The basic outline of the characteristic features of individuals born on October 17 is dependent on the two celestial bodies, Venus and Saturn. The dominance of Venus over the zodiacal group of Libra and Saturn over the actual date together determine the individuality of those with this birthday. Talking about the positive attributes of October 17 individuals, these people are highly responsible and determined with a self-confident, resilient and daring temperament. They are admired and well-respected by all. However, what goes against the favor of those born on October seventeenth is their free-spirited and inflexible nature. Ordinarily fairly quiet, these people have a slight streak of rebellious attitude which makes them a tad impulsive as well.

46, American
Holly HolmHolly Holm
37, American
Mixed Martial Artist

Rita HayworthRita Hayworth
68, American

Matthew MacfadyenMatthew Macfadyen
44, British

Felicity JonesFelicity Jones
35, British

Montgomery Clift Montgomery Clift
45, American
Arthur MillerArthur Miller
89, American

Michael McKeanMichael McKean
71, American

Margot KidderMargot Kidder
69, Canadian, American

Mike JudgeMike Judge
56, American
Actor, Animator, Director, Musician
Alan JacksonAlan Jackson
60, American
Gospel Musician

Andy WhitfieldAndy Whitfield
39, Welsh
Wyclef JeanWyclef Jean
49, American

Ziggy MarleyZiggy Marley
50, Jamaican

Wood HarrisWood Harris
49, American
Queen NaijaQueen Naija
23, American
YouTube Star

George WendtGeorge Wendt
70, American
Kristine LeahyKristine Leahy
32, American
TV Host

Pope John Paul IPope John Paul I
65, Italian
Pope of Roman Catholic Church

Zhao ZiyangZhao Ziyang
85, Chinese
Former Prime Minister of China
Ernie ElsErnie Els
49, South African
Professional Golfer

Mae JemisonMae Jemison
62, American
First African American Woman To Travel To Space
Jean ArthurJean Arthur
90, American

Bea AlonzoBea Alonzo
31, Filipino
Actress, Singer

John RockerJohn Rocker
44, American
Baseball Player

Graça MachelGraça Machel
73, Mozambican
Sharon LealSharon Leal
46, American
Simply NailogicalSimply Nailogical
30, Canadian

Scarlett MoffattScarlett Moffatt
28, British
Reality TV Personality

Holly HHolly H
22, British
TikTok ( Star

Witney CarsonWitney Carson
25, American
Dancer. Choreographer
John WilkesJohn Wilkes
72, British
English journalist

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Chris ‘Motionless’ CerulliChris Motionless
32, American
Metal Singer & Performer

Richard Mentor JohnsonRichard Mentor Johnson
70, American
9th Vice President of the U.S.A

Jason EthierJason Ethier
28, Canadian

Christine Di'AmoreChristine Di'Amore
31, American
Sir Syed Ahmad KhanSir Syed Ahmad Khan
80, Indian
Founder of Aligarh Muslim University

Francisco Flores PérezFrancisco Flores Pérez
56, Salvadoran
Salvadoran Politician
Doris HumphreyDoris Humphrey
63, American
Dancer and Choreographer

Paul BernaysPaul Bernays
88, Swiss

24, American
YouTube Gamer
Norm MacDonaldNorm MacDonald
59, Canadian
Canadian stand-up comedian

Carli BybelCarli Bybel
28, American
YouTuber, Beauty & Fashion Vlogger
16, Dutch
YouTube Star

Alaïa McBroomAlaïa McBroom
16, American

Sydney Brooke SimpsonSydney Brooke Simpson
33, American
O. J. Simpson's Daughter

Prabowo SubiantoPrabowo Subianto
67, Indonesian
Entrepreneur, Politician, Military personnel

Anil KumbleAnil Kumble
48, Indian
Luke RockholdLuke Rockhold
34, American
Mixed Martial Artist

Smita PatilSmita Patil
31, Indian

Mark GatissMark Gatiss
52, British
Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Novelist, Voice

Mohammad HafeezMohammad Hafeez
38, Australian
André Villas-BoasAndré Villas-Boas
41, Portuguese
Association football manager

Syed Ahmad KhanSyed Ahmad Khan
80, Indian, British
Judge, Philosopher, Knight, Lawyer
Robert JordanRobert Jordan
58, American
American author

Julie AdamsJulie Adams
92, American

Ben RothwellBen Rothwell
37, American
Mixed martial artist, Kickboxer
Chris KirkpatrickChris Kirkpatrick
47, American
Singer, Musician

Simi GarewalSimi Garewal
71, Indian
Kyle CarpenterKyle Carpenter
29, American
Military personnel

Toby YoungToby Young
55, British

Beverly GarlandBeverly Garland
82, American
Carol DweckCarol Dweck
72, American

Pino PalladinoPino Palladino
61, British
Bassist, Jazz musician
Randall MunroeRandall Munroe
34, American
Programmer, Comics artist, Writer, Computer

Jerry SiegelJerry Siegel
81, American
Comics artist, Writer

Aravinda de SilvaAravinda de Silva
53, Sri Lankan
Sri Lankan cricketer

Peter StringfellowPeter Stringfellow
78, British
René DifRené Dif
51, Danish
Musician, Singer, Actor
Theodor EickeTheodor Eicke
50, German
Politician, Officer, Torturer

Kenneth OmeruoKenneth Omeruo
25, Nigerien
Nigerian footballer

William AndersWilliam Anders
85, American
Air force officer

Sebastián AbreuSebastián Abreu
42, Uruguayan
Association football player
Cameron MackintoshCameron Mackintosh
72, British
Theatrical producer, Impresario, Record producer

Michelle AngMichelle Ang
35, Malaysian, American

Augustus III of PolandAugustus III of Poland
66, German

Gottfrid SvartholmGottfrid Svartholm
34, Swedish
Computer scientist

Gary ZukavGary Zukav
76, American
Soldier, Non-fiction writer
Shaun EdwardsShaun Edwards
52, Australian
Rugby league player

Childe HassamChilde Hassam
75, American
Rick MercerRick Mercer
49, Canadian
Television presenter, Blogger, Screenwriter,

Karl Gordon HenizeKarl Gordon Henize
66, American
Astronomer, Astronaut, Scientist

Foday SankohFoday Sankoh
65, Sierra Leonean
Photographer, Military personnel
Georg BüchnerGeorg Büchner
23, Swiss, German

Yuko OshimaYuko Oshima
30, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Seiyū, Child actor, Model
Elinor GlynElinor Glyn
78, British
Actor, Novelist, Writer, Screenwriter

Patrick LambiePatrick Lambie
28, South African
South African rugby player

Herbert HowellsHerbert Howells
90, British

Andrei GrechkoAndrei Grechko
72, Russian
Collins JohnCollins John
Association football player

Ryan McGinleyRyan McGinley
41, American
Claude Henri de Rouvroy, comte de Saint-SimonClaude Henri de Rouvroy, comte de Saint-Simon
64, French
Political and economic theorist

Syed Ahmed KhanSyed Ahmed Khan
80, Indian
Kimi RaikkonenKimi Raikkonen
39, Finnish

Adam MichnikAdam Michnik
72, Polish
Journalist, Writer, Trade unionist
46, Japanese
kickboxer, karateka, actor, tarento

Personality Traits & Characteristic Of Famous People Born on October 17

The personality traits of individuals born on October 17 include being industrious, quick witted and active. Unlike other Librans, these people are not prone to laziness and are quite enthusiastic and energetic. What is interesting to note is that these people gain the admiration, respect and cooperation of others through their tactful mind and understanding nature. They take their responsibility quite seriously and would go to any length to fulfil commitment. October 17 individuals dislike arguments and unpleasantness and mostly avoid the same with the help of their compromising ability. Determined and tenacious, these people have a logical and analytical mind which makes them good at overcoming obstacles.  

The overall health and vitality of individuals born on October 17 is sound. This is mainly because of their usual serious attitude to look after themselves. Since individuals born on this day have a knack for cooking, they rarely face any nutritional deficiencies. However, October 17 folks are prone to overindulgence and have an affinity for a sweet tooth. This can make them susceptible to weight gain. To compensate with the same, they should consider including moderate gentle exercise like walking and swimming in their regular routine to stay healthy and blessed.  

The financial condition of individuals born on October 17 is a stable one. Though these people are prone to impulsiveness, they know the value of money as well and thus are generally careful with budgeting. They understand the importance of saving and thus, keep aside some amount for the future as well. On the whole, it can be said that October 17 borns maintain a well-balanced approach towards finances, thus balancing their spending as well as saving.

Due to the versatility and flexibility of individuals born on October 17, there are a myriad of job opportunities that they can avail. Endowed with a creative mind, these people are often attracted to career opportunities involving art and creativity. However, like most Librans, they do very well at managerial positions as well. Another vocation type that October 17 folks can take up is one involving lots of hard work and diligence. Blessed with an industrious and conscientious disposition, such type of work opportunities can also be a favorable option for people with this birthdate.
Relationships, Marriage & Children
Individuals born on October 17 are extremely loving and passionate. Unlike other Librans who are social animals, these people crave for solitude occasionally. They look for a partner with whom they can share a rapport. Since these individuals have alternating hot and cold emotions, they need a partner who puts up with the varying emotions and helps them relax and unwind. Also, a perfect soul mate is one who teaches these individuals the benefits of compromise. Since October 17 folks like to have the reign of control of the relationship in their hands, traits of bossiness or dominance by the partner would be of no good to the relationship. In a relationship, October 17 individuals are committed, loving, affectionate, caring and attentive.  Parenting makes them vulnerable regarding responsibilities. They do love their children a lot but often fail to draw the line between affection and authority.

Lucky Color: Deep Blue, Black
Lucky Number: 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 8, 17, 26