Individuals who are born on March 3rd have a wonderful ability to be sensitive and dream about the future. However, they also tend to get easily distracted. These people are sometimes shy about showing their talents off to the rest of the world but they have a wonderful sense of purpose and work hard to benefit others. They tend to desire a stable life while surrounding themselves with the little luxuries that matter to them. Those born on this day have many friends and are well-liked.

Camila CabelloCamila Cabello
22, American
Jessica BielJessica Biel
37, American
American actress

Alexander Graham BellAlexander Graham Bell
75, Canadian, Scottish
Inventor of Telephone

Julie BowenJulie Bowen
49, American

Katherine WaterstonKatherine Waterston
39, British, American

Jayson TatumJayson Tatum
21, American
Basketball Player
Jean HarlowJean Harlow
26, American
Hollywood Sex Symbol of the 1930s

Jamsetji TataJamsetji Tata
65, Indian
Father of Indian Industry

Mercedes MasonMercedes Mason
36, Swedish, American

Charlie BrookerCharlie Brooker
48, British
Critic, Humourist, Screenwriter
Lee RadziwillLee Radziwill
85, American
Socialite, Actress, Interior Decorator

Charles PonziCharles Ponzi
66, Italian, American
Con Artist
Laura HarringLaura Harring
55, Mexican, American

Georg CantorGeorg Cantor
72, German, Russian

Jackie Joyner-KerseeJackie Joyner-Kersee
57, American
Bobby DriscollBobby Driscoll
31, American

Buddy ValastroBuddy Valastro
42, American
Chef, Reality TV Personality
Chief JosephChief Joseph
64, American
Nez Perce leader

Toby TurnerToby Turner
34, American

Aarti MannAarti Mann
41, American
William GodwinWilliam Godwin
80, British

Trinity TaylorTrinity Taylor
14, American
Instagram Star
Isabella CalthorpeIsabella Calthorpe
39, British

Ion IliescuIon Iliescu
89, Romanian
Former President of Romania

Fatima WhitbreadFatima Whitbread
58, British
Javelin Thrower

Maine MendozaMaine Mendoza
24, Filipino
Actress, TV Host
Yang KyoungjongYang Kyoungjong
72, South Korean
World War II Soldier
Alison KingAlison King
46, British

Norman BethuneNorman Bethune
49, Canadian

Thomas BarbuscaThomas Barbusca
16, American
Actor and Model

Chuando TanChuando Tan
53, Singaporean
Instagram Star
Montana of 300Montana of 300
30, American

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Alex LangeAlex Lange
18, South African
Instagram Model

Park Cho-rongPark Cho-rong
28, South Korean

Cass PennantCass Pennant
61, British

Ragnar FrischRagnar Frisch
77, Norwegian
Arthur Kornberg Arthur Kornberg
89, American

Felicia MontealegreFelicia Montealegre
56, Costa Rican
Jaylen BarronJaylen Barron
21, American
Actress, Model

Desi PerkinsDesi Perkins
32, American
Beauty Vlogger

Megan EverettMegan Everett
43, American
Film Producer
Christi LukasiakChristi Lukasiak
42, American
Reality Star

George MillerGeorge Miller
74, Australian
Patricia TumulakPatricia Tumulak
31, Filipino

Shari FrankeShari Franke
16, American

Mandie TaketaMandie Taketa
43, American
Actress, Wayne Brady’s Wife

Amanda BiskAmanda Bisk
33, Australian
Pole Vaulter, Yoga Teacher

Mitch HughesMitch Hughes
25, Canadian
Phil SwiftPhil Swift
75, American
Co-Owner of Flex Seal Products

Ahmed MahmoodAhmed Mahmood
26, American

Andrew MelocheAndrew Meloche
14, American

Anatoly DyatlovAnatoly Dyatlov
64, Ukrainian, Russian
Miranda RichardsonMiranda Richardson
61, British

John Carter CashJohn Carter Cash
49, American
Film producer, Singer, Writer, Record producer,
Herschel WalkerHerschel Walker
57, American
Athletics competitor, Mixed martial artist,

David FaustinoDavid Faustino
45, American

Nathalie KelleyNathalie Kelley
34, Australian, Peruvian
Ronan KeatingRonan Keating
42, Northern Irish

Neelam KothariNeelam Kothari
51, Hong Konger, Indian, British
Jewellery designer
James DoohanJames Doohan
85, Canadian
Screenwriter, Television actor, Film actor, Actor,

Shankar MahadevanShankar Mahadevan
52, Indian
Actor, Singer, Composer

Julius MalemaJulius Malema
38, South African
Ira GlassIra Glass
60, American
Radio producer, Radio personality, Actor

66, Brazilian
Association football player, Blogger, Association
Tanishaa MukerjiTanishaa Mukerji
41, Indian

Jennifer WarnesJennifer Warnes
72, American

Doc WatsonDoc Watson
89, American
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Street artist,

Tone LocTone Loc
53, American
Gia ScalaGia Scala
38, British, American
Perry EllisPerry Ellis
46, American
Fashion designer

Jared RushtonJared Rushton
45, American

Richard DeVosRichard DeVos
92, American

Fernando ColungaFernando Colunga
53, Mexican
Actor, Television actor
Justin GabrielJustin Gabriel
38, South African
Professional wrestler

Ron ChernowRon Chernow
70, American
Writer, Historian, Journalist, Biographer

49, Pakistani

Tyler FlorenceTyler Florence
48, American

Reginald PoleReginald Pole
58, British
Archbishop of Canterbury
Robert CatesbyRobert Catesby
33, British

Laura ZiskinLaura Ziskin
61, American
Film producer
Snowy WhiteSnowy White
71, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist

Perry McCarthyPerry McCarthy
58, British
Formula One driver, Journalist, Broadcaster,

Harry WhittingtonHarry Whittington
92, American
Stacie OrricoStacie Orrico
33, American
singer, singer-songwriter, actor, composer,

Tedros AdhanomTedros Adhanom
54, Ethiopian
Santonio HolmesSantonio Holmes
35, American
American football wide receiver

Robert GossettRobert Gossett
65, American

Bryan CristanteBryan Cristante
24, Canadian, Italian
Association football player

Akiho YoshizawaAkiho Yoshizawa
35, Japanese
Actor, Adult Film Star, AV idol, Glamor model
Johnson Aguiyi-IronsiJohnson Aguiyi-Ironsi
42, Nigerian

Arthur MachenArthur Machen
84, British, Welsh
George PullmanGeorge Pullman
66, American
Inventor, Entrepreneur

Oksana LadaOksana Lada
43, Ukrainian
Zbigniew BoniekZbigniew Boniek
63, Polish

John II of PortugalJohn II of Portugal
40, Portuguese
Samael Aun WeorSamael Aun Weor
60, Colombian

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 3

March 3rd born individuals are blessed with a great sense of humor and a clever mind that they use both at work and at play. These individuals are generally rather serious at heart but appear to others as light-hearted. These people are sociable and can be quite creative or imaginative. March 3rd natives have a true and deep love and concern for the important people in their life. However, they do not emote the same too much.

Those born on March 3rd are quite active, but are prone to gain unwanted pounds due their liking for food. As such, it is important for them to find a balance. Additionally, they tend to be a bit accident prone and may injure themselves fairly regularly. These people also get sick sometimes because they push themselves too hard and may go above and beyond their capacity. It is important that they learn not to try to do too much in a day.

March 3rd natives like to live in the moment and therefore face difficulty saving money. Since these people have great originality, they look for careers where they can showcase their talent rather than earn a lot of greens. As such, they tend to choose jobs without consideration of the rate of pay.

These individuals require a career that makes them feel needed. In other words, those born on March 3rd need to feel a sense of accomplishment after each day at work. These people are independent, but also creative so their jobs tend to highlight these skills.

Relationships, Marriage, and Children
Those who are born on March 3rd seek out a partner who is trustworthy and willing to be independent. While they enjoy a relationship and crave for a lifelong friend, these individuals also need their independence. Marriage tends to be long-lasting one for those born on March 3rd because they know exactly what they want in a husband or wife and never settle for anything less. As parents, these individuals instil great values in their children.

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Lucky Numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75
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Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 8, 17