Rosanna Pansino Bio

(American YouTuber, Author, Actress, and Singer)

Birthday: June 8, 1985 (Gemini)

Born In: Seattle, Washington, United States

Rosanna Pansino is a renowned baker and actress who is popular among this generation for her self-titled YouTube channel that dazzles with everything ranging from exotic looking cakes to hilarious challenges. A channel that began with the intention of only prepping Pansino to nail her on-screen persona, it proceeded to redefine the lady’s career goals. Little did she know just how far her channel would go! Now with different genres of content—baking, challenges, DIYs, and even gaming, her Rosanna Pansino channel is home to almost 14 million subscribers. She is equally popular and active on Instagram where she has amassed more than 4.5 million followers. Not just this, Rosanna has even stepped into TV fame by bagging roles in ‘Glee’ and ‘CSI’, and has even uploaded her first ever music video ‘Perfect Together.’ Gaining grounds as an author of a cookbook as well, we know for sure that her success story is the epitome of hard work and will go on to inspire the masses to no end!

Quick Facts

Age: 38 Years, 38 Year Old Females


siblings: Molly Pansino

Born Country: United States

Height: 4'10" (147 cm)

City: Seattle, Washington

U.S. State: Washington

Ancestry: Croatian American, Italian American

Notable Alumni: Pacific Lutheran University

More Facts

education: Pacific Lutheran University

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

As a youngster, Rosanna’s dream never once drifted toward YouTube and never had she thought she’d make it this big on social media! Trying to pursue a career in Hollywood, Rosanna set out to find ways that could prepare her to be more comfortable in front of cameras, hence leading her to start a YouTube channel. Doing what she knows best being a baker, Rosanna uploaded her first ever video in which she films herself baking a Super Mario Star cake, which she had previously planned to bake for a party. Six years later, the upload that was only meant to help calm her nerves now stands at a whopping 6 million views! Now Miss Pansino can be referred to as an exceptional baker with a segment called ‘Nerdy Nummies’, apart from taking over the YouTube space as a DIY artist and even a gamer! Initially stepping into this YouTube world as a one-woman-army, she now has a team of over seven—including her parents and sister who serve as managers, and even film the videos for Rosanna.

A believer of strong content, Rosanna has even hired an editor to help her with creating some of the most unique video concepts that have now gained much hype! Keeping Nerdy Nummies’ fame aside, Rosanna’s channel also offers DIYs and challenges, where her sister has become a frequent face on the shows. And not only is this star an absolute trooper when it comes to baking and challenges, she is also an actress and has even performed in a music video with the popular KHS. Rosanna’s current fame is an unshakable one and she is a living proof of how success comes to those that work towards what they think they deserve! Rosanna’s YouTube stardom has also made her quite popular on Instagram where her handle has 4.5 million followers. No doubt, Rosanna and her heavy resume as a content creator, host, actress, and producer is on its way to inspire the generation to no bounds!

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What Makes Rosanna Pansino So Special

Even though this young woman is now an established YouTuber with a growing fan base of almost 14 million, she never let her first aspiration to an actress die. Striving onwards to working in Hollywood, Rosanna bagged small roles in TV shows like ‘Parks and Recreations’ and ‘Glee’, and was also a finalist on VH1’s ‘Scream Queens.’ This only goes on to show just how dedicated Rosanna is to never let anything come in the way of her and her dreams, inspiring her fans to do the same!

Beyond Fame

Being the video games, sci-fi, comics, and math geek that she is, Rosanna decided to pen down a cook-book where the recipes revolve around all things nerdy. Calling it ‘The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook’, her geeky recipes like Dinosaur Fossil Cake, Periodic Table of Cupcakes, and Apple Pi Pie, have all somehow pleased the geekiness in all her fans’ hearts. Her ‘The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook’ has even shot to mainstream fame by featuring on New York Times’s Best Seller list!

Behind The Curtains

Rosanna Pansino was born on June 8, 1984, in Seattle, USA. We don’t have much information regarding her folks apart from the fact that they are involved in her YouTube career as her managers. Rosanna has a sister, Molly, who frequently appears on her challenge videos. Learning to bake at a young age from her grandma, Rosanna’s skills as a baker even got her to win the Shorty’s Award in the food category in the year 2013. Can she get more inspiring than this?!

In 2012, she started dating sportscaster Mike Lamond.

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