Famous People From Maine
Situated in the New England region of the northeastern United States of America is the state of Maine. What was once a land exclusively for indigenous people saw and enjoyed diversity after the European arrival. With Augusta as its capital and Portland as its largest city, Maine is popularly referred to as ‘The Pine Tree State’ and even ‘Vacationland’. The state mostly enjoys a continental climate and is renowned for its coastal food which primarily includes lobsters and clams. Many notable people born in Maine have made it tremendously big in various walks of life such as cinema, music, sports, and politics and so on. Established and renowned actors such as the beautifully hilarious Anna Kendrick, the heartthrob Patrick Dempsey, the diva Linda Lavin, Katie Aselton, Judd Nelson and so many more actors hail from this state. The incredible best-selling author Stephen King, who was responsible for creating so many critically acclaimed books and movies, was also born and raised in the state. We are quite certain that you will be speechless by the complete-list of celebrities who are from Maine.
Stephen KingStephen King
21 September 1947, American
Anna KendrickAnna Kendrick
09 August 1985, American

Patrick DempseyPatrick Dempsey
13 January 1966, American

Judd NelsonJudd Nelson
28 November 1959, American
American actor

Nelson RockefellerNelson Rockefeller
08 July 1908, American
41st Vice President of the U.S.A

Linda LavinLinda Lavin
15 October 1937, American
Singer, Actress
John FordJohn Ford
01 February 1894, American
Film Director & Producer

Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHenry Wadsworth Longfellow
27 February 1807, American
Poet & Educator

Katie AseltonKatie Aselton
01 October 1978, American

Erin AndrewsErin Andrews
04 May 1978, American
Joshua ChamberlainJoshua Chamberlain
08 September 1828, American
Educator & War Hero

Hannibal HamlinHannibal Hamlin
27 August 1809, American
15th Vice President of the U.S.A
Kate SnowKate Snow
10 May 1969, American
TV Journalist

Dorothea DixDorothea Dix
04 April 1802, American
Social Reformer

Edna St. Vincent MillayEdna St. Vincent Millay
22 February 1892, American
Poetess and Playwright
Paul Richard LePagePaul LePage
09 October 1948, American
74th Governor of Maine

Andrew TaggartAndrew Taggart
31 December 1989, American
Gladys George Gladys George
13 September 1904, American

Scott BrownScott Brown
12 September 1959, American
Former United States Senator from Massachusetts

Ellen G WhiteEllen G White
26 November 1827, American
John Davis LongJohn Davis Long
27 October 1838, American
Lawyer, Politician & Writer

Henry GannettHenry Gannett
24 August 1846, American
Geographers, Explorers
Lizzy HofeLizzy Hofe
30 April 1993, American
YouTube Singer

24 October 1996, American
YouTube Star

Roger MathewsRoger Mathews
01 June 1975, American
Reality TV Star

Linda KasabianLinda Kasabian
21 June 1949, American
David E. KelleyDavid E. Kelley
04 April 1956, American
Film producer, Screenwriter, Lawyer
Patty GriffinPatty Griffin
16 March 1964, American
musician, singer-songwriter, composer

Victoria RowellVictoria Rowell
10 May 1959, American

Samantha SmithSamantha Smith
29 June 1972, American
Television actor, Child actor

Ellen G. WhiteEllen G. White
26 November 1827, American
Christopher Daniel BarnesChristopher Daniel Barnes
07 November 1972, American

Tim SylviaTim Sylvia
05 March 1976, American
Mixed martial artist

Hiram MaximHiram Maxim
05 February 1840, British, American

Mildred GillarsMildred Gillars
29 November 1900, American
Radio personality, Journalist

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Gary ThorneGary Thorne
09 June 1948, American
Sports commentator
Kevin EastmanKevin Eastman
30 May 1962, American
Comics artist, Publisher, Screenwriter

Oliver Otis HowardOliver Otis Howard
08 November 1830, American
officer, historian, biographer
Rufus KingRufus King
24 March 1755, American
politician, lawyer, diplomat

Milton BradleyMilton Bradley
08 November 1836, American
Publisher, Writer

Percy SpencerPercy Spencer
09 July 1894, American
engineer, inventor
Lenny BreauLenny Breau
05 August 1941, Canadian
Guitarist, Songwriter, Jazz musician, Musician,

Ernest HolmesErnest Holmes
21 January 1887, American
Philosopher, Writer
Melville FullerMelville Fuller
11 February 1833, American
lawyer, judge, politician

Marsden HartleyMarsden Hartley
04 January 1877, American
Painter, Poet, Journalist

Corey BeaulieuCorey Beaulieu
22 November 1983, American

Edwin Arlington RobinsonEdwin Arlington Robinson
22 December 1869, American
Poet, Writer

Lewis MillettLewis Millett
15 December 1920, American
William WhippleWilliam Whipple
14 January 1730, British, American
Politician, Officer

Jules RenardJules Renard
22 February 1864, French
writer, aphorist, playwright, novelist, diarist

Fanny FernFanny Fern
09 July 1811, American
Journalist, Writer, Novelist, Children's writer,

Julien GracqJulien Gracq
27 July 1910, French
Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr.Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr.
07 July 1868, American

Tandja MamadouTandja Mamadou
1938 AD, Nigerien
Politician, President
Thomas ReedThomas Reed
18 October 1839, American
Politician, Lawyer