Find out more about the greatest New Zealander, including Russell Crowe, Karl Urban, Keith Urban, Anna Paquin and Peter Jackson.

Whether you are a nature lover, thrill chaser, energetic adventurer or are a lover of the rich and the famous, New Zealand is the place for you. That is true! Agreed no place on Earth can rival New Zealand when it comes to its physical charms. But then, the country boasts of an incredible number of great men and women who stands as a testament to the country’s versatility and superlative talent. These internationally acclaimed New Zealanders inspired, radicalized, and changed the world with the ground-braking thought, actions, and accomplishments, thereby capturing the world’s imagination. From Edmund Hillary, one of the first men to conquer Mt. Everest to Katherine Mansfield, the short story pioneer and from Bruce McLaren, the legendary racecar driver to Richard Pearse, the trailblazing aviator, these Kiwis have stamped excellence in whatever enterprise they took to. Explore the timeline, trivia, and interesting facts on some famous New Zealanders in the biographies below.
Keith UrbanKeith Urban

26 October 1967

Russell CroweRussell Crowe
(Actor, Producer, Musician)

07 April 1964

Karl UrbanKarl Urban

07 June 1972

Anna PaquinAnna Paquin

24 July 1982

Peter ThielPeter Thiel
(Co-founder of PayPal)

11 October 1967

Edmund HillaryEdmund Hillary
(First person to climb Mt. Everest)

20 July 1919

Daniel GilliesDaniel Gillies

14 March 1976

Peter JacksonPeter Jackson
(Film Director, Producer & Screenwriter)

31 October 1961

Rose McIverRose McIver

10 October 1988

Ernest RutherfordErnest Rutherford
(Physicist, Chemist)

30 August 1871

Rachel Hunter Rachel Hunter
(Model, Actress)

09 September 1969

Jonah LomuJonah Lomu
(Rugby Player)

12 May 1975

Sam WillsSam Wills

28 August 1978

Rob HallRob Hall

14 January 1961

Kalyn PongaKalyn Ponga
(Rugby Player)

30 March 1998

Nancy WakeNancy Wake
(British Secret Agent During World War II)

30 August 1912

Katherine MansfieldKatherine Mansfield

14 October 1888

John KeyJohn Key
(Prime Minister of New Zealand)

09 August 1961

Valerie AdamsValerie Adams
(Shot Putter)

06 October 1984

Fred HollowsFred Hollows

09 April 1929

Kate SheppardKate Sheppard
(Women's Suffrage Leader)

10 March 1847

Jean Gardner Batten Jean Batten
(Aviator Who Made Record Breaking Trans-world Flights)

15 September 1909

Michael KingMichael King
(Historian & Biographer)

15 December 1945

Fleur Adcock Fleur Adcock

10 February 1934

Caito PotatoeCaito Potatoe

16 July 1997

Dolan DarkDolan Dark

03 June 1994

Taika WaititiTaika Waititi
(Actor, Film director, Screenwriter)

16 August 1975

Sam NeillSam Neill
(Actor, Winegrower)

14 September 1947

Melanie LynskeyMelanie Lynskey
(Actor, Film actor, Television actor)

16 May 1977

Lucy LawlessLucy Lawless
(Actor, Film producer, Singer)

29 March 1968

Jemaine ClementJemaine Clement
(Stand-up comedian, Actor, Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, Singer, Voice actor, Comedian, Musician)

10 January 1974

Cliff CurtisCliff Curtis

27 July 1968

Marton CsokasMarton Csokas

30 June 1966

Mark HuntMark Hunt
(Boxer, Kickboxer)

23 March 1974

Manu BennettManu Bennett

10 October 1969

Sonny Bill WilliamsSonny Bill Williams
(Boxer, Rugby league player, Rugby union player)

03 August 1985

Martin HendersonMartin Henderson

08 October 1974

Temuera MorrisonTemuera Morrison

26 December 1960

Zoë BellZoë Bell
(Actor, Taekwondo athlete)

17 November 1978

Neil FinnNeil Finn
(Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist)

27 May 1958

Rhys DarbyRhys Darby
(Actor, Comedian)

21 March 1974

Richard CurtisRichard Curtis
(Screenwriter, Film director, Film producer, Television producer, Writer)

08 November 1956

Beauden BarrettBeauden Barrett
(Rugby union player)

27 May 1991

Emma LahanaEmma Lahana
(Actor, Film actor)

27 June 1984

Steven AdamsSteven Adams
(basketball player)

20 July 1993

Danielle CormackDanielle Cormack

26 December 1970

Anna HutchisonAnna Hutchison
(Actor, Film actor)

08 February 1986

Bret McKenzieBret McKenzie
(Actor, Singer, Musician, Screenwriter, Music supervisor)

29 June 1976

Bruce McLarenBruce McLaren
(Motorcycle racer, Racecar driver)

30 August 1937

Alan DaleAlan Dale

06 May 1947

Lindy Chamberlain-CreightonLindy Chamberlain-Creighton

04 March 1948

Craig ParkerCraig Parker

12 November 1970

Dan CarterDan Carter
(Rugby union player, Association football player, Model)

05 March 1982

John MoneyJohn Money
(Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physician, University teacher)

08 July 1921

Keisha Castle-HughesKeisha Castle-Hughes

24 March 1990

Richie McCawRichie McCaw
(Rugby union player, Helicopter pilot)

31 December 1980

Brooke FraserBrooke Fraser
(Singer-songwriter, Singer)

15 December 1983

Kane WilliamsonKane Williamson

08 August 1990

Winston PetersWinston Peters
(Rugby union player, Politician, Diplomat)

11 April 1945

Brendon HartleyBrendon Hartley
(Racecar driver)

10 November 1989

Pamela StephensonPamela Stephenson
(Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Author, Television presenter, Stage actor, Film actor)

04 December 1949

Sala BakerSala Baker
(Actor, Film actor)

22 September 1976

Burt MunroBurt Munro
(Motorcycle racer, Farmer)

25 March 1899

Brett LeeBrett Lee

08 November 1976

Kieran ReadKieran Read
(Rugby union player)

26 October 1985

Scott DixonScott Dixon
(Racecar driver)

22 July 1980

Aaron FinchAaron Finch

17 November 1986

Antony StarrAntony Starr

25 October 1975

Wizard of New ZealandWizard of New Zealand
(Comedian, Teacher, Politician, Stage magician)

04 December 1932

Martin CampbellMartin Campbell
(Film director, Film producer)

24 October 1943

Lucky Diamond RichLucky Diamond Rich
(circus performer)

1971 AD

Michael HoldingMichael Holding

16 February 1954

Bruce SpenceBruce Spence

17 September 1945

Hayley WestenraHayley Westenra
(Singer, Street artist, Opera singer)

10 April 1987