Peru is the one-stop destination for travellers who like it all in their single holiday - spectacular scenery, glowing sunsets, sophisticated culture, wildest landscape, oldest civilization and finest and urbane construction. From the snow-capped Andean peaks to the deep Amazon rainforests, from the deeply-guarded traditions to the bustling urbane nightlife, Peru offers everyone a never-experienced-before dream vacation. But know that it is but a side of Peru - the country has been home to numerous renowned musicians, sports stars, actors, scientists, authors who have contributed through their personal endeavours. Prominent Peruvian sports personnel include Paolo Guerrero, Nolberto Solano, Cecilia Tait, Juan Manuel Vargas, Kina Malpartida and so on. This apart, Peru has been the address of other internationally famous Peruvians such as Oscar nominated writer/director Claudia Llosa, photographer Mario Testino, surfer Sofia Mulanovich, chef and restaurateur Gaston Acurio, economists Hernando de Soto, singer Juan Diego Florez, diplomat Javier Perez de Cuellar and Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa. Go through this segment and find out in detail about the famous Peruvians and their life. Their impressive profile and noteworthy contribution is sure to leave you spellbound.
Lina MedinaLina Medina
(World's Youngest Mother)

23 September 1933

Pilar PalletePilar Pallete

03 September 1928

Alberto FujimoriAlberto Fujimori
(Former President of Peru)

28 July 1938

Isabel AllendeIsabel Allende

02 August 1942

Juliane KoepckeJuliane Koepcke
(Lone Survivor of 1971 LANSA Plane Crash)

10 October 1954

Mario Vargas LlosaMario Vargas Llosa

28 March 1936

Ollanta HumalaOllanta Humala
(President of Peru)

27 June 1962

Ricardo PalmaRicardo Palma

07 February 1833

Abraham ValdelomarAbraham Valdelomar

27 April 1888

Denisse DibosDenisse Dibós
(Actress, Stage Producer, Businessperson)

15 April 1967

Alan GarciaAlan Perez
(Former President of Peru)

23 May 1949

Gaston BolanosGaston Bolanos
(Muay Thai & Bellator MMA Fighter)

14 September 1992

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Nathalie KelleyNathalie Kelley

03 March 1985

Claudio PizarroClaudio Pizarro

03 October 1978

Henry Ian CusickHenry Ian Cusick
(Stage actor, Film actor)

17 April 1967

Túpac Amaru IITúpac Amaru II

10 March 1738

Paolo GuerreroPaolo Guerrero
(Peruvian footballer)

01 January 1984

Rose of LimaRose of Lima

20 April 1586

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Martin de PorresMartin de Porres

09 December 1579


1438 AD


1438 AD

Keiko FujimoriKeiko Fujimori

25 May 1975

Alejandro ToledoAlejandro Toledo
(Economist, Politician)

28 March 1946

Javier Pérez de CuéllarJavier Pérez de Cuéllar

19 January 1920

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Hilda GadeaHilda Gadea
(economist, politician, writer)

21 March 1921

Jefferson FarfánJefferson Farfán
(Peruvian footballer)

26 October 1984

André CarrilloAndré Carrillo
(Peruvian footballer)

14 June 1991

Alberto VargasAlberto Vargas
(Painter, Illustrator)

09 February 1896

Alexis AmoreAlexis Amore
(Adult Film Star, Actor, Model, Glamour model, Journalist)

29 December 1978

Nolberto SolanoNolberto Solano
(Peruvian footballer)

12 December 1974

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Raúl RuidíazRaúl Ruidíaz

25 July 1990

Christian MeierChristian Meier
(Singer, Actor, Model)

23 June 1970

Christian CuevaChristian Cueva
(Peruvian footballer)

23 November 1991

César VallejoCésar Vallejo
(Poet, Writer, Playwright, Translator, Journalist)

16 March 1892

Teófilo CubillasTeófilo Cubillas

08 March 1949

Hernando de Soto PolarHernando de Soto Polar
(economist, writer)

02 June 1941

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Gastón AcurioGastón Acurio

30 October 1967

Yoshimar YotúnYoshimar Yotún

07 April 1990

Juan Velasco AlvaradoJuan Velasco Alvarado
(Politician, Officer)

16 June 1910

Vladimiro MontesinosVladimiro Montesinos

20 May 1945

Fernando Belaúnde TerryFernando Belaúnde Terry
(Politician, Architect, President)

07 October 1912

Renato TapiaRenato Tapia

28 July 1995

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(Huayna Capac's son)

1491 AD

Beto da SilvaBeto da Silva

28 December 1996

Andy PoloAndy Polo

29 September 1994

Miguel Grau SeminarioMiguel Grau Seminario

27 July 1834

Alberto Junior RodríguezAlberto Junior Rodríguez
(Peruvian footballer)

31 March 1984

Manco CapacManco Capac

3500 BC

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Yma SúmacYma Súmac
(American-Peruvian soprano)

10 September 1923