Throughout history, there have been many women reality tv personalities who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great female reality tv personalities such as Kylie Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Farrah Abraham, Paris Hilton.The women reality tv personalities featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia and many more countries.
Kim KardashianKim Kardashian
21 October 1980, American
Reality TV Star, Model, Socialite
Kylie JennerKylie Jenner
10 August 1997, American
Model, Reality Star

Chrissy TeigenChrissy Teigen
30 November 1985, American

Kris JennerKris Jenner
05 November 1955, American
Reality TV Personality

Paris HiltonParis Hilton
17 February 1981, American
Socialite, Model, Reality Star

Nicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger
29 June 1978, American
Khloé KardashianKhloé Kardashian
27 June 1984, American
Media personality

Camille GrammerCamille Grammer
02 September 1968, American
Television Personality

Nicole RichieNicole Richie
21 September 1981, American
Fashion Designer
Katie PriceKatie Price
22 May 1978, British
Model, Television Personality

Maddie ZieglerMaddie Ziegler
30 September 2002, American
Dancer, Actress, Model
Malaika AroraMalaika Arora
23 October 1973, Indian

27 April 1988, American

Sasha AlexanderSasha Alexander
17 May 1973, American, Serbian

Teyana TaylorTeyana Taylor
10 December 1990, American

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson
10 July 1980, American
Brooke BurnsBrooke Burns
16 March 1978, American

Faye ResnickFaye Resnick
03 July 1957, American
Reality TV Personality

Kacey MusgravesKacey Musgraves
21 August 1988, American

Lauren ConradLauren Conrad
01 February 1986, American
Reality TV Personality
Courtney HadwinCourtney Hadwin
06 July 2004, British

Heidi FleissHeidi Fleiss
30 December 1965, American
Reality TV Personality
Eva LaRueEva LaRue
27 December 1966, American

Tila TequilaTila Tequila
24 October 1981, Singaporean, American
Television Personality

Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham
31 May 1991, American
Reality Star
Jessie BuckleyJessie Buckley
28 December 1989, Irish

Charisma CarpenterCharisma Carpenter
23 July 1970, American
Valerie HarperValerie Harper
22 August 1939, American

Ree DrummondRee Drummond
06 January 1969, American

Sanjeeda SheikhSanjeeda Sheikh
20 December 1984, Indian
Katya ZamolodchikovaKatya Zamolodchikova
01 May 1982, American
Drag Queens

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Debi MazarDebi Mazar
13 August 1964, American
Brooke HoganBrooke Hogan
05 May 1988, American
Reality TV Star

Kate GosselinKate Gosselin
28 March 1975, American
Reality TV Personality

Holly MadisonHolly Madison
23 December 1979, American
Author, Model, Reality TV Star

Dina EastwoodDina Eastwood
11 July 1965, American
Clint Eastwood's Ex-Wife
Jo FrostJo Frost
27 June 1971, British
Nanny, Reality TV Personality
Eileen DavidsonEileen Davidson
15 June 1959, American

27 February 1986, American
Television Personality

NeNe LeakesNeNe Leakes
13 December 1967, American
Reality TV Personality

Heidi MontagHeidi Montag
15 September 1986, American
Reality TV Personality
Danielle ColbyDanielle Colby
03 December 1975, American
Reality TV Personality, Burlesque Dancer

Alyssa EdwardsAlyssa Edwards
16 January 1980, American
Drag Performer

Jade GoodyJade Goody
05 June 1981, British
Reality TV Star

Porsha WilliamsPorsha Williams
22 June 1981, American
Reality TV Personality

Jeon So-minJeon So-min
07 April 1986, South Korean
Actress, Model
Sadie RobertsonSadie Robertson
11 July 1997, American
Actress, Reality Star

Brooke BurkeBrooke Burke
08 September 1971, American
Actress, Dancer, Model, TV Personality
Teresa GiudiceTeresa Giudice
18 May 1972, American
Reality TV Personality

Trista SutterTrista Sutter
28 October 1972, American
TV Personality

Maryse OuelletMaryse Ouellet
21 January 1983, Canadian, American
Jane AsherJane Asher
05 April 1946, British

Georgia ToffoloGeorgia Toffolo
23 October 1994, British
Reality Star
Mackenzie ZieglerMackenzie Ziegler
04 June 2004, American
Dancer, Singer, Actress, Model

Joanna KrupaJoanna Krupa
23 April 1979, Polish, American
Actor, Model, Television Personality

Shefali JariwalaShefali Jariwala
15 December 1980, Indian
Reality Star, Actress

Kelly KellyKelly Kelly
15 January 1987, American
Pro Wrestler, Model, Reality Personality

Alexis NeiersAlexis Neiers
20 June 1991, American
Reality TV Star
Gemma CollinsGemma Collins
31 January 1981, British

Carmen CarreraCarmen Carrera
13 April 1985, American
Reality TV Personality

Dani DyerDani Dyer
08 August 1996, British
Actress, Reality Star

Chloe LukasiakChloe Lukasiak
25 May 2001, American
Dancer, Actor, Model, Social Media Personality
Charlotte CrosbyCharlotte Crosby
16 May 1990, British
Television personality

Kimberly StewartKimberly Stewart
20 August 1979, American
Model, Reality TV Star
Draya MicheleDraya Michele
23 January 1985, American
Reality TV Star, Model, Actress & Entrepreneur

Jill Duggar DillardJill Duggar Dillard
17 May 1991, American
Television Personality

Cynthia BaileyCynthia Bailey
19 February 1967, American
Reality TV Star, Model
Parvati ShallowParvati Shallow
21 September 1982, American
Reality TV Star

Scarlett MoffattScarlett Moffatt
17 October 1990, British
Reality TV Personality
Chloe FerryChloe Ferry
31 August 1995, British
Reality TV Star

Mary Ann MobleyMary Ann Mobley
17 February 1937, American

09 September 1983, American
Reality Star
Marissa Jaret WinokurMarissa Jaret Winokur
02 February 1973, American

Jo Anne WorleyJo Anne Worley
06 September 1936, American
Vicky PattisonVicky Pattison
16 November 1987, British
Reality TV star, Writer, TV Presenter

Angela RaiolaAngela Raiola
30 June 1960, American
Reality TV Star

Missy RothsteinMissy Rothstein
03 June 1980, American
Model, Reality TV Star

Charlotte McKinneyCharlotte McKinney
06 August 1993, American
Tami RomanTami Roman
17 April 1970, American
Television Personality
Evelyn LozadaEvelyn Lozada
10 December 1975, American
Reality Star

Kailyn LowryKailyn Lowry
14 March 1992, American
Reality TV Star

Lo BosworthLo Bosworth
29 September 1986, American
Reality TV Personality

Joseline HernandezJoseline Hernandez
03 November 1986, Puerto Rican
Reality TV Star, Actress
Tricia Leigh FisherTricia Leigh Fisher
26 December 1968, American

Mimi FaustMimi Faust
03 January 1972, American
Reality Star

Rachel TrueRachel True
15 November 1966, American

Ferne McCannFerne McCann
06 August 1990, British

Cherie LunghiCherie Lunghi
04 April 1952, British
Colleen HaskellColleen Haskell
06 December 1976, American

Carol McGiffinCarol McGiffin
18 February 1960, British
Radio Broadcaster
Megan McKennaMegan McKenna
26 September 1992, British
Television Personality

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans
19 December 1991, American
TV Personality
Masika KalyshaMasika Kalysha
07 June 1985, American
Reality Star
Louise ThompsonLouise Thompson
26 March 1990, British
Television Personality