89 Years Old

The list of famous 89 years old includes Clint Eastwood, Warren Buffett, Sean Connery, Rupert Murdoch, William Shatner. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, political leaders, actresses and novelists and from other domains of life. This list of 89 years old includes people from United States, England, France & Italy and many more countries.

Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood
31 May 1930, American
Warren BuffettWarren Buffett
30 August 1930, American
Business Magnate, Investor, Philanthropist

Sean ConnerySean Connery
25 August 1930, British, Scottish

Rupert MurdochRupert Murdoch
11 March 1931, American
Media Mogul

William ShatnerWilliam Shatner
22 March 1931, Canadian
Actor, Producer

George SorosGeorge Soros
12 August 1930, Hungarian, American
Investor, Philanthropist
Ernesto Fonseca CarrilloErnesto Fonseca Carrillo
01 August 1930, Mexican
Drug Lord

Mikhail GorbachevMikhail Gorbachev
02 March 1931, Russian
Former General Secretary of the Communist Party of

James Earl JonesJames Earl Jones
17 January 1931, American
Robert DuvallRobert Duvall
05 January 1931, American
Actor, Director

Rip TornRip Torn
06 February 1931, American
Jean-Luc GodardJean-Luc Godard
03 December 1930, Swiss, French
Film Director

Dominic ChianeseDominic Chianese
24 February 1931, American

Thomas SowellThomas Sowell
30 June 1930, American

Bernie EcclestoneBernie Ecclestone
28 October 1930, British
Business Magnate

Mamie Van DorenMamie Van Doren
06 February 1931, American
Betty DeGeneresBetty DeGeneres
20 May 1930, American
Speech Therapist

Hal LindenHal Linden
31 March 1931, American

Tom WolfeTom Wolfe
02 March 1931, American
American author

Isabel Martínez de PerónIsabel Martínez de Perón
04 February 1931, Argentinian
Former President of Argentina
Lois SmithLois Smith
03 November 1930, American

Nita TalbotNita Talbot
08 August 1930, American
Norman TebbitNorman Tebbit
29 March 1931, British
Member of Parliament

Carlos Saúl MenemCarlos Menem
02 July 1930, Argentinian
Former President of Argentina

Shirley WilliamsShirley Williams
27 July 1930, British
Political Leader
Gary SnyderGary Snyder
08 May 1930, American
American man of letters

Faith RinggoldFaith Ringgold
08 October 1930, American
Abdulfattah Jandali Abdulfattah Jandali
15 March 1931, Syrian, American
Steve Jobs' Biological Father

John McVayJohn McVay
05 January 1931, American
American Football Coach

Trevor JacksonTrevor Jackson
30 August 1930, American
Michael CollinsMichael Collins
31 October 1930, Italian, American
NASA Astronaut, Command Module Pilot for Apollo 11

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Doris PayneDoris Payne
10 October 1930, American
Jewel Thief
Burton RichterBurton Richter
22 March 1931, American

Michal KováčMichal Kováč
05 August 1930, Slovak
Bank employee

Paul TaylorPaul Taylor
29 July 1930, American
One of the foremost American choreographers of the

Maggie JohnsonMaggie Johnson
1931 AD, American
Clint Eastwood’s First Wife
David Morris LeeDavid Morris Lee
20 January 1931, American
Claire BoomClaire Boom
15 February 1931, British

Swara BhaskarSwara Bhaskar
09 April 1930, Indian

Buck HenryBuck Henry
09 December 1930, American

Frank LucasFrank Lucas
09 September 1930, American
drug lord
Mike GravelMike Gravel
13 May 1930, American
politician, stockbroker,businessperson

Jim NaborsJim Nabors
12 June 1930, American
American actor

Katherine JacksonKatherine Jackson
04 May 1930, American
Musical Talent

Gena RowlandsGena Rowlands
19 June 1930, American

Jack Van ImpeJack Van Impe
09 February 1931, American
Gavin MacLeodGavin MacLeod
28 February 1931, American

Salvatore RiinaSalvatore Riina
16 November 1930, Italian
Richard DonnerRichard Donner
24 April 1930, American

G. Gordon LiddyG. Gordon Liddy
30 November 1930, American

Rip TaylorRip Taylor
13 January 1931, American
Robert MacNeilRobert MacNeil
19 January 1931, Canadian
Television presenter, Author, Journalist, Writer

Jasper JohnsJasper Johns
15 May 1930, American
Painter, Sculptor, Costume designer
Sally Ann HowesSally Ann Howes
20 July 1930, British, American

James BakerJames Baker
28 April 1930, American

George FernandesGeorge Fernandes
03 June 1930, Indian
Politician, Journalist, Trade unionist

Ali al-SistaniAli al-Sistani
04 August 1930, Iraqi
Theologian, Akhoond

Harold BloomHarold Bloom
11 July 1930, American
Literary historian, Writer, Professor, Literary
Dolores HuertaDolores Huerta
10 April 1930, American
Trade unionist

Sonny RollinsSonny Rollins
07 September 1930, American

Alan OppenheimerAlan Oppenheimer
23 April 1930, American
Television actor, Film actor, Voice actor, Stage

Tu YouyouTu Youyou
30 December 1930, Chinese
chemist, pharmacologist, inventor, university
Chun Doo-hwanChun Doo-hwan
18 January 1931, South Korean
Former President of South Korea

Chun Doo-hwanChun Doo-hwan
18 January 1931, South Korean
Former President of South Korea
Ahmad JamalAhmad Jamal
02 July 1930, American
Pianist, Composer, Jazz musician

Annie RossAnnie Ross
25 July 1930, British
Actor, Singer, Jazz musician, Nightclub owner

Jean-Louis TrintignantJean-Louis Trintignant
11 December 1930, French
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Audio book
Larry MerchantLarry Merchant
11 February 1931, American

Armin Mueller-StahlArmin Mueller-Stahl
17 December 1930, German, Russian
Television actor, Voice actor, Film director,
Douglas WilderDouglas Wilder
17 January 1931, American

Edna O'BrienEdna O'Brien
15 December 1930, Irish

Immanuel WallersteinImmanuel Wallerstein
28 September 1930, American
Economist, Geopolitician, Economic historian,
Caterina ValenteCaterina Valente
14 January 1931, French, Italian
Actor, Singer, Guitarist

Irfan HabibIrfan Habib
1931 AD, Indian
historian, writer
John McPheeJohn McPhee
08 March 1931, American

Luce IrigarayLuce Irigaray
03 May 1930, Belgian, French
Philosopher, Linguist, University teacher,

Leslie BricusseLeslie Bricusse
29 January 1931, British
Composer, Musician, Playwright, Lyricist,

John BarthJohn Barth
27 May 1930
Professor, Novelist, Writer
Kamau BrathwaiteKamau Brathwaite
11 May 1930, Barbadian
Vigdís FinnbogadóttirVigdís Finnbogadóttir
15 April 1930, Icelander

Omara PortuondoOmara Portuondo
29 October 1930, Cuban
Cuban singer

Raphael MechoulamRaphael Mechoulam
05 November 1930, Israeli

Alfred BrendelAlfred Brendel
05 January 1931, Austrian
Pianist, Composer
Jack GarfeinJack Garfein
02 July 1930, American
Film director

Ivan SilayevIvan Silayev
21 October 1930, Russian
Politician, Engineer

John PolkinghorneJohn Polkinghorne
16 October 1930, British
Physicist, Theoretical physicist

Frank DrakeFrank Drake
28 May 1930, American
American astronomer

Chris BarberChris Barber
17 April 1930, British
Bandleader, Conductor, Jazz musician
Stephen SmaleStephen Smale
15 July 1930, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, University

Marshall SahlinsMarshall Sahlins
27 December 1930, American
Anthropologist, Educationist, University teacher
Robert AumannRobert Aumann
08 June 1930, German, Israeli, American
Mathematician, Economist, Educationist, University

Michel SerresMichel Serres
01 September 1930, French
Philosopher, Writer
José SarneyJosé Sarney
24 April 1930, Brazilian
Lawyer, Journalist, Politician, Writer, Poet,
John MilnorJohn Milnor
20 February 1931, American
Mathematician, Topologist, University teacher