The state got its name from the American tribe who called themselves ‘Kansa’. The members of the tribe were the early inhabitants of Kansas, after which several European families started residing in this American state. Agriculture is widely practiced across Kansas and large amounts of Wheat, Corn and soybeans are produced every year. Apart from industrialization and agriculture, the state is also popular for being the hometown of several popular celebrities widely admired world over. Former American President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Actress Annette Bening, pilot Amelia Earhart and comedian Buster Keaton are a few distinguished personalities from Kansas. Dwight D Eisenhower isn’t just considered one of the best politicians of all time, but also a war veteran. Buster Keaton is undoubtedly one of the best comedians the world has seen since the legendary Charlie Chaplin. Keaton has also directed many films which have achieved cult statuses over the years. Scroll down to know the names of more celebrities were either born in Kansas or hailed from Kansas.
Harrison FordHarrison Ford
13 July 1942, American
American actor
Hattie McDanielHattie McDaniel
10 June 1895, American

Bill RussellBill Russell
12 February 1934, American
American basketball player

Amelia EarhartAmelia Earhart
24 July 1897, American
Aviator, Pilot

Melissa EtheridgeMelissa Etheridge
29 May 1961, American

Ann DunhamAnn Dunham
29 November 1942, American
Barack Obama's Mother
Erin BrockovichErin Brockovich
22 June 1960, American
Environmental Activist

Don CheadleDon Cheadle
29 November 1964, American

Dennis HopperDennis Hopper
17 May 1936, American
Annette BeningAnnette Bening
29 May 1958, American

Kirstie AlleyKirstie Alley
12 January 1951, American
R. Lee ErmeyR. Lee Ermey
24 March 1944, American
American actor

Jean HarlowJean Harlow
03 March 1911, American
Hollywood Sex Symbol of the 1930s

Cassandra PetersonCassandra Peterson
17 September 1951, American

Bob DoleBob Dole
22 July 1923, American
Politician, Lawyer

Buster KeatonBuster Keaton
04 October 1895, American
Scott FoleyScott Foley
15 July 1972, American

Burt BacharachBurt Bacharach
12 May 1928, American
Pianist, Composer, Songwriter

Grace VanderWaalGrace VanderWaal
15 January 2004, American
Singer-songwriter, Ukulele Player

Jeff ProbstJeff Probst
04 November 1961, American
Colton HaynesColton Haynes
13 July 1988, American
Actor, Model

Charlie ParkerCharlie Parker
29 August 1920, American
Jazz saxophonist, composer
Charles KochCharles Koch
01 November 1935, American
Co-Owner of Koch Industries

Hugh BeaumontHugh Beaumont
16 February 1909, American

Aneta CorsautAneta Corsaut
03 November 1933, American
Actress, Writer
Emily WickershamEmily Wickersham
26 April 1984, American

Vivian VanceVivian Vance
26 July 1909, American
Barry SandersBarry Sanders
16 July 1968, American
American football running back

Lyle WaggonerLyle Waggoner
13 April 1935, American

Baron CorbinBaron Corbin
13 September 1984, American
Dean SmithDean Smith
28 February 1931, American
Basketball Coach

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Billy DragoBilly Drago
18 September 1949, American
Louise BrooksLouise Brooks
14 November 1906, American

Milburn StoneMilburn Stone
05 July 1904, American

Lois SmithLois Smith
03 November 1930, American

Kendall SchmidtKendall Schmidt
02 November 1990, American
Megan Phelps-RoperMegan Phelps-Roper
31 January 1986, American
Gordon ParksGordon Parks
30 November 1912, American

Charles CurtisCharles Curtis
25 January 1860, American
Former Vice President of the United States

Robert BallardRobert Ballard
30 June 1942, American
Deep Sea Explorer

Rory FeekRory Feek
25 April 1965, American
Country Singer-songwriter
Sam BrownbackSam Brownback
11 September 1956, American
46th Governor of Kansas

Marillyn HewsonMarillyn Hewson
27 December 1953, American
CEO of Lockheed Martin

Gwendolyn BrooksGwendolyn Brooks
07 June 1917, American

Brendon MillerBrendon Miller
30 August 1976, American

David H. KochDavid H. Koch
03 May 1940, American
Co-owner of Koch Industries
Susan PompeoSusan Pompeo
01 February 1965, American
Wife of Mike Pompeo

Paula DietzPaula Dietz
05 May 1948, American
Dennis Rader’s Ex-Wife
Delbert MannDelbert Mann
30 January 1920, American
Film Director

Joanna GainesJoanna Gaines
19 April 1978, American
Reality TV Personality

Janelle MonaeJanelle Monae
01 December 1985, American
Soul Singer
Bryan Chatfield SandersBryan Chatfield Sanders
1982 AD, American
Sarah Huckabee’s Husband

Jake WebberJake Webber
11 June 1998, American
Instagram Star
Bryan BreedingBryan Breeding
14 October 1993, American

Earl W. Sutherland, Jr.Earl W. Sutherland Jr.
19 November 1915, American
Biochemist and Pharmacologist

Jojo BabieJojo Babie
07 November 1988, American
Instagram Models

Dr. Evan AntinDr. Evan Antin
12 December 1984, American
World’s Hottest Vet

Du-Shaunt StegallDu-Shaunt Stegall
02 September 1994, American
Dancer, Actor
Michael StevensMichael Stevens
23 January 1986, American
YouTube Star, Educator, Comedian, Speaker, and

Maurice GreeneMaurice Greene
23 July 1974, American
Track & Field Sprinter

Sam GolbachSam Golbach
27 November 1996, American
Viner , YouTuber

Patrick BreedingPatrick Breeding
19 September 1990, American
Pop Singer
Paris AndersonParis Anderson
19 November 2001, American
Instagram Star, Girlfriend of Tanner Braungardt

Tanner BraungardtTanner Braungardt
24 July 2000, American
12 February 2000, American

Fran BelibiFran Belibi
20 July 2001, American
Basketball Player

Quentin McConathyQuentin McConathy
12 January 2000, American
Elise EcklundElise Ecklund
18 February 1997, American

Stanley A McChrystalStanley A McChrystal
14 August 1954, American
Retired Armed Force Officer
Taylor BraungardtTaylor Braungardt
06 November 2002, American
Instagram Star, YouTuber

Colby BrockColby Brock
02 January 1997, American
YouTuber, Viner

12 August 1998, American
TikTok Star
Eric StonestreetEric Stonestreet
09 September 1971, American

Taylor ArmstrongTaylor Armstrong
31 May 1971, American
Reality TV Personalities
Bill RussellBill Russell
21 October 1948, American

Joe WalshJoe Walsh
20 November 1947, American

Ed AsnerEd Asner
15 November 1929, American
television actor, voice actor, film producer,

Chris CooperChris Cooper
09 July 1951, American
Film Actor, actor
Roscoe ArbuckleRoscoe Arbuckle
24 March 1887, American
Stanley A. McChrystalStanley A. McChrystal
14 August 1954, American
Armed Force Officer

Gary Warren HartpenceGary Hart
28 November 1936, American

Robert GatesRobert Gates
25 September 1943, American
officer, politician

John CarmackJohn Carmack
20 August 1970, American
Chief technology officer, Aerospace engineer,
Karen PenceKaren Pence
01 January 1957, American

Martina McBrideMartina McBride
29 July 1966, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Musician

Jenny LewisJenny Lewis
23 June 1974, American

Jenny LewisJenny Lewis
08 January 1976, American

Shirley KnightShirley Knight
05 July 1936, American
Dee WallaceDee Wallace
14 December 1948, American
actor, stage actor, television actor

Sylvia BrowneSylvia Browne
19 October 1936, American
Essayist, Psychic
Dean SmithDean Smith
25 January 1990, Welsh

Kari WahlgrenKari Wahlgren
13 July 1977, American
Voice Actor
Johnny DamonJohnny Damon
05 November 1973, American
Baseball Player
Gale SayersGale Sayers
30 May 1943, American
Former American football player