61 Year Old Males

The list of famous 61 year old males includes Alec Baldwin, Anthony Bourdain, Ernest Hemingway, Bill Paxton, Gary Oldman. Famous males featured on this list, include actors, political leaders, composers and directors and from other domains of life. This list of 61 Year Old includes people from United States, England, France & Germany and many more countries.

Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin
03 April 1958, American
Actor, Producer, Comedian
Gary OldmanGary Oldman
21 March 1958, British

Viggo MortensenViggo Mortensen
20 October 1958, Danish, American

Dolph LundgrenDolph Lundgren
03 November 1957, Swedish

Steve BuscemiSteve Buscemi
13 December 1957, American

Tim BurtonTim Burton
25 August 1958, American
Film Director, Producer, Writer, Artist
Peter CapaldiPeter Capaldi
14 April 1958, Scottish

Mark CubanMark Cuban
31 July 1958, American
Businessman and Philanthropist

16 February 1958, American
Rapper, Actor

Neil deGrasse TysonNeil deGrasse Tyson
05 October 1958, American
Bruce DickinsonBruce Dickinson
07 August 1958, British

Andrea BocelliAndrea Bocelli
22 September 1958, Italian
Drew CareyDrew Carey
23 May 1958, American

Albert II, Prince of MonacoAlbert II, Prince of Monaco
14 March 1958, French
Monach of Monaco

Ray RomanoRay Romano
21 December 1957, American
Actor, Comedian
Andrew CuomoAndrew Cuomo
06 December 1957, American
Governor of New York

Giancarlo EspositoGiancarlo Esposito
26 April 1958, Danish, American
Bruce CampbellBruce Campbell
22 June 1958, American
American actor

Matt LauerMatt Lauer
30 December 1957, American

Alan JacksonAlan Jackson
17 October 1958, American
Gospel Musician
Kim CoatesKim Coates
21 February 1958, Canadian, American

Lorenzo LamasLorenzo Lamas
20 January 1958, American
Paul KagamePaul Kagame
23 October 1957, Rwandan
President of Rwanda

Shaun CassidyShaun Cassidy
27 September 1958, American
Producer, Actor, Singer

Keenen Ivory WayansKeenen Ivory Wayans
08 June 1958, American
Film Actor, Television Actor, Comedian, Director,

Kevin PollakKevin Pollak
30 October 1957, American
Dan CastellanetaDan Castellaneta
29 October 1957, American
Jeff FoxworthyJeff Foxworthy
06 September 1958, American

Matt FrewerMatt Frewer
04 January 1958, American

Bill WattersonBill Watterson
05 July 1958, American

Neil FinnNeil Finn
27 May 1958, New Zealander
Paul WellerPaul Weller
25 May 1958, British
Singer, Songwriter, Musician

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Tim KaineTim Kaine
26 February 1958, American
Vice Presidential Running Mate of Hillary Clinton

Tom Lister Jr.Tom Lister Jr.
24 June 1958, American

Ted McGinleyTed McGinley
30 May 1958, American

Don SwayzeDon Swayze
10 August 1958, American
Rick Santorum Rick Santorum
10 May 1958, American
American Politician, Attorney

Shane MacGowanShane MacGowan
25 December 1957, British
British-Irish musician
Peter OstrumPeter Ostrum
01 November 1957, American
Former Child Actor

Hamid KarzaiHamid Karzai
24 December 1957, Afghan
Former President of Afghanistan

Julian SandsJulian Sands
06 January 1958, British
Tony AbbottTony Abbott
04 November 1957, Australian
Former Prime Minister of Australia

Michael ParéMichael Paré
09 October 1958, American
Goodluck JonathanGoodluck Jonathan
20 November 1957, Nigerien
President of Nigeria

Martin Luther King IIIMartin Luther King III
23 October 1957, American

Bernie TiedeBernie Tiede
02 August 1958, American

Michael SteeleMichael Steele
19 October 1958, American

Josh PaisJosh Pais
21 June 1958, American
Billy Van ZandtBilly Van Zandt
13 December 1957, American

Steve CaseSteve Case
21 August 1958, American

Franco AmurriFranco Amurri
12 September 1958, Italian
Film Director

Daley ThompsonDaley Thompson
30 July 1958, British
Fred GoodwinFred Goodwin
17 August 1958, British, Scottish
Former CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland

Wally KurthWally Kurth
31 July 1958, American
Cass PennantCass Pennant
03 March 1958, British

Sunil Bharti MittalSunil Bharti Mittal
23 October 1957, Indian
Chairman and Group CEO of Bharti Enterprise

Geoff MorrellGeoff Morrell
19 February 1958, Australian
Boris TadićBoris Tadić
15 January 1958, Serbian
Former President of Serbia

Rey Misterio Sr.Rey Misterio Sr.
08 January 1958, Mexican
Iqbal QuadirIqbal Quadir
13 August 1958, Bangladeshi
Founder of Grameenphone

Kenny GossKenny Goss
17 September 1958, American
George Michael’s Partner

Darrell SheetsDarrell Sheets
13 May 1958, American
Reality TV Star
Denis O’BrienDenis O’Brien
19 April 1958, Irish

Chris ColumbusChris Columbus
10 September 1958, American
Director, Producer and Screenwriter
Joel SchiffmanJoel Schiffman
21 March 1958, American
Partner of Hoda Kotb

Kevin Norwood BaconKevin Norwood Bacon
08 July 1958, American

Timothy Francis RobbinsTimothy Francis Robbins
16 October 1958, American
American actor

Edward ButeraEdward Butera
19 September 1958, American
Ariana Grande’s Father
Michel SternMichel Stern
1958 AD, French
Lisa Kudrow's Husband
Kevin BaconKevin Bacon
08 July 1958, American

25 April 1958, Scottish
Singer-songwriter, Actor, Singer, Composer, Poet

Donny OsmondDonny Osmond
09 December 1957, American
Singer, Actor, Singer-songwriter, Television actor

Adrian DunbarAdrian Dunbar
01 August 1958, Irish, British
The Amazing JohnathanThe Amazing Johnathan
09 September 1958, American
Stage magician

Steve MaddenSteve Madden
1958 AD, American
fashion designer

Mahesh ManjrekarMahesh Manjrekar
16 August 1958, Indian

Lyle LovettLyle Lovett
01 November 1957, American
Singer, Actor, Singer-songwriter

Lex LugerLex Luger
02 June 1958, American
Professional wrestler, Actor, Television actor,
Kevin SorboKevin Sorbo
24 September 1958, American

Brad HallBrad Hall
21 March 1958, American
Andy ReidAndy Reid
19 March 1958, American

Steve GuttenbergSteve Guttenberg
24 August 1958, American

Scott HallScott Hall
20 October 1958, American
Professional wrestler
Gary NumanGary Numan
08 March 1958, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter

Wayne WilliamsWayne Williams
27 May 1958, American
American serial killer
Colin MochrieColin Mochrie
30 November 1957, Canadian
Television actor, Comedian, Stage actor, Film

Wade BoggsWade Boggs
15 June 1958, American
Baseball Player

Leslie David BakerLeslie David Baker
19 February 1958, American

Yograj SinghYograj Singh
25 March 1958, Indian
Actor, Cricketer
Scott PattersonScott Patterson
11 September 1958, American

Billy BraggBilly Bragg
20 December 1957, British
Singer-songwriter, Songwriter, Guitarist, Writer,
Mukesh KhannaMukesh Khanna
23 July 1958, Indian

Ron ReaganRon Reagan
20 May 1958, American
Radio personality, Journalist
Steve LukatherSteve Lukather
21 October 1957, American
Guitarist, Singer, Banjoist, Record producer,

Glenn HoddleGlenn Hoddle
27 October 1957, British
Mike SingletaryMike Singletary
09 October 1958, American
American Football coach