The basic outline of the probability of the personality of individuals born on October 10th is dependent on Venus, ruler of the zodiacal group in which these individuals fall and Sun, the actual governor of the date. Together, the two celestial bodies determine the uniqueness and individuality of those born on this date. October 10 individuals are amiable and responsive, with a calm, capable and friendly disposition. They are confident and independent folks with heightened reliability and respectability. Additional fortes of these people include being warm, loyal and polite. However, not all is good with those born on this date as they are susceptible to reflecting extra cautious, fearful and closed behavior in unfavourable circumstances. The weakness is mostly triggered by anger or in response to an unexpected disappointment.

Lali EspósitoLali Espósito
28, Argentinian
Charles DanceCharles Dance
73, British

Rakul Preet SinghRakul Preet Singh
29, Indian
Actress, Model

Brett FavreBrett Favre
50, American

Rose McIverRose McIver
31, New Zealander

Dan StevensDan Stevens
37, British
Mario LopezMario Lopez
46, American
American television host

R. K. NarayanR. K. Narayan
94, Indian

Juliane KoepckeJuliane Koepcke
65, German, Peruvian
Lone Survivor of 1971 LANSA Plane Crash

Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr.Dale Earnhardt Jr.
45, American
Race Car Driver
Thelonious MonkThelonious Monk
64, American
Jazz Pianist & Composer

40, American
Marina DiamandisMarina Diamandis
34, Welsh

Giuseppe VerdiGiuseppe Verdi
87, Italian

Andrea NavedoAndrea Navedo
42, American
Daniel PearlDaniel Pearl
38, Israeli, American

Peter CoyotePeter Coyote
78, American
Harold PinterHarold Pinter
78, British
Nobel Prize Winner in Literature

Helen HayesHelen Hayes
92, American

Robert Gould ShawRobert Gould Shaw
25, American
Military Personnel
Isabella II of SpainIsabella II of Spain
73, Spanish
Queen of Spain

Jacqueline MarsJacqueline Mars
80, American
Suzanne FarringtonSuzanne Farrington
81, British

Julia SweeneyJulia Sweeney
60, American

Selim ISelim I
49, Turkish
ottoman Sultan

Amanda BurtonAmanda Burton
63, British, Northern Irish
Alberto GiacomettiAlberto Giacometti
64, Swiss
Paul KrugerPaul Kruger
78, South African
President of South Africa

Kim Seul-gi Kim Seul-gi
28, South Korean

George Hill HodelGeorge Hill Hodel
91, American
Suspected Murderer

Johnny StompanatoJohnny Stompanato
32, American
Bodyguard of Mickey Cohen
Oleg GordievskyOleg Gordievsky
81, Russian
Secret Agent

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Henry CavendishHenry Cavendish
78, British

Murray WalkerMurray Walker
96, British
Formula One Commentator & Journalist

Wu ChunWu Chun
40, Bruneian

Marjorie HarveyMarjorie Harvey
55, American
Wife of Steve Harvey
Kassem GKassem G
36, Jordanian, American
Internet Personality, Comedian, Actor

Lin YutangLin Yutang
80, Chinese
Ben PhillipsBen Phillips
27, British

Khalil Al-WazirKhalil al-Wazir
52, Palestinian
Palestinian Leader and co-founder of Fatah

22, American
Doris PayneDoris Payne
89, American
Jewel Thief

Shayne Audra MurphyShayne Audra Murphy
25, American
Eddie Murphy's Daughter
Vivian HicksVivian Hicks
16, Canadian
TikTok ( Star, YouTuber

October GonzalezOctober Gonzalez
39, American
Television Personality

Amber ScottAmber Scott
35, American

Sarah CarpenterSarah Carpenter
23, American
Actress, Singer

Fiona FrillsFiona Frills
16, American
Matthew MeeseMatthew Meese
36, American
Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter

Thomas Nicholas KucThomas Nicholas Kuc
17, Brazilian, Polish
TV Actor, Social Media Personality, and amateur

Ed WoodEd Wood
54, American

Martin KempMartin Kemp
58, British
Actor, Musician
Jay SebringJay Sebring
35, American
Hair stylist

65, Indian
Actor, Politician
Bradley WhitfordBradley Whitford
60, American

Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl
41, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Gavin NewsomGavin Newsom
52, American
David Lee RothDavid Lee Roth
65, American
Singer, Musician, Record producer, Radio

Ken JenningsKen Jennings
72, American
Chris PennChris Penn
40, American

S. S. RajamouliS. S. Rajamouli
46, Indian
Film director

Tanya TuckerTanya Tucker
61, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Musician
Xherdan ShaqiriXherdan Shaqiri
28, Swiss
Association football player

Wendi McLendon-CoveyWendi McLendon-Covey
50, American
Jodi BensonJodi Benson
58, American
Actor, Singer, Voice actor, Musician, Stage actor

John PrineJohn Prine
73, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer

Midge UreMidge Ure
66, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Singer

Manu BennettManu Bennett
50, Australian, New Zealander
Tony AdamsTony Adams
53, British
Association football player, Association football
Chris TarrantChris Tarrant
73, British
Television presenter, Radio personality

Brandon VeraBrandon Vera
42, American
Mixed martial artist, Military personnel

Lzzy HaleLzzy Hale
36, American

Aimee TeegardenAimee Teegarden
30, American
Ben VereenBen Vereen
73, American

Jack SavorettiJack Savoretti
36, British
Singer, Pianist

Michael GiacchinoMichael Giacchino
52, American
Composer, Musician, Film score composer

Una HealyUna Healy
38, Irish

Anita MuiAnita Mui
40, Chinese
Actor, Singer
Bai LingBai Ling
53, American
Actor, Soldier, Television actor, Model

Nora RobertsNora Roberts
69, American
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Science fiction
Graham AlexanderGraham Alexander
48, British
Association football player, Association football

Richard JaeckelRichard Jaeckel
70, American

Joelle CarterJoelle Carter
47, American
Nicholas ParsonsNicholas Parsons
96, British
Actor, Television presenter, Radio personality,

Fridtjof NansenFridtjof Nansen
68, Norwegian
Zoologist, Polar explorer, Diplomat, Explorer,
Rumiko TakahashiRumiko Takahashi
62, Japanese
Japanese manga artist

Jack HemingwayJack Hemingway
77, American

Laurence TribeLaurence Tribe
78, American

Chiaki KuriyamaChiaki Kuriyama
35, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Model, Seiyū, Fashion model
Ken Saro-WiwaKen Saro-Wiwa
54, Nigerian
Writer, Poet, Screenwriter

Crystal WatersCrystal Waters
55, American
Gabrielle AplinGabrielle Aplin
27, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Pianist

Rebecca PidgeonRebecca Pidgeon
54, British, American
Troy TulowitzkiTroy Tulowitzki
35, American
Baseball player

Russell HantzRussell Hantz
47, American
Television personality
Jessica HarperJessica Harper
70, American

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous people Born on October 10

Naturally amiable and agreeable, individuals born on October 10th are blessed with an immensely warm, loyal and responsible nature. They have a polite and obliging temperament and are driven by ideals and firm beliefs. Just, fair and productive in their approach, these people are determined and focused with plenty of ambition and leadership ability. Independent and sociable, these people are affectionate and emotionally rather dependent. Enhanced assertiveness makes these individuals stand out from the crowd and get noticed wherever they are. What’s more, these people are concerned about their reputation which makes them utilize their good taste to create harmonious surrounding wherever they are.

The general health of October 10th individuals is usually robust. This is mainly due to their keenness for a nutritious yet varied diet and a daily exercise routine. Since these people are concerned about being in shape and staying fit, they look for ways to optimize their physical and emotional health. However, individuals born on this date should curb on their caffeine intake. Also, since these people are susceptible to stress, they should resort to ways to feel relaxed and comfortable. Discussing the problem with someone they can really confide in would be beneficial for those having this birthdate.

Handling finances come naturally to those born on October 10th. These people are adept at managing money and work hard to attain financial security. What is interesting to note is that October 10th individuals are great at spotting and exploiting an opportunity for boosting their financial position and very well-versed with keeping cash flow steady. Investments in property are favourable for those born on this date. Due to all this, saving money becomes easy and thus financial stability not a matter of concern.

Unlike other Librans, individuals with their birthday on October 10th look out for professions which give them a sense of power and control. Ruled by the Sun, these people are meant for managerial position and work well in position of power. Self-employment cannot be ruled out for those born on this date. They have a strong sense of responsibility and productiveness and do very well in business, management and retail environments.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Librans born on October 10th greatly value relationships and keep them close to their heart. In matters of love and romance, they are extremely loving and giving. What makes them different and unique is that fact that unlike their counterparts, October 10th individuals are the most romantic and passionate in their zodiacal group. They look for a partner who shares the same frequency as them. They are generous in their compliments and expect the same in return. Attentive and caring, October 10th folks seek a mind and body intimacy with their soul mate. Also, they would do anything to avoid hurting their loved one. Individuals born on this date have a knack for parenting. Although it takes time for them to get accustomed to the fact, once they get a grip of the affairs, they make excellent parents.

Lucky Color: Copper, Gold
Lucky Number: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 1, 10, 19