The probability of the personality of November 21st individuals depend on two factors, first their falling into the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp category and second by the influence of the two planets, Pluto and Jupiter. Pluto determines the traits of all individuals falling in the zodiacal group of Scorpio, while Jupiter governs the actual date in which these individuals are born. Together, the two form the uniqueness and individuality of November 21st folks. Confident, outgoing and optimistic, these individuals are blessed with sharp communications skills and great imagination. What’s more, their adventurous spirit, inclination for originality and a yearning to learn makes them distinct from fellow Scorpions. The only thing that November 21st individuals need to take care of is their pessimistic behavior which is mostly triggered by being fatigue, suffering from bruised ego or having their opinions challenged.

Goldie HawnGoldie Hawn
73, American
Carly Rae JepsenCarly Rae Jepsen
33, Canadian
Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Nikki BellaNikki Bella
35, American
Professional Wrestler
Nicollette SheridanNicollette Sheridan
55, British

83, French

Victoria, Princess RoyalVictoria, Princess Royal
60, British
Empress of Germany
Colleen BallingerColleen Ballinger
32, American
Comedian, Actress, YouTuber

Cherry JonesCherry Jones
62, American
Jimmi SimpsonJimmi Simpson
43, American

Jena MaloneJena Malone
34, American
R. Budd DwyerR. Budd Dwyer
47, American
Political Leader

Lorna LuftLorna Luft
66, American
Brie BellaBrie Bella
35, American
Pro Wrestler
Cynthia RhodesCynthia Rhodes
62, American

Juliet MillsJuliet Mills
77, British
Laurence LuckinbillLaurence Luckinbill
84, American

Steven Curtis ChapmanSteven Curtis Chapman
56, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician
Tim LambesisTim Lambesis
38, American

William ChanWilliam Chan
33, Hong Konger

Conor MaynardConor Maynard
26, British
Sean SchemmelSean Schemmel
50, American
Voice Actor

Gus TrikonisGus Trikonis
81, American
Actor, Director
Isaac Bashevis SingerIsaac Bashevis Singer
88, Polish, American

Alexander BerkmanAlexander Berkman
65, French, Russian
Yasmine Al MassriYasmine Al Massri
40, Lebanese, American

Victor ChangVictor Chang
54, Australian
53, Icelander
Icelandic singer-songwriter
Daniella PickDaniella Pick
35, Israeli
Singer, Model

Josiah BartlettJosiah Bartlett
65, American
Former Governor of New Hampshire
Mighty NeicyMighty Neicy
16, American

Budd DwyerBudd Dwyer
47, American
Corrine GriffithCorinne Griffith
84, American

Rene MagritteRene Magritte
68, Belgian

Holly BransonHolly Branson
37, British
Richard Branson’s Daughter
Billie Mae RichardsBillie Mae Richards
88, Canadian
Voice Actress

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Grant ThompsonGrant Thompson
42, Canadian, American
YouTuber & Vlogger
Ada CambridgeAda Cambridge
81, Australian
Australian-English writer

Ella ElbellsElla Elbells
18, American
YouTube Star
22, American
YouTube star

26, Nigerian
Cameron FieldCameron Field
18, Australian
Instagram Star
Hunter Ray HillHunter Ray Hill
22, American
Instagram Star, TikTok Star

Dr. JohnDr. John
78, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Pianist, Jazz musician,
Michael StrahanMichael Strahan
47, American
Television presenter, American football player

Harold RamisHarold Ramis
69, American
American actor
Troy AikmanTroy Aikman
52, American
Television presenter, NASCAR team owner,

Christopher TolkienChristopher Tolkien
94, British

Rickson GracieRickson Gracie
60, Brazilian
choreographer, judoka
Fabian DelphFabian Delph
29, British
Association football player

Jesús NavasJesús Navas
33, Spanish
Association football player
Antonio TarverAntonio Tarver
50, American

Aimee-Ffion EdwardsAimee-Ffion Edwards
31, Welsh
actor, television actor
Eleanor PowellEleanor Powell
69, American
Stage actor, Film actor, Television actor

Justin LangerJustin Langer
48, Australian
Tina BrownTina Brown
65, British
René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La SalleRené-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle
43, French

Harold NicolsonHarold Nicolson
81, British
Horticulturist, Politician, Diplomat, Diarist,
Akshay VenkateshAkshay Venkatesh
37, Australian, Indian
Mathematician, University teacher

Hetty GreenHetty Green
81, American
Coleman HawkinsColeman Hawkins
64, American
Saxophonist, Jazz musician

Pope Benedict XVPope Benedict XV
67, Italian

Friedrich SchleiermacherFriedrich Schleiermacher
65, German, Polish
Philosopher, Theologian, Translator, University
Abd al-Karim QasimAbd al-Karim Qasim
48, Iraqi
Military personnel

Francisco TárregaFrancisco Tárrega
57, Spanish
Guitarist, Composer, Classical guitarist, Pianist
Ken Griffey, Jr.Ken Griffey, Jr.
49, American
Famous Baseball Players

Harold LoweHarold Lowe
61, British
Usman AhmedUsman Ahmed
37, British

Rino SashiharaRino Sashihara
26, Japanese
Singer, Seiyū, Actor, Tarento, Model
Shahnawaz BhuttoShahnawaz Bhutto
26, Pakistani
Vincenzo IaquintaVincenzo Iaquinta
39, Italian
Association football player

Natalia MakarovaNatalia Makarova
78, American
Ballet dancer, Choreographer, Ballet master, Actor
Brian RitchieBrian Ritchie
58, American

Jeannot SzwarcJeannot Szwarc
81, French
film director
Alice ChanAlice Chan
45, Hong Konger
Actor, Film actor

Lisa McAllisterLisa McAllister
38, British
Actor, Model

Michel SuleimanMichel Suleiman
70, Lebanese
Politician, Officer
Kyle WhittinghamKyle Whittingham
59, American
American football player

Leslie WardLeslie Ward
70, British
Caricaturist, Painter
Nigel HasselbainkNigel Hasselbaink
Association football player

Marilyn FrenchMarilyn French
79, American
Novelist, Writer, Feminist, Social critic
Wim CrouwelWim Crouwel
Type designer, Graphic designer, Postage stamp

Henri LaboritHenri Laborit
80, French, Vietnamese
French surgeon
Abe LemonsAbe Lemons
79, American
Basketball coach
Takami AkaiTakami Akai
57, Japanese

Lewis Henry MorganLewis Henry Morgan
63, American
Abdul Karim QassimAbdul Karim Qassim
48, Iraqi
Political leader

Chua Ek KayChua Ek Kay
Michel SulaimanMichel Sulaiman
70, Lebanese

Yvonne S. ThorntonYvonne S. Thornton
71, American
Ainārs KovalsAinārs Kovals
37, Latvian
javelin thrower

Christina Hambley BrownChristina Hambley Brown
65, British
Erlend ØyeErlend Øye
43, Norwegian
musician, singer, record producer, composer

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on November 21

Interestingly, the personality traits of November 21st individuals are guided by the fact that these people fall in the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp category. Due to their closeness with the zodiacal group of Sagittarius, they share unique traits and qualities. Unlike other Scorpions, November 21st individuals are much more outgoing than the rest. They are also absolutely optimistic and light-hearted with a philosophical view of life. These people seek to gain knowledge about the true meaning of life. Other positive attributes include their intelligent and witty disposition and chatty nature. Individuals with this birthday possess competitive stamina, immense practicality and plenty of original ideas. A strong sense of confidence and adventurous spirit guides them to chase success and happiness in life.

November 21st individuals have a balanced approach to health. They believe in moderation and thus, more than often experience fine health. Since these people lay much emphasis on maintaining a balanced vitality within mind, body and soul, they put in much care and concern towards achieving it. Though November 21st folks are fond of food and eating at large, their common sense coupled with a liking for wholesome food bars them from binging on unhealthy snack and sugary delights. Also, another aspect that proves to be beneficial for these individuals is their likeness for sports. November 21st individuals love physical activities and thus, need no extra encouragement to exercise daily.  

Interestingly, the financial condition of individuals born on November 21st is always stable despite their likeness for luxury. What is unique about these individuals is that they are capable of living lavishly even on a shoestring budget. This probably is possible because November 21st folks are especially good at stretching any amount of money a long way. Though these people do not pay much importance on earning big, they are wise spenders and hence do not face financial trouble of any kind.

More than salary or a high payscale, it is job satisfaction that is the determining force while selecting or picking the right occupation for November 21st individuals. If these individuals are not enjoying their work profile, chances are they won’t stick to it for long.  The ideal job for November a 21st individual is one that keeps him/her busy and gives the satisfaction of being productive. Those born on this date look for a profession that helps them advance their education parameters and utilizes their creative and practical faculties in coming up with something new and innovative. If they have found a particular occupation enjoyable, chances are they would not consider the financial incentive at all.
Relationships, Marriage & Children
Loving, thoughtful, compassionate and supportive, November 21st individuals value relationships and the bonds they share with their parents, siblings, relatives and friends. To them, these bonds are for life and they treasure and value each one. In matters of love too, these people are extremely passionate, innovative, expressive and spontaneous. However, it is not easy for these individuals to commit to a long term relationship due to their flirtatious nature. Nonetheless, once committed, it is for life as November 21st individuals work hard to stick to the promise and commitment. . Quick witted and autonomous, these individuals crave for emotional security, happiness and contentment from a long term relationship. They expect complete loyalty from the partner and can get over critical or jealously possessive in out-of-the-box situations. November 21st individuals make excellent parents. They teach their children values and guides them for a good living.

Lucky Color: Yellow, Lemon, Sandy Shades
Lucky Number: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 12, 30