Simply Nailogical Bio

(Canadian YouTuber and Nail Art Expert)

Birthday: October 17, 1988 (Libra)

Born In: Toronto, Canada

Girls love nail art. Period. It would be hard to bump into a girl who doesn’t like her nails to be done up with some really cute and beautiful nail art. So, if you are one of those people who think that nail art is an absolute must for every girl, then Cristine of Simply Nailogical is your go-to YouTuber. She has done tons of videos which will give you numerous ideas on how to do up your nails for any given event. The way she does it in her videos seems so attractive that it would make anyone want to try it right away. She claims to get her inspiration for the latest designs from the most random of things; in the words of the YouTuber, “I love to take inspiration from objects in my home, and that way I can snap a couple of photos of the inspirational object behind the nail design. So far I’ve been inspired by artwork in my home, coffee mugs, socks, deodorant, wallpaper, and even my cats.” With millions of subscribers on her Simply Nailogical channel and over millions of views on her videos, Cristine sure is a star who is here to stay.

Quick Facts

Canadian Celebrities Born In October

Also Known As: Cristine Rotenberg

Age: 35 Years, 35 Year Old Females

Born Country: Canada

Height: 5'4" (163 cm), 5'4" Females

City: Toronto, Canada

More Facts

education: Master's degree in Sociology

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

In her day-to-day life, Cristine is just another regular woman who works as an employee for the Canadian Government. Despite working in a serious job as a crime statistics analyst, our favorite YouTuber has always been the typical gal who loves to dress up and keep her nails nice and painted. She has been into nail art ever since she entered high school. The YouTuber recalls, “I used to paint each nail a different color and then add a stripe of a different color down each nail with those seemingly ancient Sally Hansen prism polishes.” Cristine soon realized that there is an entire market for nail art in the world of videos and in June 2014, she opened her own YouTube account Simply Nailogical that dealt with different ways and styles of nail painting. With over 7.6 million subscribers on YouTube, 612.7K followers on her Twitter handle and a whopping 2.2 million followers on her Instagram handle, Cristine’s stardom cannot be understated at all.

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What Makes Simply Nailogical So Special

Despite being such a successful YouTube star, Cristine or Simply Nailogical is one of the most grounded YouTube personalities you will ever meet. She has about 335 nail polish bottles and says that her favorite color is blue. It is the simple things in life that makes Cristine happy and contented. She is a great multi-tasker and juggles between her office work, being a mom to her cats, planning holidays, and running a super successful YouTube channel. She is a role model to many youngsters out there and her fan following on various social media platforms is a reflection of that. Simply Nailogical is a star who is steadily climbing the ladder of success and is making her way to the top in a big way.

Beyond Fame

Simply Nailogical also lives a beautiful life apart from YouTube and her work. She is a big time animal lover and has two cats whom she treats like her little babies. Like any other woman, she loves shopping and going out for movies with her boyfriend. She also says that she absolutely freaks out when setting up her room; the YouTuber has also officially claimed that she loves to “sip on a cocoa chai latte outside on my terrace while my kitties accompany me on their leashes.”

Behind The Curtains

Cristine Rotenberg or Simply Nailogical is a successful YouTuber who was born in Toronto, Canada on October 17, 1988. She has done her Masters in Sociology with a major in Criminology. She loves cats and has two beautiful felines of her own. She is one of the biggest YouTubers who display work on nail art in the amazing world of videos.

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