People born on May 26, fall under the third zodiac sign originating from the constellation of Gemini. They are deep thinkers and have a jest for trying to help others with self-evaluation. Individuals born on this day are gifted in their ability to be creative and many are involved in the arts. They are smart, hardworking, and believe that with hard work and dedication, any dream can become a reality. They are successful in their careers, and they excel over others in the same field. They are friendly to family and others.

Lenny KravitzLenny Kravitz
55, American
Stevie NicksStevie Nicks
71, American

John Wayne John Wayne
72, American

Jeremy Bernard CorbynJeremy Corbyn
70, British
Politician, Trade Unionist

Mary of TeckMary of Teck
85, British
Former Queen of the United Kingdom
Lauryn HillLauryn Hill
44, American

Miles DavisMiles Davis
65, American
Jazz Trumpeter

Pam GrierPam Grier
70, American

Scott DisickScott Disick
36, American
Sally RideSally Ride
61, American
Physicist, Astronaut

Matt StoneMatt Stone
48, American
Actor, Animator, Producer, Director, Songwriter
Lisa NiemiLisa Niemi
63, American
Actress, Director

Bobcat GoldthwaitBobcat Goldthwait
57, American

Jack KevorkianJack Kevorkian
83, American
American pathologist
Brandi CyrusBrandi Cyrus
32, American

J Hus J Hus
23, British
Rapper, Singer
Mary BellMary Bell
62, British
Murder Convict

Al JolsonAl Jolson
64, American
Actor, Singer

Olivier SarkozyOlivier Sarkozy
50, French
Peter CushingPeter Cushing
81, British

Michael PortilloMichael Portillo
66, British
Journalist, Political Leader
Aldrich AmesAldrich Ames
78, American
Former CIA Officer & Agent for the Soviet Union &

Madeleine MantockMadeleine Mantock
29, British

John Wesley HardinJohn Wesley Hardin
42, American

Frederik, Crown Prince of DenmarkFrederik, Crown Prince of Denmark
51, Danish
Eldest Son of Queen of Denmark Margrethe II
John Churchill, 1st Duke of MarlboroughJohn Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough
72, British
Military Leader
Julianna Rose MaurielloJulianna Rose Mauriello
28, American
Actress, Dancer

Alex GarlandAlex Garland
49, British
Novelist, Screenwriter, Film Director

Jay SilverheelsJay Silverheels
67, Canadian

Gong Myung Gong Myung
25, South Korean
Martyn FordMartyn Ford
37, British
Bodybuilder, Actor

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Elisabeth HarnoisElisabeth Harnois
40, American

Susanna HallSusanna Hall
66, British
William Shakespeare's Daughter

Raina TelgemeierRaina Telgemeier
42, American

Danielle HerringtonDanielle Herrington
26, American
Laurance RockefellerLaurance Rockefeller
94, American
Venture Capitalist & Environmentalist

Muhammed FarisMuhammed Faris
68, Syrian
Alan BerstenAlan Bersten
25, American

Lauren DawkinsLauren Dawkins
18, Australian

Sushil KumarSushil Kumar
36, Indian
Levi UnderhillLevi Underhill
24, American
TiTok Star

Niomi SmartNiomi Smart
27, British
YouTuber, Blogger
Aaron ChalmersAaron Chalmers
32, British
Reality TV Star

Triggered TroTriggered Tro
23, American

Astrid Berges-Frisbey Astrid Berges-Frisbey
33, Spanish
Actress, Model

Alison BernsAlison Berns
65, American
Howard Stern's Ex-wife

20, American
Laurence FoxLaurence Fox
41, British

James ArnessJames Arness
88, American
actor, television actor, film actor

Jeremy StephensJeremy Stephens
33, American
Mixed martial artist

Hank Williams Jr.Hank Williams Jr.
70, American
musician, singer, songwriter
53, British

Phil ElverumPhil Elverum
41, American
Philip Michael ThomasPhilip Michael Thomas
70, American

Levon HelmLevon Helm
71, American
Singer, Musician, Autobiographer, Composer, Actor,

Ashley MassaroAshley Massaro
40, American
Professional wrestler, Model, Playboy Playmate,
Selenis LeyvaSelenis Leyva
47, Cuban, American

Doug HutchisonDoug Hutchison
59, American
Mick RonsonMick Ronson
Guitarist, Composer, Songwriter, Record producer

Jason ManfordJason Manford
38, British

Dilip JoshiDilip Joshi
51, Indian
Masaharu MorimotoMasaharu Morimoto
64, Japanese

Genie FrancisGenie Francis
57, American
actor, television actor
Peggy LeePeggy Lee
81, American
Film actor, Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Jazz

Danny RollingDanny Rolling
52, American
American serial killer

Ben ZobristBen Zobrist
38, American
Baseball player

Luca ToniLuca Toni
42, Italian
Association football player
Margaret ColinMargaret Colin
61, American
Adam CurtisAdam Curtis
64, British
Television director, Journalist, Writer, Director

Peter KürtenPeter Kürten
48, German
Criminal, Serial killer

Brent MusburgerBrent Musburger
80, American

Matt BusbyMatt Busby
84, British, Scottish
Association football player, Association football
Dorothea LangeDorothea Lange
70, American
Journalist, Photographer, Artist, Photojournalist

Pope Clement VIIPope Clement VII
56, Italian

Sunil NarineSunil Narine
31, Trinidadian

Ward CunninghamWard Cunningham
70, American
Programmer, Computer scientist

George FormbyGeorge Formby
56, British
Actor, Comedian, Film producer, Musician
Kenny FlorianKenny Florian
43, American
Association football player, Mixed martial artist,

Paul LukasPaul Lukas
80, Hungarian, American
actor, screenwriter, film actor
Roy DotriceRoy Dotrice
94, British

Monique AlexanderMonique Alexander
37, American

Tarsem SinghTarsem Singh
58, Indian
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter
Umar AkmalUmar Akmal
29, Pakistani

Julien BoisselierJulien Boisselier
49, French
Zola BuddZola Budd
53, South African
Middle-distance runner, Marathon runner

Beth MowinsBeth Mowins
52, American
Basketball player

Mehmed IIIMehmed III
37, Turkish

Dylan RiederDylan Rieder
28, American
Marian GoldMarian Gold
65, German
Singer, Guitarist

Deborah Nadoolman LandisDeborah Nadoolman Landis
67, American
Costume designer
Musetta VanderMusetta Vander
56, South African
Actor, Film actor, Model

János KádárJános Kádár
77, Croatian, Hungarian
Jacques BergeracJacques Bergerac
87, French
Actor, Businessperson

Bob FitzsimmonsBob Fitzsimmons
54, British
Dan PastoriniDan Pastorini
70, American
American Football Player

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 26

People born on May 26 may appear harsh and unfriendly on the surface. However, this is their outward décor as underneath the hard exterior they are extremely friendly, nice, and eager to get along with their peers and others. They carry themselves well and in a dignified manner. Appearances are important to people born on this day. They believe that there is a time and place for everything. Just as much as they believe in self-dignity, the person who they are associated with, they want them to be the best they can be, also.

Individuals born on May 26th are extremely health conscious. They want to stay healthy and try to make sure that they do not get sick. They watch what they eat. They believe in exercise and will spend money to ensure that everything that can be done to keep them healthy is in place. Dental hygiene is important to the people born on this day.

People born on May 26th are good with handling money. They do well in owning their own business and are mostly frontrunner in a larger corporation. They know the value of money and will make sure that it is not wasted. They will do well with investing in the stock market.

People born on May 26th will do well with careers that utilize their business skill. They may think about working in retail, especially with the economic investments of a company. They are good at looking at how the economy is going and will do well working on Wall Street, government, or other areas where investments are in place.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
People born on this date believe that friendship is important. They value their friends and will help their friends whenever there is a need. When it comes to love and marriage they are not good at picking a partner. They fall in love with people that are not right for them, but they will know that they have tried to make it work. They are parents who want their children to do well in their life goals, also.

Lucky Colors: Yellow, Blue, Green
Lucky number: 5
Lucky day (of the week): Wednesday
Lucky days (of the month): 4, 5, 12, 13, 21, 22, 23, 31