Actors Whose First Name Starts With Y

Discover the famous actors whose name starts with Y. The list includes people like Yul Brynner, Yoo Seung-ho, Yeo Jin-goo, Yoon Kyun-sang, Yoo Ah-in and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. This list of actors whose names start with Y includes people from Japan, United States, Israel, France and other countries all over the world.

Yul BrynnerYul Brynner
11 July 1920, Russian
Film & Stage Actor
Yoo Seung-hoYoo Seung-ho
17 August 1993, South Korean
South Korean Actor

Yeo Jin-gooYeo Jin-goo
13 August 1997, South Korean

Yoon Kyun-sangYoon Kyun-sang
31 March 1987, South Korean

Yoo Ah-inYoo Ah-in
06 October 1986, South Korean

Yook Sung-jaeYook Sung-jae
02 May 1995, South Korean
South Korean Singer
Yoon Shi-yoonYoon Shi-yoon
26 September 1986, South Korean
South Korean Actor

Yannick BissonYannick Bisson
16 May 1969, Canadian

Yon GonzálezYon González
20 May 1986, Spanish

Yeon Woo-jinYeon Woo-jin
05 July 1984, South Korean
South Korean Actor
Yoon Hyun-minYoon Hyun-min
15 April 1985, South Korean

24 August 1984, South Korean
Singer, Actor
Yeon Jung-hoonYeon Jung-hoon
06 November 1978, South Korean

Yoon Sang-hyunYoon Sang-hyun
21 September 1973, South Korean
Actor, Singer

Yanic TruesdaleYanic Truesdale
17 March 1970, Canadian, American
Yoon ParkYoon Park
18 November 1987, South Korean

Yani GellmanYani Gellman
02 September 1985, American
Yuen BiaoYuen Biao
26 July 1957, Canadian

Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIYahya Abdul-Mateen II
15 July 1986, American

Yo Yo Honey SinghYo Yo Honey Singh
15 March 1983, Indian
Rapper, Actor, Singer, Record producer, Composer
Yaphet KottoYaphet Kotto
15 November 1939, American

Yves EdwardsYves Edwards
30 September 1976, Bahamian
Mixed Martial Artists
Yigal AmirYigal Amir
23 May 1970, Israeli

Yves MontandYves Montand
13 October 1921, French, Italian
Film actor, Actor, Chansonnier, Singer,

Yograj SinghYograj Singh
25 March 1958, Indian
Actor, Cricketer

Yvan AttalYvan Attal
04 January 1965, French, Israeli
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Dub actor
Yorick van WageningenYorick van Wageningen
16 April 1964
Television actor, Film actor, Actor
Yahoo SeriousYahoo Serious
27 July 1953, Australian
Actor, Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter,

Yōsuke KubozukaYōsuke Kubozuka
07 May 1979, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Model

Yuen WahYuen Wah
02 September 1950
Actor, Film actor

Yu NanYu Nan
05 September 1978
Yu RongguangYu Rongguang
30 August 1958
Actor, Film actor

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Yuen Siu-tienYuen Siu-tien
27 November 1912
Actor, Film actor

Yair LapidYair Lapid
05 November 1963, Israeli
Journalist, Writer, Politician, Actor, Television

Yuri KolokolnikovYuri Kolokolnikov
15 December 1980, Russian

Yevgeny DzhugashviliYevgeny Dzhugashvili
10 January 1936, Russian
Yoyo MungYoyo Mung
03 August 1973

Yu ShirotaYu Shirota
26 December 1985, Spanish
Actor, Singer, Tarento
Yigal NaorYigal Naor
1958 AD, Israeli
stage actor, film actor

Youssef ChahineYoussef Chahine
25 January 1926, Egyptian
Film Director

Yasutaka TsutsuiYasutaka Tsutsui
24 September 1934, Japanese
Actor, Novelist, Writer, Playwright, Science
Yuri NikulinYuri Nikulin
18 December 1921, Russian, Russian
Russian-Soviet actor

Yūya YagiraYūya Yagira
26 March 1990, Japanese
Actor, Child actor
Yuichiro NagashimaYuichiro Nagashima
02 July 1984, Japanese
Seiyū, Kickboxer, Mixed martial artist,

Yusaku MatsudaYusaku Matsuda
21 September 1949, Japanese
Japanese actor

Yoshiki FukuyamaYoshiki Fukuyama
14 September 1963, Japanese
Singer, Actor, Music arranger, Composer, Musician,

Yūsuke SantamariaYūsuke Santamaria
12 March 1971, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Tarento, Film actor

Yuriy NorshteynYuriy Norshteyn
15 September 1941, Russian
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter
Yūrei YanagiYūrei Yanagi
08 April 1963, Japanese
Actor, Tarento

Yūji TakadaYūji Takada
10 January 1960, Japanese
Actor, Seiyū

Yō YoshimuraYō Yoshimura
10 July 1954, Japanese
Actor, Seiyū

Yūto YoshidaYūto Yoshida
1975 AD, Japanese
Yu XingYu Xing
27 December 1978, Chinese

Yōichi KobiyamaYōichi Kobiyama
15 August 1959, Japanese
actor, seiyū
Yuji OdaYuji Oda
13 December 1967, Japanese

Yoshiya MinamiYoshiya Minami
24 January 1971, Japanese
Adult Film Star

Yûki FurukawaYûki Furukawa
18 December 1987, Japanese