The astrological influence of Virgo personalities born on this date is dependent on the planets Mercury and Venus. These planets are responsible for the probability of the individuality of these individuals. September 6 individuals are good listeners with a talent for persuasion. They make most of the favourable opportunity with their attentive vigilance and a touch of independence. Since these people have a giving nature, they are compassionate and thoughtful to the need of others with a sympathetic approach. However, these people have a tendency to be overly self-involved and may show repressed and despondent behaviour. Rashness and haste are also noticeable traits in these individuals, though they are rare to occur.

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Idris ElbaIdris Elba
47, British
Lil XanLil Xan
23, American

Asher AngelAsher Angel
17, American

Naomie HarrisNaomie Harris
43, British

Braun StrowmanBraun Strowman
36, American

Rosie PerezRosie Perez
55, American
Film Actress & Show Host
Julian NewmanJulian Newman
18, American
Basketball Player

Pippa MiddletonPippa Middleton
36, British
Socialite, Author

Jovan AdepoJovan Adepo
31, British

Jeff FoxworthyJeff Foxworthy
61, American
Jane CurtinJane Curtin
72, American

Chris ChristieChris Christie
57, American
Governor of New Jersey
Carol WayneCarol Wayne
42, American

John DaltonJohn Dalton
77, British

Jwan YosefJwan Yosef
35, Swedish, Syrian
Painter, Artist
Swoosie KurtzSwoosie Kurtz
75, American

Kim So-eunKim So-eun
30, South Korean
South Korean Actress
Carly FiorinaCarly Fiorina
65, American
Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard

Jo Anne WorleyJo Anne Worley
83, American

Jane AddamsJane Addams
74, American
Famous DexFamous Dex
26, American
Singer-songwriter, Rapper

Mark WilkersonMark Wilkerson
43, American
Burt JennerBurt Jenner
41, American
Caitlyn Jenner’s Son

Graham WardleGraham Wardle
33, Canadian

Paul KhouryPaul Khoury
44, Australian
TV Personality

Betsy RussellBetsy Russell
56, American
Buddy BoldenBuddy Bolden
54, American
Musical Artist
Max GeorgeMax George
31, British

Robert M. PirsigRobert M. Pirsig
88, American
Writer, Philosopher

Marquis de LafayetteMarquis de Lafayette
76, French
French Aristocrat and Military Leader

Michaelle Jean Michaëlle Jean
62, Canadian
Former Governor General of Canada
Deborah Joy WinansDeborah Joy Winans
36, American
Actress, Singer

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Luis Federico LeloirLuis Federico Leloir
81, Argentinian
Biochemist, Physician

Jane Erin CarreyJane Erin Carrey
32, American

Susumu TonegawaSusumu Tonegawa
80, Japanese
Immunologist, Molecular Biologist

Richard J. RobertsRichard J. Roberts
76, British
Biochemist, Molecular Biologist
Gabriela GonzalezGabriela Gonzalez
18, American
Instagram star

Willdabeast AdamsWilldabeast Adams
31, American
Edward Victor AppletonEdward Victor Appleton
72, British

John James Rickard MacleodJohn James Rickard Macleod
58, British, Scottish
Biochemist & Physiologist

Fat NickFat Nick
25, American
Lori Anne AllisonLori Anne Allison
62, American
Make-up Artist

Ashton MeemAshton Meem
32, American
Russell Wilson's Ex-wife
Gillian TurnerGillian Turner
37, American
Former National Security Council Staffer

Jaliyah ManuelJaliyah Manuel
10, American
Instagram Star

Payton MylerPayton Myler
11, American

Siohvaughn FunchesSiohvaughn Funches
38, American
Dwyane Wade's Ex-wife

Roger WatersRoger Waters
76, British
Composer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist,
Mathew HorneMathew Horne
41, British

Tim HenmanTim Henman
45, British
Tennis player

David Allan CoeDavid Allan Coe
80, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer

Macy GrayMacy Gray
52, American
Kerry KatonaKerry Katona
39, British
Actor, Television presenter, Singer, Writer,

Rakesh RoshanRakesh Roshan
70, Indian
Saeed AnwarSaeed Anwar
51, Pakistani

Yash JoharYash Johar
74, Indian
Film producer

Geert WildersGeert Wilders
56, Dutch
Politician, Screenwriter
Robin Atkin DownesRobin Atkin Downes
43, British

Peter II of YugoslaviaPeter II of Yugoslavia
47, Yugoslav, Serbian
Nina PerssonNina Persson
45, Swedish
Singer, Songwriter

Max SchreckMax Schreck
56, German

Bob StoopsBob Stoops
59, American
American football player
Mustafizur RahmanMustafizur Rahman
24, Bangladeshi
Bangladeshi cricketer

Homare SawaHomare Sawa
41, Japanese
Association football player
Carlo CudiciniCarlo Cudicini
46, Italian
Association football player

Mark IvanirMark Ivanir
51, Israeli
Actor, Voice actor, Stage actor

Low KiLow Ki
40, American

Andrea CamilleriAndrea Camilleri
94, Italian
Writer, Screenwriter
Joseph YoboJoseph Yobo
39, Nigerian
Greg RusedskiGreg Rusedski
46, British
Tennis player

Dhananjaya de SilvaDhananjaya de Silva
28, Sri Lankan
Sri Lankan cricketer

Robyn DavidsonRobyn Davidson
69, Australian
Explorer, Writer

Jimmy ReedJimmy Reed
50, American
Guitarist, Singer
Pat NevinPat Nevin
56, British
Association football player, Television presenter,

Sid WatkinsSid Watkins
84, British
Neurologist, Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Physician

Paul Waaktaar-SavoyPaul Waaktaar-Savoy
58, Norwegian, American
Composer, Singer, Musician, Guitarist, Pianist,

Moses MendelssohnMoses Mendelssohn
56, German
Philosopher, Translator, Writer, Bible translator

Frank StronachFrank Stronach
87, Austrian, Canadian
Politician, Tool and die maker, Industrialist
Rodrigo AmaranteRodrigo Amarante
43, Brazilian
Singer, Guitarist

Franz Josef StraussFranz Josef Strauss
73, German
Weston PriceWeston Price
77, American
dentist, nutritionist

John Atkinson GrimshawJohn Atkinson Grimshaw
57, British

Gilbert du Motier, marquis de LafayetteGilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette
76, French
Military officer
Gregory CrewdsonGregory Crewdson
57, American
photographer, university teacher

Saman GhoddosSaman Ghoddos
26, Iranian, Swedish
Christopher BrookmyreChristopher Brookmyre
51, British
Writer, Musician, Journalist

Sergio AragonésSergio Aragonés
82, Spanish

Massimo MaccaroneMassimo Maccarone
40, Italian
Association football player

Foxy BrownFoxy Brown
40, American
Musician, Rapper, Singer
Tommaso CampanellaTommaso Campanella
70, Italian
philosopher, writer, poet, astrologer

Jason AthertonJason Atherton
48, British
Isabelle Collin DufresneIsabelle Collin Dufresne
78, American
Writer, Artist, Actor, Painter

Bruno BauerBruno Bauer
72, German
Philosopher, Theologian, Historian
John WallJohn Wall
29, American
basketball player

44, Italian
Sylvanus OlympioSylvanus Olympio
60, Togolese
Politician, Prime Minister

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on September 6

Naturally affable and sociable, people born on September 6th are blessed with a friendly disposition. They have the usual Virgo analytical temperament and observant nature in addition to a strong and gentle spirit. Despite being self-sufficient, these people crave for approval and advice of others. September 6th individuals have a caring and creative nature. Tactful and diplomatic in their dealings, these people are blessed with great communication skills and mannerism. They are expressive, cheerful, charming and persuasive. September 6 individuals are good listeners and advisors. They are generous and thoughtful with a wise compassionate side. September 6 individuals have an affinity to look good and beautiful.

Despite taking health for granted, the normal well-being of individuals born on this particular date is healthy with illness experienced infrequently. September 6th individuals have a well-balanced nature, a fancy for exercise and a healthy appetite. It is due to this that they experience good physical and mental well-being. September 6 individuals hardly have any unhealthy habit. The only reason of concern for these individuals is that they get overconfident about physical strength and thus are prone to muscle strains.

Financially, September 5th individuals are stable. They do not face a financial crises situation as they are careful in judging the viability of the financial decisions. Though these individuals do not aim for having a fat paypack job and are neither concerned about the status that wealth brings, they do enjoy the luxuries and comforts that money can buy. As a result, their financial situation is always constant and unwavering.

The versatility and sociability of September 6 individuals make them suitable for various types of jobs. While their tact, diplomacy and communication skills make them apt for customer facing positions, sharp observing capability, analysing and calculating skills make them efficient in other works as well. Since these individuals are attractive and well-mannered, they do well in jobs involving facing the public on a one to one basis. Whatever they choose to be, September 6 individuals aim for success and are lucky to achieve the same.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Individuals with this birthday are family oriented. They immensely value their relationships and love tradition and domestic ties. In matters of love, September 6th individuals are friendly, outgoing, loving, passionate and romantic. Due to the slight fear of rejection, these individuals do not commit soon but once they do, they do so with immense dedication and loyalty. Their relationship with their lover is a harmonious one as they are honest, tolerant and loving. Since these individuals are sensitive by nature, the need to feel equally loved and appreciated rest high on these people. As parents, September 6th individuals are caring folks. They indulge in their child’s goals or aims, sometimes going way too far than needed.

Lucky Colors: White, Cream, Rose, Pink
Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60
Lucky Days (of the week): Friday, Saturday, Wednesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 6, 16, 24