Street artist, Singer, Songwriter

Charlie RichCharlie Rich
14 December 1932, American
LaTavia RobersonLaTavia Roberson
01 November 1981, American

Mark OwenMark Owen
27 January 1972, British

Kerry CollinsKerry Collins
30 December 1972, American
American footballer

Lisa SheridanLisa Sheridan
05 December 1973, American
James JamersonJames Jamerson
29 January 1936, American
Bass player
Chogyam TrungpaChogyam Trungpa
05 March 1939, Tibetan

Dwight GoodenDwight Gooden
16 November 1964, American
Baseball Players

Coleman HawkinsColeman Hawkins
21 November 1904, American
Saxophonist, Jazz musician

Bobby BlandBobby Bland
27 January 1930, American
Ben WebsterBen Webster
27 March 1909, American
Saxophonist, Composer, Jazz musician

Maurice UtrilloMaurice Utrillo
26 December 1883, French

Dom MoraesDom Moraes
19 July 1938, Indian

Penelope GilliattPenelope Gilliatt
25 March 1932, British

Constant LambertConstant Lambert
23 August 1905, British
James CrumleyJames Crumley
12 October 1939, American

James Clarence ManganJames Clarence Mangan
01 May 1803, Irish
Bob GibsonBob Gibson
16 November 1931, American

Aleksey SavrasovAleksey Savrasov
24 May 1830, Russian
Bill SkateBill Skate
26 September 1953, Papua New Guinean
María Luisa BombalMaría Luisa Bombal
08 June 1910, Chilean