The astrological planet that rules the Geminis born on June 8 is Saturn. The influence of Saturn is best felt in these individuals because they are bestowed with immense wit and power of learning which is amalgamated with intelligence and presence of a balanced mind. The people born on 8th June are keen, passionate, and eager but sometimes lack flexibility. They also have a strong will power. These individuals are not guided by their emotional tantrums and upsurges and are capable of taking rational decisions, which are free from emotional setbacks and influences. They are fun loving, friendly and sociable individuals. Their cool emotional temperament helps them in dealing complex situations with a balanced mind.

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Kanye WestKanye West
42, American
Rapper, Singer-Songwriter, Record Producer
Julianna MarguliesJulianna Margulies
53, American

Tim Berners-LeeTim Berners-Lee
64, British
Inventor of the World Wide Web

Nancy SinatraNancy Sinatra
79, American

Frank Lloyd WrightFrank Lloyd Wright
91, American

Joan RiversJoan Rivers
81, American
Jerry StillerJerry Stiller
92, American

Torrey DeVittoTorrey DeVitto
35, American

Frank GrilloFrank Grillo
54, American

Barbara BushBarbara Bush
92, American
Former First Lady of the U.S
Sturgill SimpsonSturgill Simpson
41, American

Keenen Ivory WayansKeenen Ivory Wayans
61, American
Film Actor, Television Actor, Comedian, Director,
Javier MascheranoJavier Mascherano
35, Argentinian
Football Player

Robert SchumannRobert Schumann
46, German
Composer, Aesthete and Music Critic

Dasha ZhukovaDasha Zhukova
38, Russian
Businesswoman & Art Collector
Rob PilatusRob Pilatus
32, German

Griffin DunneGriffin Dunne
64, American
Kathy BakerKathy Baker
69, American

Francis CrickFrancis Crick
88, British
Co-discoverer of the Structure of the DNA

Don GradyDon Grady
75, American
Byron WhiteByron White
84, American

Rosanna PansinoRosanna Pansino
34, American
Gabrielle GiffordsGabrielle Giffords
49, American
Political Leader

Eva Maria dos SantosEva Maria dos Santos
2, Portuguese, American
Cristiano Ronaldo's Daughter

Alexis SmithAlexis Smith
72, Canadian

Kelli WilliamsKelli Williams
49, American
Charlotte LawrenceCharlotte Lawrence
19, American
Nick RhodesNick Rhodes
57, British

Hayes GrierHayes Grier
19, American
Instagram Stars, YouTubers, Viners

Francesca CapaldiFrancesca Capaldi
15, American
Child Actress

John W. CampbellJohn W. Campbell
61, American
Science Fiction Writer
Giovanni Domenico CassiniGiovanni Domenico Cassini
87, Italian
Astronomer and Mathematician

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John SmeatonJohn Smeaton
68, British
Civil Engineer

Kenneth Geddes WilsonKenneth G. Wilson
77, American

Eric Francis WieschausEric F. Wieschaus
72, American
Development Biologist

Clayton BushClayton Bush
19, American
American Football Player
Gavin LeatherwoodGavin Leatherwood
25, American

Enzo KnolEnzo Knol
26, Dutch
Alexa NisensonAlexa Nisenson
13, American

Ashley BidenAshley Biden
38, American
Joe Biden's Daughter

Erica SchmidtErica Schmidt
44, American
Actress, Director
Jessica WeixlerJessica Weixler
38, American

Perri LeRoyPerri LeRoy
8, American
Dimple KapadiaDimple Kapadia
62, Indian

Shilpa ShettyShilpa Shetty
44, Indian
Actor, Model, Karateka

Maria MenounosMaria Menounos
41, Greek, American

Boz ScaggsBoz Scaggs
75, American

Lexa DoigLexa Doig
46, Canadian
Actor, Film actor, Television actor
Bonnie TylerBonnie Tyler
68, British
Singer, Songwriter

William CalleyWilliam Calley
76, American
Military personnel

James DarrenJames Darren
83, Italian, American

Mick HucknallMick Hucknall
59, British
Kwame KilpatrickKwame Kilpatrick
49, American

Lauren GottliebLauren Gottlieb
31, American
Actor, Television actor
86, Indonesian
Politician, Military personnel

Bob IrwinBob Irwin
80, Australian

Mamoru MiyanoMamoru Miyano
36, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Seiyū, Child actor
Scott AdamsScott Adams
62, American
Comics artist, Economist, Journalist

Derek TrucksDerek Trucks
40, American
bandleader, composer, guitarist, conductor
Kim ClijstersKim Clijsters
36, Belgian
Tennis player

George PellGeorge Pell
78, Australian
Theologian, Catholic priest

Dan SevernDan Severn
61, American
Professional wrestler, Judoka, Mixed martial
Mark FeuersteinMark Feuerstein
48, American

Sônia BragaSônia Braga
69, American
Samantha SaintSamantha Saint
32, American

Eion BaileyEion Bailey
43, American

Chuck NegronChuck Negron
77, American

Colin BakerColin Baker
76, British
Actor, Explorer, Film actor
Fred DinenageFred Dinenage
77, British
Television presenter
Ty SegallTy Segall
32, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Guitarist

Bernie CaseyBernie Casey
78, American

John Everett MillaisJohn Everett Millais
67, British
Painter, Illustrator

Andrea CasiraghiAndrea Casiraghi
35, Italian
David SutcliffeDavid Sutcliffe
50, Canadian, American

Lindsay DavenportLindsay Davenport
43, American
Tennis player

Dan FuttermanDan Futterman
52, American

Nicky OppenheimerNicky Oppenheimer
74, South African
Businessperson, Banker

Andrew WeilAndrew Weil
77, American
Physician, Medical writer
Clyde KlotzClyde Klotz
58, Canadian

Millicent MartinMillicent Martin
85, British
Dana WynterDana Wynter
79, British, American
Television actor, Film actor, Actor

Alex BandAlex Band
38, American

Arthur ElgortArthur Elgort
79, American
Seu JorgeSeu Jorge
49, Brazilian
Actor, Musician, Singer-songwriter, Composer,

Santiago Bernabéu YesteSantiago Bernabéu Yeste
82, Spanish
Santiago Bernabéu YesteSantiago Bernabéu Yeste
82, Spanish

Mrudula MuraliMrudula Murali
29, Indian

Kenneth WaltzKenneth Waltz
88, American
University teacher, Political scientist,

Bruce McCandless IIBruce McCandless II
82, American
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator
Tomaso AlbinoniTomaso Albinoni
79, Italian

Kamil GrosickiKamil Grosicki
31, Polish
Polish footballer
Michael CammalleriMichael Cammalleri
37, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Norman DaviesNorman Davies
80, British
Richard FleeshmanRichard Fleeshman
30, British

Graham HenryGraham Henry
73, New Zealander
Association football player, Cricketer, Rugby
Robert AumannRobert Aumann
89, German, Israeli, American
Mathematician, Economist, Educationist, University

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on June 8th

People born on this day are blessed with poise, control and good intelligence. They always strike a balance between their emotional expectations and their decisions. They have a very strong urge to regain their strength back after a series of setbacks and failures. They regain their strength from the balanced emotional stature and again continue to deal with the situation. These individuals have a strong character and a very strong will power, which helps them to deal with the complex issues of life. People born on June 8 are hard working individuals who love to concentrate on the things that they do in their day to day life. These individuals are very straightforward in their speech and actions, they are not afraid to speak out their feelings. This sometimes leads them into trouble but they smartly overcome the hindrances. They are loving, kind hearted, caring individuals who get certain pleasure with dependability.

People born on June 8 lack stamina and unknowingly lead an inactive lifestyle that lacks a good exercise regime. They are not very outdoor sports loving kind of people and hence, they lack physical agility which interrupts with their physical fitness. Introducing sports and a few light exercises will help them recover from the sedentary lifestyle. A healthy diet and lots of fluid intake will certainly help the individuals born on 8th of June.

Natives born on June 8 earn a lot of money and they love to spend their hard-earned money. They fail to strike a balance between their earnings and expenditures while they are young but with age, they gain maturity and succeed in handling and managing their finances. They also learn the benefits and the importance of saving more than spending more.

People born on June 8 are excellent profession choosers. They choose their careers based on challenges, scope to learn new things and strong values. They are intelligent enough to choose their careers and love to face challenges. Their good conversational skills make them very good managers and entrepreneurs. The positive thinking and charming behavior of the people born on June 8, inspires others.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
People born on this particular day take a long time to get involved in a committed relationship because they always tend to scrutinize everything in the relationship on an unemotional level first. They have a strong intuition towards everything. Hence, they succeed in interpreting the needs of their partners. They are in search of a perfect soul mate who will share and care for them. When committed in a relationship, they turn out to be loving and caring partners. Natives born on June 8 are not very strict with their kids. They inculcate good values in their children and are very loving and affectionate as parents.

Lucky Colors: Blue, Red and White.
Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 9, 11, 19, 56, 78, 43.
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.
Lucky Days (of the month): 1, 6, 8,15,22,28.